Spring break: rough running

It’s spring break week!  Unfortunately, I’m staying at home for the duration of this break.  Mostly everyone else is on vacation in exotic locations, so I’ve run alone all week.

Monday was supposed to be 5×1000, but I felt pretty awful and only did 3×1000 and 2×500 (with double the rest time).  I tried to put that workout behind me and had a pretty decent run on Tuesday (40 minutes/5.1 miles).  Wednesday brought 8-10 x 400, and I recruited my friend to do the workout at the same time as me!  She’s slower than me, but it was definitely a plus to have her working out at the same time.  We kept each other honest. 😉  I ended up doing 8×400 and 2×200 with 200 rest (and 400 after the fourth 400); my body still didn’t feel very good, but I went 81, 81, 81, 80, 81, 80, 79, 78 and 37, 36.  It could’ve been worse considering I was running by myself (agaaaainnnn).

Today was an easy 35-40 minutes, but it was by far the worst run of the week so far.  I stopped at least 6 times (stoplights, general fatigue, etc.) and even though I was running easy (8:20ish pace), any pace that I ran felt impossible.  It was just one of those days, I guess.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do tomorrow; I’m thinking either a tempo run, long intervals (1000-1600), or aqua jogging.  Depends on how I feel.

I currently have cinnamon apple bread in the oven, and hopefully it will be delicious!  It’s a beautiful day (70 degrees and sunny), so I took my dog to the dog park and he was very happy.  I think I need to reset mentally because the past few days have been pretty negative towards running.  Miss my running buddies 😦


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