Playing with fire

I have a confession to make: I’m doing something stupid.

Yes, I had a few days of pain-free runs, but the pain has come back in the arch, bunion, and tendon, exactly where it was when this all started.

I’ve been heating before runs and icing and taking ibuprofen after the runs.  The runs have all been short with a couple speed workouts thrown in.

But the pain isn’t going away.

If this were any other point in the season, I would be taking this time off and not even going anywhere near running for fear of exacerbating the injury and potentially causing a stress fracture.  Unfortunately, states is in a week and I need to get to the point where I can be competitive.  Therefore, I’m riding the injury line very dangerously in the hopes of helping my team get all-state next week.


I promise, after states I will take a step back, reassess, and take time off while I recuperate.  That’s not really an option right now, though.  I need to last one more week.

Just putting that out there.


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