Reluctant conference recap

I’m pretty behind on blog posts, so this is a quick recap of what I’ve been meaning to write over the past three weeks!

I wrote a post about the heat affecting my workouts about three weeks ago, but I never finished it because that was during the peak of IB exams and I pretty much had no time.  I completed a total of eight IB and AP exams (twelve days of testing!) before school ended and senior experience began.

Anyway, for a quick summary of that post, I’m terrible at running in the heat, so my workouts suffered when the temperatures shot up to 85+ with no warning.  Also, the humidity is really terrible where I live, so each step felt like I was running through a sauna.  Not fun.

Conferences was last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I ran the 4×800 on Tuesday, and I pretty much knew from the warm-up that it would not be a good race.  My heart rate was frighteningly high after the warm-up, and for the first time ever, I actually thought on the starting line, “What if I just don’t start this race?”  With 200 to go, my breathing was off, and I was just not feeling good.  I ran 2:26 and was really mad.

The mile and two mile were the next day, and I went through 3 laps of the mile in 3:56, which was on pace for another (small) PR.  I was feeling pretty good, but all of a sudden with 250 to go, I hit the biggest wall I’ve ever hit in a 1600 in my life and barely finished in 5:24, nine seconds slower than what I’d been on pace for through 1300m.  This means my last 200 was probably around 49 seconds, which is 6:40 mile pace.  I was practically crawling. I barely crossed the line before collapsing off to the side.  It took awhile to recover.

I scratched the two mile and went home pissed off and sad.  Why had that happened??

Anyway, conferences did not go well.  To make matters worse, that 1600 was the last individual race of my high school career because I’m forfeiting my chance to individually state qualify by going to prom instead of individually racing at regionals.  Not a great way to end.

But then the relay at regionals happened, which I’ll write about next!


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