Training weeks 2 and 3 and BEACH!

What a tragedy!  I originally typed up my entire week 2 training recap eight days ago, but I left for the beach before I published it, and somehow it was deleted.  My last post already recapped half of that week, so this will be much more concise.

Week 2 recap:

Monday 6/29: 5 miles @ 8:25 avg pace
Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:13 avg pace, 35 min stationary bike
Wednesday: 50 minutes cross training
Thursday: 5 miles @ 7:40 avg pace (This run felt really good!)
Friday: 7 miles with former teammates @ 8:24 avg pace, 10 miles biking
Saturday: off from running/x-training.
Sunday: 8 miles @ 7:35 avg pace

long run

Long run

Total: 31 miles running, 120ish minutes cross training

Comments: I had a nice mix of easy and faster runs this week.  Thursday’s run was faster than usual, but it felt surprisingly good.  I definitely did not intend to run my long run that fast, but my youngest brother (on a bike) and I were on the super flat canal trying to pass people 😉  My seventh mile was a 7:09 because there was this one guy we absolutely had to pass.  My right foot and ankle started hurting at the end of this long run.

Week 3 recap:

Monday 7/6: 7 miles @ 8:03 avg pace
Tuesday: roughly 6 miles (50 minutes), 45 minutes biking to and from the beach
Wednesday: 40 min aqua jog in a lake
Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:08 avg pace
Friday: 8 miles @8:09 avg pace
Saturday: 60 min aqua jog/swim in a lake
Sunday: 9 miles @ 7:59 avg pace.  Progression run.

Total: 36 miles running, 150 minutes cross training.

Comments:  I was up at the beach with friends this week (I’ll blog about this next!), which had both positive and negative effects on my running.  Negatives- even more humidity, got lost on Monday’s run, no soft surfaces, and basically running alone every day.  Flat surfaces.  Positives- new bike trail and scenery!  Flat surfaces. 😉  And the freakin’ beach.

Even though the pace of my runs was pretty much the same the entire week, each run varied in effort and attitude.  Thursday’s and Sunday’s runs were probably the best.

For my long run on Sunday, my watch decided to not cooperate, so I quickly downloaded the Nike+ app right before I started running.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t have mile splits, but my average pace got faster and faster as I completed each mile.  My first mile, which is almost always my slowest, was an 8:39, and my last two miles were about 7:05 each.  I was flying the last two miles!

Understandably, after my highest mileage week in many many moons, (like, 22 moons) my legs and mind are both pretty exhausted.  I’m actually really appreciating the two “rest” days per week (although I still have to cross train on those days) because they allow me to recharge mentally and physically!

Up next- 39 miles over 5 days for week 4.  I’m…apprehensively excited.  My 6-miler this morning was not fun because I spent eleven hours in the car yesterday and am sleep-deprived and tired from my 9-miler yesterday!

Sorry for the giant blocks of words and few pictures in this post!  My next one will be much more aesthetically pleasing, I promise.


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