Long workouts with speedy teammates

I’m happy to say that this week’s training has been going pretty well.   Last week, I cut Tuesday’s workout short and didn’t work out for the rest of the week.  I didn’t even do a long run on Sunday, just an 8 mile MR+.  My total mileage for last week was a whopping 31 miles…not good.

There’s been some ankle and arch pain for the past couple days as I adjust to my orthotics, but I’ve been able to train through it.  I also just received my training schedule for the next 4 week training cycle, and if I play my cards right, I might hit 50 mpw! I’ve never done that before.  This week will be between 44 and 47, along with increased cross training.

Anyway, I was able to work out on Tuesday (off the track) and Friday (partially on the track!!).

Friday’s workout was possibly the longest workout I’ve ever done.  My coach put me in a group of about six where I was the only freshman and every single other person was significantly faster than I was.  Running with the “big girls”, as she put it! (9:30-10:00 3ks, 16-17 minute 5ks.  5 minute miles are relatively commonplace among these ladies.)

Workout: 10 min run, 5ish mile progression run (took me about 33 minutes) on a very hilly road, 10 min run back to the track, relaxed 4 x 400m with 200m jog (78, 78, 79, 76), 15 min cool down.  Total = 11 miles.

I was able to stick with the group for the first half of the progression run, struggling right before the turnaround as we crested a steep hill.  That hill took a lot out of me, and I lost contact with the girls and therefore ran the entire second half alone in the woods.  I fell apart in the fourth mile but rallied during the last few minutes and finished okay.  Honestly, I hit the point where my legs just did their own thing during the last mile and I went along with them.  It was kind of cool, actually.


After I regrouped with the rest of the girls, we ran for ten minutes back to the track and then did 400s.  It was my first bit of track work in six weeks!  My coach told me to just aim for 2 400s, but after 2 I was feeling good, so I got the okay to do the other two.  I was pumped to be running 76-78 for the 400s with little to no trouble at all!  After a progression run and no timed speed work in forever!

We cooled down for 15 minutes for a total of 11 miles, aka the longest workout day of my life!  After leg lift, stretching, rolling, ice bath, and core, some of my teammates and I made dinner: steak, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, followed by baked Quest bars (cookies and cream, double chocolate chunk, and s’mores) for dessert.  We did all of this in a dorm kitchen! So good.  Gotta replace that heme iron 😉


This weekend is pretty busy since we’re hosting a half marathon/5k/fun run tomorrow.  Today, I’m doing homework, running 3 recovery miles, cleaning/doing laundry, and helping to prepare the arena for the race “expo” tomorrow.  I’m currently hanging out in a cute little coffee shop on campus while I work on macroeconomics.


Tomorrow, I’ll run eleven miles early in the morning and then spend the rest of the day working the races and doing a group project in the evening.  Spring break is in a week!  Maybe I’ll get to go skiing!



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