1600 PR

I finally did it.

After eleven and a half months, I have a new PR in something.

Specifically, the 1600.

The last few months have had moderate highs and extreme lows when it comes to running.  After a crappy cross country season, I was rediscovering my love for running and nailing my workouts and races through January when BAM.  Injury.  Illness.  More injury.  My love for running disappeared once again as my everyday attitude was fraught with negative thoughts and self-doubt.

I was finally able to start real training at the end of March, nowhere near the fitness level I wanted to be at, and still apprehensively doubting myself as I watched my teammates get faster and my own fitness level remain unknown.  My diet wasn’t the greatest, either, and I struggled to accept the fact that I’d gained (mostly muscle) 8-10 pounds since last year.

But then something happened!  I realized I shouldn’t be afraid of the pain!  A few weeks ago, I raced a 1600 in 5:21 and let another girl lead the entire way because I was afraid to see what would happen if I pushed too hard.  After a strong couple weeks of workouts and (mediocre) races, I figured it was now or never!


I got to the meet on Saturday around 5 pm for my race.  My teammate and I warmed up, and I felt okay.  Not great, but not like I was running through tar, either.  We stretched, did skips, grabbed our spikes, and headed over to the check-in tent.  My teammate ended up winning her heat and PRing!

We lined up on the line, and the gun went off.  The race went out really, really fast, but I’m getting used to that being the case.  I didn’t feel very good during the first lap but tried to settle in.


I came through in 75 (after a 35-second first 200), which I’m getting used to as being the first lap split.  It no longer scares me 🙂IMG_5345

The next lap was slower (81ish), so we went through 800 in 2:36.


I didn’t feel that much worse than I had after the first lap, so I really focused on attacking the third lap and passing people.


You can tell when I get tired because my lower lip goes in and I start leaning to the left

I passed 1200 in 3:56 (third lap was an 80) and mentally growled at myself, “OK, if you just hang on and run an 82 you will PR.  But do you really want to do that?  You can go faster.”

The last 200 was really, really hard and I didn’t have much left to kick with.  I closed in a 79-second last lap for a 3-second PR of 5:15.65!!


I’m pretty happy with that 🙂  It was my last high school invitational ever, so this was a good way to finish it off.  I’m not sure I’ll run the mile again this year since regionals is the same day as prom and I haven’t auto-qualified for states in the mile, so this may stand as my high school PR.  But that’s not the end of the world 🙂


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