Started from the bottom…

…now we HERE.

I sure have an interesting race recap for you.

Our coach entered me and my race buddy into Saturday’s invite two mile, but we were rejected even though we’ve both run sub-11:25 and the standard was sub-11:55.  Don’t ask me.  Anyway, 4/5ths of our workout group ended up in the 1600 at the invitational, even though the maximum number was two girls per school.

Again, don’t ask me.

Pre-race: I woke up on Saturday and chowed down on oatmeal, then ate macaroni and cheese with edamame (a combination I am addicted to) along with a banana, orange juice, and applesauce between 11 and noon to prepare for my 2:40 race.  When we got to the race venue, the meet was somehow running ahead of schedule.

This meet was kind of stupid in that they didn’t have bibs or a race clock, and their method for checking runners in before their events was confusing and unnecessarily complex.  Long story short, our heat (the fastest heat) ended up standing in the “infield” for about 20 minutes without water, bathrooms, or a place to stride.  I was seeded 14th because my seed time wasn’t a lie like most of the other girls. (That sounds SO snarky, I’m sorry.)

Race: The gun went off, and I began implementing my usual race policy of starting out in the middle of the pack and gradually moving up.  kWith the lack of a race clock (WHY??), my splits are pretty arbitrary.  I think I went through the 200 in 38, the 400 in 77, and the 800 in 2:38-2:39.  I maintained 4th or 5th place by having elbow fights with the girls around me, and my friend from another school actually fell into me from behind because she tripped over my foot.


On the penultimate lap, the girl in first went down with no warning.  She ended up lying dazed on the track for around 15 minutes before being wheeled off on a stretcher into an ambulance… I hope she’s okay now.  It’s happened before, and she’s only a freshman.

The bell rang signaling the last lap, which I’m inherently bad at, and I was tucked in third.  At that point, I thought, “Well, as long as no one else passes me, I’m content!  I’ll get a medal!”  However, with 120 meters to go, I kicked with a drive I didn’t know I had.

Sprinting down the last stretch, I crossed the line…. AND WON!!


In my (*snort*) glorious running career, I’ve probably only won about three races (all unimportant quad meets) because my older teammates were always faster than me.  I had never won an invitational, although I’ve gotten second in a few of them.

But I won an invitational!!!  My time was 5:20, six seconds faster than two weeks ago and two seconds away from my PR.  I would have placed seventh overall in the invite mile, so take THAT, dumbass meet directors that wouldn’t accept me or my race buddy (who finished 5th in 5:24).

We had a rainy, icy track workout today that we’d never done before. 10x500m with 2:30 jogging recovery.  Our pace was between 1:43-1:46, with the last one at 1:40.  We had to do the last two repeats alone because most of our teammates were stopped at 8.

Our next race is a polar bear meet on Saturday! I’m running the two mile for the first time since the disastrous outdoor states…. We’ll see what happens 🙂


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