High school graduation, boat party, and sleeping in

Yesterday, I graduated high school.

I am officially no longer a student at my high school.  We drove by there on the way home from graduation, and it made me really sad!

But backing up…

We had to be at school at 8:15 am to board the buses that would take us to DAR Constitution Hall in DC, the location of our 10 am ceremony.  (As you might’ve guessed, I didn’t run yesterday.)  Constitution Hall was stifling hot because there were 430 seniors and dozens of faculty members crammed into the hallways, and we had to stand there for 45 minutes until our procession at 9:50.  That was probably the worst part!

The ceremony was nice, with the presentation of colors, the orchestra playing Pomp and Circumstance, the recognition of the valedictorians (hi!) and the IB diploma recipients (hi!), the commencement speeches by select faculty members and student speakers, and the procession across the stage to receive our diplomas (they weren’t the real diplomas, of course).  I did not trip on the stairs!

After the throwing of mortarboards and a disorganized exit from the Hall, we took a lot of pictures outside before heading to lunch in Georgetown.

Some of them were good…


My “twin”


One of my bros… the youngest had his elementary school awards assembly


My friend’s brother in the background is the best part of this photo

IMG_5786And many of them were terrible or hilarious…IMG_5797 IMG_5808 IMG_5812

For lunch, I chose a decadent roasted Brussel’s sprouts pizza.  It sounds questionable, but it was absolutely delicious.  It was drizzled with a balsamic dressing, and I think there was also some butternut squash going on.  The only thing that would’ve made it better was if there were more Brussel’s sprouts. (I love them so much)


We took some more pictures, both good and bad…


Kennedy Center in the background! (Excuse the sweaty, wrinkled dress)


I was talking :/

And then I went home and unsuccessfully tried to nap because the senior boat party was that night.  From 11 pm to 4 am.  Not ideal for this granny who goes to bed at 10:30 every night!

After dinner and some chill time at a friend’s house, we headed back to school at 10:30 pm and left for the boat at 11.  The boat pulled out of the dock around midnight and 200+ 18-year-olds spent the next three and a half hours in a small enclosed space doing various 18-year-old newly-graduated activities.

For me, the first and last half hours were the most fun, and everything in between was a bit boring.  I’m not a big dancer, so I didn’t dance that much, and the choices of entertainment were a lil limited.  I crashed around 2 am, but revived a bit around 3 and danced/talked/stayed awake.


Made it the entire night without falling asleep, though!  I was quite proud of myself.  We ate “breakfast” back at school, but it was egg mcmuffin-type ingredients (disgusting), so I just had fruit and half a bagel with cream cheese.  Rolled up to my house at 5 and was asleep by 5:15 am, just as it was starting to get light outside.IMG_5852I have never slept in as late as I did this morning!  I woke up for a minute three times throughout the morning but ended up sleeping past noon.  How do people do this every day??  I’m currently quite discombobulated.

Probably won’t run today, as it’s 3 in the afternoon, and I just ate, and it’s over 90 degrees outside.  I think I’ll go to the pool and swim for an hour or so.  Then maybe I’ll go back to sleep 😉  I get my official college summer training plan in a few days, so that’s really exciting!

I am officially a college student.  No longer in high school.  Will never be in high school again.  IB DONE.



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