Training weeks 9 and 10: COLLEGE

Apologies for failing to publish last week’s training recap!  I actually did type up the post, but I never quite finished it and before I knew it, it was Sunday of the next week and time for a new post.  Oops! (Scroll down if you want fun college stuff and not training recaps.)

The last week and half has been pretty crazy.  I moved into college on August 21st, had orientation and my first official team practices over the next five days, and then classes started on Wednesday.  With 18-20 hours of practice a week, a new course load, and of course the time it takes to walk and bike everywhere, I’ve been pretty busy!

Week 9 recap:

M 8/17: 5 miles @ 8:09 average, drills + strides, 35 min biking
T: AM 7 mile workout (2 miles warm-up, 3 miles pace run at 6:46, 6:34, 6:18, 2 miles cool down), PM 2 miles on the treadmill, 20 minutes of biking
W: 40 min biking and swimming
Th: 6 miles @ 8:21 average, drills + strides,
F: MOVE IN DAY! 40ish minutes running
Sat: 5.11 miles
Sun: 10 miles @ 7:25ish average

Total: 40ish miles of running, approx. 100 minutes of cross training

Comments: Friday was my first run with my fellow xc freshmen, Saturday was my first run with an upperclassman on the team, and Sunday…well, Sunday was rough.  The first four miles of our long run were at 7:00 or faster because we didn’t want to get dropped.  After that, our pace decreased to 7:50ish average as we fell off the top group.  The route was crazy confusing, and my stomach was not feeling prime, and the last two miles were kind of a death march, but we survived.

Week 10 recap:

Monday 8/24: 6 miles
Tuesday: 2.6 mile warm-up at 7:38 pace, 2×400, 2×800, mile, 2×800, 2×400 on a grass field with 2 min rest. 2 mile cool down.
Wednesday: 40 minutes biking to Target.
Thursday: 6 miles on roads, strength circuit
Friday: 2.8 miles warm-up at 7:38 pace, 4 mile pace run (6:35, 6:37, 6:39, 6:25) on a sandy wooded trail, 1.5 miles cool down.
Saturday: yoga, 25 minutes biking to Trader Joe’s.
Sunday: 9 or 10 crappy miles through the woods and on some sandy trails.

Total: around 40 miles, 100ish minutes of yoga and cross training

Comments: After a series of late (fun) nights because college, I miraculously felt fine on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday was our first official practice, and we did a workout at a park.  We kept the effort steady (6-6:15 mile pace) through the first half of the workout and then got faster through the second half with my last 400 a little under 80.  On Friday, we did a pace run in some woods.  After doing 3 mile pace runs all summer, I was a little apprehensive about 4, especially on trails with sand and rocks instead of smooth, flat roads, but I’ve been blessed with the best workout group!  The four of us stuck together the whole time with a pretty steady pace and finished in a little over 26 minutes.  Sunday’s long run pretty much sucked; hilly wooded trails at the beginning sucked the energy right out of my already tired legs, and I was mentally negative the whole time. :/

Now for the onslaught of snapchat pictures.  I don’t have any stereotypical pictures of my dorm room, so I’ll include those another time.


Said goodbye to my high school teammates on the 20th 😦


With the roommate ❤


Blurry 😦 but another teammate!

New shoes, courtesy of New Balance!

Thanks New Balance!

Insanely cold ice baths 3 times a team takes recovery very seriously

Insanely cold ice baths 3 times a week…my team takes recovery very seriously


Convocation with my best friend since fourth grade

Convocation with all the xc freshmen

XC takes convocation


When you're trying to gain weight

When you’re trying to gain weight


So you eat a monstrous slice of cake 😉

Our fridge is on point

Our fridge is on point

Yet another ice bath picture

Yet another ice bath picture

That about sums up my college experience so far.  I will never take vegetables and other favorites for granted again; the food here is pretty bad. 😦  Miss my roasted brussels sprouts and Montreal steak and just the ability to cook whatever whenever!  I’m trying to find a balance in all facets of life including spending money, my classes, practice, food, cleaning, going out, and everything else.  It’s certainly crazy transitioning to a more independent lifestyle, but I’m slowly getting used to it!



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