Post-HS running (break)

Since I’m now finished with high school track (*sobs*), I’m planning on taking seven to ten days off from running while incorporating a few ab routines and strength routines, nothing too strenuous, to keep from becoming a complete marshmallow.  Today, I did seven minutes of abs followed by 45 push-ups.

Although graduation isn’t for another week and a half, seniors at my school participate in “Senior Experience” at the end of the school year where, for the last three weeks of school, we get jobs, internships, or do special projects, and therefore don’t go to school.  So I haven’t gone to school in two weeks.  Instead, I’ve been working on my special project: writing a novel!

I’ve always been interested in writing, and when I was in first grade, I would sit in front of a manual typewriter for hours a day and laboriously type out original plays.  I wrote a 150-page story in sixth grade, but it was heinously awful (I got bored in the middle and completely changed the plot to something running-related, of course).  Additionally, I published two excerpts from short stories in seventh and eighth grade.

When I entered high school and got even more serious about schoolwork and running, I stopped having a ton of free time for writing, and therefore haven’t written much over the past four years.  So I thought Senior Experience would be the perfect time to dust off the old habits and try my hand at story-writing…for real.

After a slow start figuring out the characters, I’ve written about 14,000 words so far, and I’m excited to see where this takes me.  As of now, it’s not very good, and I have no plans to share it on a wide scale, but it’s still fun to produce this myself.

On another note, I never mentioned anything about my post-high school running plans!  Therefore, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be running for a D1 program at an academically rigorous college! (I don’t like to post names or other identifying information, although pictures include logos.)  As of now, I’m one of the slower freshmen on the team, but I don’t mind; it’s pretty much my dream school, and I’m so grateful that I’m getting the chance to be on an amazing D1 team.


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