Season opener: 4×8 and 800

Last Saturday was the first meet of the season for me.  After a long, tough workout on Wednesday [4x(1200, 400)], my legs were pretty dead, so I wasn’t really expecting anything from these races.  Our goal for the 4×8 was to qualify for states (9:43) and maybe make the Penn Relays qualifier if we had a good day (9:40).

I woke up on Saturday and ate oatmeal with apples, cinnamon, and almond butter for breakfast.  The 4×800 was at 10 am, and we got to the meet at 8:30.  The temperature was perfect (about 60 degrees), but the wind was blowing pretty hard, which would make for challenging turns.

Even though I’m no longer the fastest leg of the 4×8, I still like anchoring, so I was the fourth leg.  Our first leg led off with a 2:25 to put us in the top 4.  Our second leg (a sophomore) ran a great 2:21 to give us a solid lead!  Our third leg ran 2:24-2:25 to increase our lead to about 9 seconds.  I got the baton and ran a decent leg (2:25ish) to solidify the win, a state auto, and a Penn Relays qualifying time of 9:36!  I felt fine when I crossed the line, so clearly I didn’t run hard enough 😉


Even though my split was the same, our 4×8 time was 12 seconds faster than last year at this meet (with the same four girls).  Yay for progress!

The girls running the 800 had a few hours until the open 800, so we hung out on the very sunny bleachers, ate applesauce, and watched two of our teammates run the mile.  For the open 800, two of us were in the first heat (I was seeded 7th).  My goal was to have a stronger second lap and run faster than a 2:25.


The race went out really fast (33), which some girls can keep up but I certainly cannot!  I was at the back of the pack as we entered the second lap (first lap was a 71).

IMG_5246My second lap felt faster than the 4×8 leg had, but I still only ran a 75 to finish in 2:26.  Missed my goal of 2:24 but I’m not too broken up about it.  I passed two girls and no one passed me on the last lap, so overall I finished eighth.

Last night, we found out that both our girls’ and boy’s 4x800s made the cut for Penn Relays!


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