Training week 4 (39 miles)

Maybe the fact that my last (non-running-related) post got so many likes compared to my running posts is a sign that I should do more non-running things in my life.

Alas, this post is running-related.

I’m so sorry.

Anyway, I just wrapped up my fourth week of college training with 10 miles on the C&O Canal!  Actually, it was two solo miles on the roads and 8 miles on the canal with my friend Sarah.  This was my first real double-digit run (two years ago, Sarah and I ran/hiked about 12 miles, failing to bring water on the 2.25 hour excursion.  We nearly died.  Brilliance personified), and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, although my calves and feet are definitely aching!

10 miles with sarah

The first four miles were pretty slow; I ran the first two on really hilly roads, and then met up with Sarah, and we started off slow for the next eight.  The canal is completely flat, which is why our pace increased and then didn’t vary much during the last six miles.  The weather was not ideal (80 degrees and 85% humidity), and we were both completely drenched by the end!

Week 4 recap:

Monday 7/13: 6 miles @ 8:13 average pace, 36 minutes stationary bike
Tuesday: 8 miles total (5 miles @ 8:13 average pace AM, 3 slow miles on hilly hiking trails PM)
Wednesday: 45 minutes stationary bike
Thursday: 6 hilly miles @ 8:06 average pace, 32 minutes stationary bike
Friday: 9 miles @ 8:14 average pace
Saturday: off
Sunday: 10 miles @ 8:15 average pace

Total: 39 miles of running, about 115 minutes of cross training

Comments: This was one of the highest mileage weeks I’ve ever done, and I did it in five days!  (#lowmileageinHSprobs) I transitioned back from the flat bike trail at the beach to hills and higher temperatures, which didn’t trash my legs, but…yeah.  Close enough.  While my average pace was practically the same for every single run this week, each run was different.  Monday was pretty hard after my long run on Sunday, but I got through the 6 miles okay.  Tuesday, though, felt absolutely awful from the get-go, so I curtailed my 8 miles in the morning and made it up later in the afternoon.  I recovered on Wednesday on the bike and had a good (but really hilly) run on Thursday with my friend Noah.

military road elevation

Navy blue = Thursday’s elevation

I didn’t feel great for the first few miles of Friday’s 9-miler, but I was in the zone by mile 4.  Then, the greatest thing happened.  In the middle of mile 7, I got a huge runner’s high while listening to “I Lived” by OneRepublic!  I was grinning like a goon and laughing by myself on the bike trail and just felt amazing for about seven minutes, garnering some strange looks from passersby.  That was probably my third true runner’s high in my life.  The other two happened after really good races, so it was so weird to just randomly get it in the middle of a weekday run.

Consistency like shiii

Can you say consistency? (For the first 6 miles anyway)

I didn’t do as much cross training this week (pretty much the minimum I was supposed to do) because I’m kind of starting to loathe the stationary bike.  Guess it’s time to brave the pool again…praying for no hives this time.

So yeah.  That’s my fourth week of college training!  I have no idea what my next few weeks look like since my coach sends me my training every four weeks, and I just finished the first block of training and haven’t received the second.

Time to take a nap with my feet up the wall!

PS: I started dorm shopping a couple days ago!  The day after I bought my sheets and hangers and hamper and a chair pillow, it all went on sale.  Because that is my life.  🙂 🙂 🙂


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