Summer storms and micronutrients

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, with the heat index exceeding 100 degrees.  The sun blazed for most of the day, so after 4.65 (sweaty) (gross) miles with some former teammates, I stayed inside for most of the day.  A 20-minute walk with the dog left me drenched and him panting like he’d just run 10 miles.


Around 6 pm, a huge storm hit.  I think the nearby airport recorded gusts of wind as high as 50 miles per hour!  The trees outside my window were swaying dangerously, and the rain battered the houses.

The lights flickered for a bit, then went out.

Our street is always the street that has power no matter what.  In the derecho.  During Hurricane Sandy.  Et cetera.  We’re the lucky ones.  So this was annoying 😉

As far as we could tell, it was just our four houses (my house, the one behind us, the one next to us, and the one behind the one next to us) that had lost power.  Then we heard that the transformer in our backyards had caught on fire!!  Our next-door neighbors called 911, but of course with all the crazy rain and wind blowing around, the fire went out before the fire department actually got there.

Here in metropolitan/suburban America, you don’t actually realize how much you rely on electricity until you don’t have it.  No Internet.  Can’t charge your phone/computer/watch.  No lights.  Our preparation as far as candles and flashlights goes was pretty dismal.  You can’t open your fridge or freezer.  Can’t do laundry.  Can’t run the dishwasher.  All this stuff is totally “first world problems,” but you never realize how many times per day you do all of these things!  I must have gone to the fridge at least seven times…

I read for awhile by candlelight before going to bed around 10:30.


(Yes, that is my fourth bowl of blueberries of the day in the back.)

It was pretty weird to realize how much of modern life is dependent on electricity.

So that’s my epiphany for this week. 😉  I read books for much of the evening and morning, and I went to the library this afternoon for an hour to charge my computer and use wifi, but they managed to restore our four houses’ power by the time I got back.

I finally got my training schedule yesterday, and it involves five days of running per week along with an entirely new amount of yoga and cross training.  Today was supposed to be my day “off” where I didn’t run and did an hour of either biking or swimming, but I woke up this morning to discover that the storm had one positive result; it left 70 degree temperatures in its wake!  Of course, I had to take advantage of it, so I did tomorrow’s run (5 miles) today.

splits 5 miles 6:24

It was glorious to not start the run overheated.  I did my long run route (obviously shortened), which contains a long, steep hill towards the end that I always absolutely positively must summit quickly, and I accidentally sprinted up the entire thing.  Oops.  At the top I was going 6:05 pace.  This was around 4.3 miles.

All in all, it was a pretty good run.  I’ll take tomorrow off from running and do an hour of cross training.  Nothing like staring at the bottom of the pool for an hour.  At least the scenery changes when you’re running…

In four weeks, I should be up to at least 40 miles per week over five days of running, so I’ll be doing an average of 8 miles per day!  Goodness.  We’ll see how this goes.  I wonder where I’m supposed to be at the end of the summer.  I foresee many naps in my future.

A couple days ago, I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app, not because I wanted to track my calories (I honestly do not care how many calories I eat) but because I had the sneaking suspicion that my micronutrients were not up to par.  So I tracked what I ate yesterday, and my suspicions were confirmed…

IMG_5917The leftmost number is the amount I actually consumed, and the one in the middle is what MyFitnessPal thinks I should be aiming for.

The lack of calcium was just because we were out of milk so I made my oatmeal with water, so that number’s generally better on a daily basis.  My sugar intake surprised me by being higher than I expected (I think 134 grams), but I know that’s because I eat so many fruits and vegetables.  My sodium intake kind of confirmed my worries; yesterday, I even consciously tried to consume sodium by adding lemon-lime Nuun to my water and eating pickles, but I still barely got to half the recommended amount.  If I hadn’t eaten the Nuun or pickles, my intake would’ve been maybe 500 milligrams!!  I just seldom eat salty things!

(PS: Can you get Vitamin A and Vitamin C poisoning?  Sheesh.)

Today I drank more Nuun (strawberry lemonade) and picked up some freakin’ delicious Thai food (beef basil and spring rolls) for lunch, and the beef basil absolutely had a ton of sodium.  So hopefully I’ll actually get close to the recommended amount of sodium today.

Just to reiterate, I am not doing this to track calories.  I’m tracking micronutrients for a couple days just to see where I can improve (more sodium, less sugary fruit, etc.), and then I’ll probably delete the app once I figure out which foods I should be eating more or less of to fill the “holes” in my diet.


One thought on “Summer storms and micronutrients

  1. You taught me something today! I just started using My Fitness Pal because I just started working out and trying to eat healthier. I had no idea that you could look at the nutrients! You probably think I’m an idiot, but I had never noticed I could swipe from calories to nutrients. So thanks for that 🙂 I have A LOT of work to do!

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