Life Update: Dean’s List, Country Music, Dates

I have amazing news for you!


That is all.

Just kidding.  But seriously, today was beautiful: sunny and 82 degrees.  After literally three weeks of rain, my dog and I both made sure to get much more than our daily allotment of Vitamin D.


Yes, I jumped on the Birks bandwagon…don’t judge me too much

This is my first “real” week of summer training, although the volume remains really low.  I have 24 miles and three days of cross training scheduled.  Yesterday, I ran four miles and did upper body strength and yoga, and this morning brought 5 miles and a leg lift.  I felt pretty good.

One of my many goals for this summer is to be self-motivated to do yoga at least once a week.  I am really bad at yoga but always feel better after I do it, even if it’s just twenty minutes!  (Sounds like bullshit, but it’s true.)

Other summery (and non-summery) things that have happened recently:

  • Pretty great date in Georgetown (the same place I went after high school graduation!)  This Brussel’s Sprout pizza has my heart.


  • I made the Dean’s List!!  Hadn’t checked my grades yet since the end of spring semester, so the email was a nice surprise. 🙂


  • Baked a triple berry crumble when we hosted some people over the other night.


  • Scheduled a summer job interview…wish me luck!
  • Got a summer haircut…4 whole inches chopped off the mane!  Can you tell?


  • Last but not least, I started listening to country music…I know.  Who am I? My whole life has been anti-country music.  But it’s not bad!




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