First 3200 of the year

Yesterday was my first time racing the 3200 since last year at outdoor states where I died dramatically and finished dead last in the faster heat.

Great memories.

Yesterday’s meet was a polar bear meet, so it was outside.  It was also in the 30s and pretty windy.  Not as cold as last year’s polar bear meet, though!

The meet operated on a rolling schedule, unfortunately, so we weren’t sure when our races were.  The running finals started at 12:30, so our coach told my race buddy and me to get there at or before 2 because he figured we’d run around 3.  I ate a light lunch of macaroni and cheese and edamame at 11:30 and got to the meet at 1:45…

…and didn’t run until 5:30!!!

This must have been the slowest operating track meet in the history of track meets.  We went and sat in our coach’s car four different times to warm up, and each time we came back thinking, “They must be on Event X by now!” when they were still on Event A or B.

It was dark, cold, lonely, and I was very hungry by the time our race rolled around.  Most of the spectators had left, and the slower heats of the two mile had all been run that morning, so it was just the fast heat of about fifteen girls.  However, half of them scratched, so there were only seven or eight girls in our final!  Two girls from a school in our region were aiming for the state auto, so our coach told us to stick with them.

Honestly, the best part of this race was my ludicrous outfit: bright purple and pink patterned tights, an electric blue Under Armour long-sleeve shirt, my very tight uniform top, white/pink/blue spikes, gray striped gloves, ear warmer… you get the picture…


I was the most colorful girl in the race!

Anyway, the first half of the race went out about how we expected.  The two girls went to the front, and I slipped in behind them.  By 1200m, I was really feeling my lack of food (hey, I ate perfectly for a 3 pm race…), and it was tough staying up with them.  One of the two girls started falling back, so I just stuck with her while the other girl lengthened her lead.

Girl 1 went through the mile in 5:35, and the two of us went through in 5:39-5:40.  The girl I was running with really started struggling then, so I passed her.  I had slowed down a lot, but I managed to easily keep a 6 minute pace.  I didn’t kick, but it didn’t really matter because I hung on for second and finished in 11:40.08.  It was a decent time (faster than I ran at outdoor states, haha) considering the cold, hunger, competition, and my lovely outfit 😉  I notched the conference qualifier by a good margin and didn’t even feel tired 30 seconds after I’d finished!

The girl who won ran the whole thing by herself in the nighttime cold and finished in 11:07, which was a huge PR for her!  Ridiculous!!

The first day of conferences is this Thursday!  It’s so soon; I’m running both the 4×800 and the 3200, unfortunately.  Next Thursday is the rest of the events, and then there’s a three week break until regionals.

Time to rest and tune up!


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