Greetings from my desk, where I’m currently using two computers at once since I’m writing this while watching Mockingjay (my computer doesn’t have a CD slot).  Just made a Harris Teeter run for the express purpose of stocking up on Greek yogurt.  I have an obsession.

My chlorine hives are fading nicely; I’m still covered in itchy dots, but they’ve gotten a lot smaller, and hopefully they’ll be gone by the end of the week!

I’m proud of myself because I’ve managed to take the last two runs pretty easy (or at least not hard).  On Monday’s run, I coincidentally ran into my high school’s captain’s practice on the trail in the middle of the run and just ran with them for awhile.  Running with people is so much more fun than running by yourself!  I need to find a training partner…

6:29 run

On Tuesday, I was going to meet up with them again, but they failed to tell me that they changed meeting locations, so I couldn’t find them and eventually just left and ran on my own. 😉  It was sort of a progression run since I started slow and felt kind of crappy but finished much faster.

6:30 run

As I’ve mentioned in the last few posts, I have to do a lot more cross training than I’m used to this summer.  During previous summers, I’d go to the pool and swim like 20 laps a couple times a week, max, and that would be the extent of my cross training.  But college training is different; it’s typically much higher mileage, and since my mileage right now is much lower than almost everyone else on the team (hitting a little over 30 running miles this week), I’m supposed to supplement it with lots of biking and/or swimming.

blog x train

A few days from my training schedule

The pool isn’t an option for me right now, so swimming and aqua jogging are out of the question.  That leaves the lovely bicycle.  I’ve never been much of a biker, and even less so since my accident (scroll to the bottom), but those 30-60 minutes aren’t going to complete themselves.  So in comes the stationary bike!

I biked for 35 minutes yesterday afternoon, and this morning I did 40 minutes on the bike and 10 on the elliptical before having to head home.  Played around with the resistance.  The quads were burning!

Any tips for avoiding boredom on the stationary bike?  I watched Scandal on Netflix the whole time, but I kept glancing at the clock every 10 seconds.  Maybe I’ll bring a towel to cover up the clock.


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