Home!! + Belated Conference 5k Recap

I’m home!! After finishing my last final on Monday, I arrived home yesterday and have spent the past day setting up my (new) room!  I’ll post an update about that later.


Empty dorm room

Anyway, I realized I never published a conference recap.  Here it is.

I did it.  I ran (and finished) the 5k at conferences.  It was nowhere near as fast as I wanted, it felt pretty darn horrible, but I finished 12.5 laps in 18:29.


Race day twilight sky

We left campus last Thursday and drove four hours to the hosting school on a super cool double-decker bus!  We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant and went to the hotel, and I went to bed around 10:45.


Top floor of the bus

Woke up on Friday (race day) around 7:30 and ate oatmeal, yogurt, peanut butter, banana, and a hard-boiled egg for breakfast.  We went to lunch at Panera, and I got the turkey cranberry flatbread and fuji apple chicken salad.  I was still very full for our shakeout two hours later, so that didn’t feel so great. 😅

I was having a hard time getting in the zone.  I was still distracted and didn’t have that “race day” feeling.  The negativity that had been with me for weeks hadn’t cleared up yet.

We got to the track, ,checked in and then went for our warm-up around 5:45.  I finally started feeling like it was race day during the warm-up!  My stomach didn’t feel good, but anything was better than two weeks ago, so I didn’t mind.  We did drills, strides, put on our race stickers and spikes, took off our pants, and went to the line.

The gun went off, and I immediately found myself in the second pack with my fellow freshman teammate.  I don’t know many of the splits, but our first 1000 was a 3:27 and our first mile was approximately 5:32.  Ideally, I would’ve been able to hold that, but the past few weeks have not been great for my body and I knew that was a little…ambitious.

From 5 laps on, I was obsessively counting laps and simultaneously trying not to.  I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it!  We passed 3k (time ??), and I started falling off the pack of four that I was in.  My cadence slowed, my arms got heavy…it was that infamous point in the 5,000 that I had yet to experience.

The last mile was a freaking disaster, but I eventually finished… (as I mentioned before, 18:29).

Afterwards, my head coach was so extremely supportive and encouraging that I almost started bawling.  I’m blessed to be on such a supportive team.

After the race, I promptly began stuffing my face with everything in sight.


Team cookout on the way home!!

Saturday marked the beginning of the break between seasons 😉


Track cookies

I’m proud that I qualified for conferences.  Overall, aside from some bumps in the road, freshman year running was really, really good.  I would have wanted to run 17:45, but that will come.  The past four or so days have been a little wild as I’ve started my break, hopped off the nutrition train, and moved home.  I’ll start cross country base training in a week or two, but right now I’m giving my body a break and doing nothing more than some yoga and core.  My posterior tibialis and calf have been bothering me for about four days, so I also have some ankle stability to complete.  But hopefully that will clear up during this break from running.

Freshman year of college: Check!



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