Things you should (and shouldn’t) do as a sick runner

(I actually wrote this on Tuesday…please don’t mind my procrastinatory self)

Hello friends!  I’m typing up this blog post surrounded by a box of tissues, honey lemon cough drops, tea, Mucinex, and Robitussin.  Fun times 😉

What I thought were allergies actually turned out to be a really bad cold, which has gotten progressively worse since last Thursday.  I’ve got a disgusting cough, nasty congestion, fatigue…the works.  I haven’t really been able to taste food in days.  It’s depressing.

After my scheduled off day on Saturday, I took Sunday completely off (no long run), cross trained for 45 minutes yesterday, and ran 5.5ish miles today.  I coughed up a storm the whole time, which was highly annoying because my legs felt great!  All I want to do is run!

That being said, obviously I have to be smart about this… Skipping a few days of training/workouts is better in the long run than trying to suffer through a hard track workout while coughing up a lung and ending up worse off.


My view all day Sunday: the string lights next to my bed

Things to do as a runner when sick (at least in my uncredentialed opinion):

  • DO sleep a lot.  On Sunday, I woke up to do my long run, realized I felt awful, texted my coach, took some medicine, and promptly slept until 11 am.  Took another nap at 5 after watching Scandal all afternoon.  Productivity 😉
  • DO NOT stress too much about the food you’re eating.  I need to keep this in mind because I’ve been stressing a little too much.  When you’re sick, you’re not going to crave lean proteins and necessarily be able to eat a ton of veggies.  Sometimes you need lots of toast and canned soup.  A few days of less-than-stellar nutrition won’t hurt, and you’ll get back on track once you feel better.
  • (same train of thought) DO NOT limit calories.  Your body works harder when you’re sick; therefore, you should be fueling more, not less.  It’s always hard when you cut down immensely on the exercise, but your body needs extra fuel to recover in a timely manner.
  • DO sneak in schoolwork whenever you can.  If you randomly feel better for 20 minutes, do some homework so you don’t have to worry about it during the periods when you feel sicker.
  • (But on the other hand) DO relax.  If you just feel shitty the entire day, don’t stress about work!  Go ahead and rest!  Journal, binge watch Scandal on Netflix, play piano, read a book, take more naps.  Pretty much sums up my Sunday.  And Monday.


I didn’t leave my dorm until 12:30 today and ate lunch in my room.  Going off of the third and fourth bullet points above, I’ve been more lax about the foods I’ve been putting in my body for the past few days.  I wanted some chicken noodle soup…who cares about the 1,200 milligrams of sodium 😉 I was just happy I could taste it!  Also had sugar snap peas, roasted butternut squash, a spelt English muffin with peanut butter, and grapefruit.


I also discovered the dark chocolate mocha almond flavor KIND bar since I felt like I needed some more snacks to keep my energy level up over the past few days, and can I just say…I love it??

Anyway, hopefully I get better soon.  I’m scheduled to race the 1500 this weekend, but I’m not sure that’s going to end up happening.  Next weekend (the 5k) is more important, so that’s what I’m focused on right now.










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