Kickass track workout (+ macronutrient update)

GuEsS wHaT!  I had an amazing track workout today.

The workout:

  • 3 mile warm-up, dynamic drills, strides
  • 5 x 1000m, 5 x 400m progressively faster with 2 minutes rest
  • 3 mile cool down
  • leg lift

I hit 3:40, 3:39, 3:39, 3:38, 3:37 for the 1000s and then ran 81, 79, 77, 75, 73.9 for the 400s.  It. Was. Awesome!  The weather was pretty much perfect, and I felt really good throughout the whole workout, and my roommate and I twinned.IMG_4156.jpg

I think being back on campus with the whole team really helped everybody out today.  Running last week was sub-par, and my workouts were trash.  I arrived back on campus on Sunday morning and did eleven miles by myself on some of the sidewalks and trails in the area.  It was a decent solo run, even though I cheated and brought my iPod for some jams.

Just being in a workout group today, with the coaches on the track and the whole team working so hard, made it so much easier and more fun to get through the whole workout.  Everyone was super supportive of each other, it was 70 degrees and sunny, and we finally have most of the team working out and/or getting healthy after an indoor season plagued by injury and illness.  Our first outdoor meet is this Saturday, and we’re all working toward a common goal.

Days like today don’t come around that often, but it was a great first workout back on campus.  I adore being on campus and being in a routine with the whole team here.  I don’t want to go home for the summer! 😉

Tangentially, we’re going to take a minute to admire my new nut butter acquisitions.  I went a little bit crazy over spring break.  Some of it was on sale, okay…


Tragically, I left the maple almond butter and vanilla almond butter at home.  But the chocolate coconut peanut butter, which I’d never had before either, is holy-crap-amazing.  I am partial to just plain creamy unsalted almond butter and peanut butter, though.  Why mess with a good thing?

Also, since I like to be relatively transparent, here’s my nutrition update:  I have been roughly tracking my macronutrients recently.  Our coach had a talk with us last month about the “right” carbohydrate-fat-protein ratio and how we should be consuming 40% carbs, 30% fat, and 30% protein.  Well, I tried that- or at least, I tried 45% carbs, 30% fat, and 25% protein because I couldn’t quite make myself hit 40-30-30- and yeah, I don’t think it’s for me.  My energy levels were in the toilet (which was also probably due to upping my training intensity at the same time I decreased carbs and increased protein).


Some kick-ass steak and chicken kebabs from last week

Macronutrient percentages are not a one-size-fits-all type of deal.  Not all athletes thrive on 40-30-30.   I changed mine to about 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein, and that’s been working a lot better for me.  Remember, this is just a rough estimate.  Some days, I do end up with a 40-30-30 balance.  Other days I eat 35% fats because #peanutbutter.  Some days (like today!) close to 60% of my calories come from carbohydrates because a) all the food in the caf sucked so I had pasta and salad all day and b) uh, all I craved after today’s workout were fruits and vegetables (aka carbs!!)


Anyway, that’s my nutrition update!  Lesson- don’t stress about hitting macronutrient goals because your body needs will fluctuate to go along with your physical activity.

As I mentioned before, our first outdoor meet is this weekend!  I’m running the 3k on Saturday, and today’s workout was a nice confidence booster for the race.  Towards the end of last week, I was feeling very negative and not “race ready”, but there’s not too much pressure for this race since it’s an outdoor rust-buster.


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