Well, this is going to be fun.  I don’t have definite answers, but I will hopefully find out soon.

Last Monday, the mild twinge that had been coming and going in my right foot suddenly got worse.  I did half the workout on Tuesday, took Wednesday off to see a podiatrist, ran 30 minutes easy on Thursday, 35 minutes easy on Friday, and aqua jogged on Saturday.  The pain still lingered, so I iced and elevated on and off.

Yesterday, after a pain-free school day, I ran for 35 minutes with the team.  It took a whopping 30 seconds for the pain to come right back, but I stubbornly and stupidly ran through it.  I hobbled the second half of the run and iced as soon as I got back to school.

The podiatrist didn’t tell me what’s wrong with my foot right now, just that I have bunions and will likely need surgery in the near future (which I already knew).  Now, there is a constant, throbbing ache in my arch, as well as pain on the top of my foot when I run.

This is so irritating.  I’m not going to lie.  I was working hard, motivated, and in fantastic shape before this all began, and I haven’t done any hard work in 12 days. (Yes, I’ve been counting)  At first, I was smart about it and had no time taking the day off, aqua jogging, whatever.  Now, I think I’m in self-destruct mode because I am set on doing the workout today no matter what.  I know that is a terrible idea because it will likely exacerbate whatever is wrong with my foot, but I really need to feel like I’m working hard.  Regionals is in nine days.


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