First real week of training: 32 miles

Hi everyone!! Today was the first day of spring break, and I am so glad that I have a week or so to relax (with interspersed homework, running, and SKYDIVING, of course!)

To catch up on what’s been happening over the past week:

I got sick last Saturday and therefore took a total of four more days off.  My first day back running was Monday; while everyone else did mile repeats on the track, I went for an easy 4.5 mile run with one of the guys on my team.  It felt pretty good, but I was still congested.  I remained congested and cautious about my lungs all week.

Tuesday brought another 4.5 mile run, nothing interesting.

On Wednesday, our school hosted a track meet, but I knew I shouldn’t race, so I did mile repeats on the track before the meet started.  I only did 3 because I still had a hacking cough and congestion, but I went 6:20, 6:20, 6:15.  Nothing too challenging, but certainly not easy.

I ran for 40 minutes after tutoring and missing practice on Thursday, and it was not the greatest run ever.  My legs and lungs were tired, and I never got my breathing into a rhythm.  Also, the temperature randomly skyrocketed up to 75 DEGREES!!  I was drenched in sweat by the end…this body is used to below-freezing weather!

Friday brought another track workout.  2 x [200 hard, 200 easy, 400 hard, 400 easy, 800 hard, 400 easy, 400 hard, 200 easy, 200 hard, 400 easy].  I ran 35-36 for the hard 200s, between 78-82 for the 400s, 2:58 for the first 800, and 2:49 for the second 800!  Although it was a pretty short workout (4000m of speed), it was encouraging to know that I’m not completely out of shape and can still hit some decent paces during a workout.

Today was my “long” run.  The temperatures had dropped back down to the 30s, and I was originally only going to go for around 50 minutes because I didn’t want to add too much too soon.  But I got to 25 minutes and felt pretty good, so I turned around at 27:30…and my phone turned off because it was too cold!  No music for the second half of the run 😦 but I felt really good during the second half.  In total, I completed 7 miles at a 7:40 average pace, with a 7:15 last mile!  I negative-splitted (negative splat?) by 90 seconds in the second half of the run…oops.


I love having a watch that works

We went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, and I ate a crazy amount of pad thai, spring rolls, beef with basil, and garlic shrimp.  Our favorite ice cream place was right across the street, so of course we had to stop!  I got a chocolate fudge brownie sundae…hey, splurging is living!!


It was huge, and I am disappointed to say that I could not manage to eat the whole thing

In total, I put in about 32 quality miles this week.  A big improvement from the 14 I ran last week!  I’m hoping spring break will be good for me.

In other news, I got into my first choice college!  AND I will hopefully be running for them next year!!  Nothing definite yet, but it’s definitely on the horizon!

Fun fact: if you want to feel bad and lowly and like you have no talents, go search “Emily Bear piano.”  She’s INCREDIBLE.  I usually feel pretty good about myself for being reasonably musically talented, but she possesses UNREAL talent.


3 thoughts on “First real week of training: 32 miles

    • Thanks! We’re a pretty low-mileage program, so we generally hover between 35 and 40 miles in the regular season. But I’m working my way back up from injury and illness 🙂

      • Well best wishes on a speedy recovery! I’m also in the process of working back from a hamstring/glute injury. It’s been a long road but I’m almost out of the tunnel 🙂

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