Fitness update (TL;DR: I’m a moron)

I have come to the conclusion that the universe is against me when it comes to running. (This is going to be a very pessimistic post 😉 )

I stopped my normal training volume at the end of January, and cross trained/biked/ran easy a few times for five weeks.  I hoped that backing off would make the tendonitis/bunion pain/etc. go away, but I wasn’t cautious enough.

States was postponed by 1.5 weeks, and I ran a 2:24 800 leg a week and a half ago.

We then took a week completely off: no running, no cross training, no strength training.

Last Monday, I jumped back into running too quickly (5 miles) and strained my hip flexor.  I iced/rolled/stretched a lot on Monday and Tuesday, and ran easy on Tuesday.  I completed a track workout (8x400m) on Wednesday, starting at 85 and working my way down to 77.

After the workout, my legs felt great but sore from lunges on Tuesday.  I had my mom give me a massage.

The massage aggravated my piriformis muscle, causing intense pain whenever I walked, carried a backpack, or sat down.  I was in a lot of pain on Thursday and didn’t run.

Yesterday, practice was cancelled, so I took another day completely off.

My hip and feet felt great today, so I was going to run about 30 minutes very easy.  Unfortunately, I got sick.  Another day of no running.


Total tally: it has been about eight weeks since being able to really train.  I somehow busted out a decent time in the 800 a week and a half ago, and I idiotically jumped back into training last week.



it’s time to be smart.  I’ve wasted too much time being stupid and dangerous and hurting my body.  It’s been two months since real training, so obviously I have to be more cautious.  I’ve taken three days off and am going to a sports massage therapist tomorrow.  Then, I plan to run extremely short and extremely easy since I’ve had a few days with no pain.


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