[First things first: my latest running news.

Friday: 6×800 between 2:57 and 3:01.  Saturday: 60 minutes (didn’t use my watch GPS so I have no idea what pace/how far I went).  Monday: 2×200 at 35, 36; 2×400 at 82, 77; 2×800 at 2:53, 2:52; 2×400 at 77, 81; 2×200 at strides pace.]

The majority of my spring break was pretty boring.  I make a to-do list every night for the next day, and my lists over spring break looked pretty much the same every day.  Example: “Make bed.  Fold laundry.  Breakfast: oatmeal.  6×800 and 8 minute abs.  Clean bathroom/kitchen/whatever.  Read anthro book.  Start math homework (that never happened).  Target: conditioner and mouthwash.  Make dinner/wash dishes.”


Yesterday was different.  Sundays are generally my rest days, so I didn’t have to run.  I woke up around 7:30, packed some food, printed out directions… and headed off with my friend to go skydiving!!!

As soon as my friend turned eighteen (three weeks ago), we wasted no time in planning this trip.  Skydiving is one of those things that goes on a bucket list and never gets checked off, but we were determined to check it off.

We got to the skydiving facility at 10:45 am; it consisted of a warehouse-like building, a small runway, several small planes, and a landing field.  We filled out the paperwork (“don’t sue us if you die”, basically), received some training…and then waited for 4 and a half hours.  Strong winds were responsible for one hour of that delay, but finally we tightened our jumpsuits, put on our helmet hats, and boarded the small plane.  There were two benches inside the plane, and the two of us (plus our instructors) were the only tandem jumpers in the group.


The jumpsuits aren’t exactly flattering 😉

We flew up to 14,000 feet, and the individual jumpers jumped first.  Finally, the only people left in the plane were our instructors, the camera/video guy, and us.


During the flight

Pretty much the only time I was a little apprehensive was at the end of the flight before we jumped.  Personally, it was more overwhelming to watch other people jump than to jump yourself!

My friend jumped before me, so my instructor and I were the last ones in the plane.  We crouched at the door, and then all of a sudden we jumped!


The first few seconds were exhilarating, but as we leveled out from vertical, I realized I couldn’t breathe.  Oops!  I didn’t enjoy the free fall as much as I should’ve because I was focused on the lack of oxygen in my lungs, but it was still a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  For some reason, falling through the air at 125 miles per hour didn’t scare me at all!

Side note: it is impossible to smile when your cheeks are being pressed up to your forehead.  The below picture is the only one where my face is not contorted into ridiculous positions 😉

IMG_5908After about a minute of free falling (which is a LONNNGGG time!), my instructor pulled the parachute and we swung up back to vertical and slowed down dramatically.


The scenic 5 minute parachute flight was much more…relaxing…than the free fall.  I could breathe!!  We floated about 4,000 feet down, complete with turns and spirals which were amazing.  The winds got pretty strong as we entered the last 500 feet or so, but my instructor managed to land us perfectly without any difficulty.

We hadn’t eaten lunch, so we stopped at Noodles and Company and then gorged ourselves on hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts! (Is there anything better than a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut…no)  My amazing friend did all the driving, and we got home around 8, when I promptly gorged myself on the lamb and potatoes and apple crisp that my mom had made for Easter dinner.

All in all, skydiving was pretty much the craziest thing I’ve ever done, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! (if I could afford to do it that often…)  I definitely need to work on my photogenic skydiving face, though!





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