This is an extremely late post and does not accurately reflect my current fitness situation.

But anyway… (pretend this was a week and a half ago)

Here’s a very concise summary of this trip: I ate a lot, slept a little, and I’m actually really happy with my individual performance, even though we didn’t have a great performance as a team.

We ate dinner at Olive Garden the night before the race, and after we got back to the hotel, we took part in our pre-states tradition of watching funny cat videos and infomercials for about two hours.  I laughed so hard that my veins almost popped out of my forehead.

We woke up on race day, ate some breakfast, spent most of the morning watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and then went to lunch at Panera.  I fueled up for the race with a panini and pesto pasta.

Our race was scheduled for 5 pm, and we left for the track at 3.  We warmed up and did skips and stretches outside, and we actually missed final call for our race because they called it so early!  We rushed inside, ran to the check-in area, and threw on our spikes…and of course we still had 20 minutes until our race…

We’ve been through the pre-race final-call not-ready rush before, and I was already going into the race with no expectations, so the panicky situation didn’t really rattle me that much.  However, my teammates were really shaken and panicked by the situation because they are generally a little more clueless than I am when it comes to time schedules, and it didn’t help that our coach wasn’t able to come because he had to work.  There was no one there to calm us down.  I tried to give a pep talk, and it worked for me at least… but I don’t think it calmed the other girls down.

Instead of anchoring like I usually do, we decided that I would run second because it’s the “safest” leg.  Before the race, my coach texted me saying, “We don’t need a great leg from you.  We don’t even need a good leg from you.  We just need you to hang on and run around 2:27 or 2:28″ which I knew I could do.  It would hurt because I wasn’t conditioned, but I knew I could do it.  All my teammates had to do was run the same times they ran at regionals (2:23, 2:23, and 2:19) and we would qualify for the Penn Relays.

Our first leg took it out strong for three laps but died a little on the last lap (2:25), so I received the baton in eighth place out of eight teams.  😉  I caught up to the pack on the first lap and latched onto a girl in purple who I knew would run around the time I wanted to run.   The first two laps went by quickly, and I was surprised that I felt normal!  I didn’t feel like I was that out of shape.


I didn’t really push it, and I just kept running with the purple girl.  In hindsight, I probably could’ve pushed it more, but I was worried about dying at the end and I knew that I was already running a pretty solid leg.

k-1I finally kicked it into gear with about 50 meters to go and handed off to my teammate in sixth place.

k-3I stumbled over to our first leg and just kind of sat on the ground for a bit.  My teammate ran decently, but we wound up in eighth going into the final leg.  Our anchor got the baton and was in no man’s land: the worst place to be!  The gap was pretty big, so we ended up finishing last in the fast heat.

After the race, I discovered that my split had been 2:24!! How did I run a 2:24 after basically 5 weeks off?  Even though our place and time wasn’t our best, I was really happy with my own time.  It was three seconds away from my PR, which was really good after an injury.

The next day, one of our boys ran the mile and placed all-state!

We finally got back around 8 pm that night, and the winter sports banquet was happening when we pulled up to school.  I debated going but ended up just going home because I had a lot of homework.

The second I walked in the door of my house, my friend texted me saying, “You just won MVP at the sports banquet!!!”

Grrrrrr.  My intuition stinks… but I’m proud of myself for winning MVP 🙂



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