3k PR: 10:32 on a flat track

10:47 in December – 10:32 in February = 15 seconds closer to my goals!

So I’m actually still at the track where I ran my race!  We got here at 2:30, I raced at 4:30, and we don’t leave until 9 pm.  We’ll get back after midnight.  Fun times.

I’ve been very fatigued for the past 4 or so days… After the really hard long run, I felt like I wasn’t recovering at all.  I had to work out alone on Tuesday since I am not yet allowed to do track workouts, and my body felt pretty heavy.  Guess it’s just that point in the season where accumulation of training starts to hit us!

I can always tell when I’m more exhausted than usual because my dreams get very vivid and random.  Over the past couple nights, I’ve dreamed about long jumping, decapitation, cheese, and a ton of other random topics.  Anyway, my body has been complaining, but I still wanted to do well in this 3k.

I did my shakeout around 10 this morning and failed to stretch before rushing to the bus and sitting without moving for three hours.  Not the greatest plan 😉  We warmed up an hour before the race, then did drills and went to the bathroom the requisite 400 times.


We didn’t really get a race plan for this race, but I wanted to PR and, best case, run in the 10:20s.  The gun went off, and I latched onto two girls in front before passing one of them.  I stuck with the first place girl for the next 13 laps, and I didn’t look at the clock but I’m pretty sure we passed the mile somewhere between 5:30 and 5:33.  My coach yelled at me to pass the girl on every single lap, but I didn’t.  I was scared to pass her and not aggressive and my left leg was still hurting.

I knew we were slowing down a bit.  Finally, as we were entering the last lap, I tried passing the girl.  I went by her on the homestretch and held the lead for a whopping 15 meters before she passed me right back.  I don’t blame her; I would not want to lead for 14 laps and not win.   Anyway, she closed 3 seconds faster than I did, and my teammate commented afterwards… “You looked strong!…except for that last lap.”

I got second place in 10:32.  15 seconds faster than what I ran in December and a faster conversion than my high school 3200 PR.  Converts to 10:26 on a banked track.  Yay!  I need to be more aggressive, though, and get better at dealing with the discomfort.  Then I will achieve my goals.


After the race, I cooled down with my teammates, stretched, iced my leg, and ate a cookies and cream Quest bar, baked pasta with meatballs and cheese, and a Ghirardelli chocolate square.  I then had a “Popeye” smoothie with spinach, apple juice, banana, pineapple, and peaches!


I’ll just sit here listening to G-Eazy and cheering on my teammates and pretending to do my macroeconomics homework until we leave.  I’m pleased with my race today.  Currently ranked around 3,000th in the NCAA 😉  Additionally, my teammates just ran amazingly at Iowa State!


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