Injury, running, and postseason updates from the new adult

The past few weeks have been full of aqua jogging, school presentations, and getting over feeling sorry for myself.  I spent one week in the pool doing simulated track workouts and easy runs.   I then spent the next week biking and slacking on other cross training.

On Valentine’s Day, I turned eighteen!  I met up with friends for brunch at a crepe place that I’d never tried and had a crepe with a wildberry compote, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce.  Berries and vanilla ice cream are the most heavenly combination on earth.  However, my friends were half an hour late, which I discovered later was because they were decorating my room with balloons, flowers and pictures!  Purple and white, my favorite.  I went out to dinner with my family, and I went out with other friends for dinner and a movie the next day.  Overall, it was a pretty great way to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. 🙂

Last Monday was my first day to try running.  After no pain for almost three days, I went for an easy 25-minute run that felt great…for the first ten minutes.  After that, sharp pain and aches came back all around the arch and anterior tibial tendon.  The fact that my toes were completely frozen did not help.  I finished the run by running on the outside of my foot all the way back (0/10 would recommend), but obviously I knew I wasn’t ready to run again.  With three days until regionals, this wasn’t good.

Regionals was last Thursday, and we didn’t decide whether I would run or not until 40 minutes before the race. I warmed up with the team and decided it wasn’t a good idea to race since the pain was still lingering (also, I hadn’t run more than 4 miles in the past 2.5 weeks…).  We were seeded sixth, but our alternate typically runs the 800 8-10 seconds slower than I do, even though she’s made huge improvements recently because this has been her first year of real running.  Anyway, we knew it would be close, as top six move on to states.

Our first leg took it out in a 2:23, 3 seconds faster than she’d run at conferences.  Our second leg, our alternate, ran a PR of 2:33.  Our third leg ran 2:23, also faster than she’d run at conferences.  Our anchor, who’d run a 2:25 at conferences, got the baton in seventh place.  She absolutely killed her leg, moving our team up to a fourth place finish with a 2:18 split!!!!  I was screaming so much during the race that I was almost in tears as she crossed the line.

I waited two more days, then ran 3.5 easy, easy, easy miles on the treadmill on Saturday morning.


I started off at a 6.5 mph pace and gradually increased to around 7.5 mph by the end of the run.  Thankfully, there was little to no pain.  I walked a ton on Saturday because my friend celebrated her birthday by planning a scavenger hunt to DC, so that didn’t really have positive effects on my foot 😉  It snowed hard the entire time I was at her house, so I had a hell of a time driving back to my house. (It was too cold for salt to have an effect on the snow, so the roads were treacherous.)


I took Sunday off, and ran 25 minutes on Monday.  Still no pain.  Tuesday was my first track workout since three weeks ago.  Under normal circumstances, I would never jump back into speed workouts so quickly after an injury, but three days until states didn’t leave much wiggle room.  I did 3 x [300, 200] at a dangerously fast pace and discovered that, hmmm, three weeks of no workouts causes the muscles to atrophy.  In other words, I was out of shape!!!

My plan for the rest of the week was to run 20-25 minutes Wednesday, leave for states Thursday and run 20 minutes easy plus some strides, and race the 4×800 today even though I’m not in the best shape ever.


we found out Wednesday that states was postponed until next Thursday and Friday because of inclement weather!!!!!!

That turned out lucky because we actually got a snow day yesterday, so we wouldn’t have been able to go if states hadn’t been postponed.


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