A Penn 4×8, a 3200, an 800, and a 4×4 walk into a bar… (4 race recap)

Don’t worry, I didn’t run them all in one meet 😉

I’m very very behind on race recaps, and I’m sososo excited to recap my most recent one!  But that one will have to wait.  First, I need to get through a whole mishmash of weird races, so this might be pretty long.  Skip to the bottom for a tl;dr.

The week of 4/19 to 4/25 was weird.

We found out the week before that our teammate completely tore her ACL, seemingly putting her out of running for a very long time.  Even though we’d qualified for the Penn Relays, we weren’t even considering running after that news.  However, our coach apparently was not on the same wavelength as the rest of us, and she informed us that we would run at Penn two days before we were supposed to leave.

We took a really late train on Wednesday (4/22) and got to the hotel around midnight.  For some reason, I woke up at 6:30 am on Thursday and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I only got six hours of sleep 😦

The atmosphere was so different from anything we’d experienced!  None of us had ever been to Penn before, so we didn’t know what to expect.  There was a police officer checking the 4x8s in, and the officials were pretty mean (but I guess they had to be).  The stadium was beautiful and gigantic.  After some miscommunication by the officials, we ended up standing in what I call the cow herding area for half an hour wearing only our skimpy uniforms in the wind and cold.

There were cameras everywhere, and our friends back at school were watching us on the live stream, so that was exciting and motivating.  The gun went off, and we pretty much knew right away that this would not be a PR day.

Our first leg ran OK, our second leg ran OK, our third leg ran OK, and I ran OK.  (2:26)  Not extremely slow, but not where I wanted to be.  It was so cold!  Also, I wore french braids for this race, and 200 meters into the race, one of my braids came loose after the hair tie fell out.  SO I ran 600 meters with half my hair flying everywhere 😉  Not quite ideal.


Two days later, I “raced” the 3200.  The race was at 8:30 am, so I woke up at 5:30 to eat breakfast.  I got to the meet all alone, and it was 40 degrees.  Again, not ideal racing conditions.  I was originally going to try to go for the state auto, but that plan fell apart after a lap.  The first mile was between 5:45 and 5:50, and everything just continued to fall apart.



11200590_852660791489516_7941018876439640870_nThe deterioration of form……

I managed to pull it together for a decent last lap, but I still finished in 11:50.  Yikes.  Almost everyone raced horribly, though, so I wasn’t that upset.  It was kind of funny, actually.  I knew it wasn’t a good representation of my fitness level.


The next Wednesday was our senior night and final home meet.  I don’t generally race in tri/quad meets, but our coach wanted us to, so I decided to run the 800.  I was just supposed to run it for fun, not for times or anything.  Zero pressure.

Except I’m not good at that!  The gun went off and I found myself running pretty fast, so I just stuck with it.  Rolled to a 9-second victory in 2:26, the same time I’d split at Penn!  Except this time was nowhere near 100% effort, and I just bounced right off the track afterwards! What?? The body and mind are strange things.

An hour or two later, I was getting ready to leave, when some sprinters coerced me into running a 4×4. 😉  I told myself not to go that hard, but of course that didn’t work (again).  I ran a 63 and nearly caught a boy’s team, so that was fun.  My legs felt great afterwards, and the times that I’d run without 100% effort were encouraging for my mile on Saturday.

TL;DR: Penn 4×8 split 2:26, awful 3200 two days later in 11:50, fun tri meet where I ran the 800 (2:26) and 4×4 (63) without anywhere close to 100% effort.

The mile recap is coming next :))))))


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