Summer Training Week 4


Summer 2016 week 4 (6/13-6/19):

Monday: AM: 6 miles, pull-ups/push-ups/dips.  PM: 30 min swim
Tuesday: (almost) 9 miles @ 7:18 average, 10 min abs
Wednesday: 60 min stationary bike, squats/lunges
Thursday: AM: 3 miles, pull-ups/push-ups/dips, 10 min abs. PM: 6 miles
Friday: 9 miles.  Hilly
Saturday:  3 miles, 20 min yoga
Sunday: 11 miles (DC tour run!)

Total: 47 miles, 90 min XT

Holy. Crap.  This week was spent discovering the true meaning of tiredness.  I worked every single day, mostly the evening shift, which meant I had zero time for dinner or sleep.  After being on my feet for 6 hours straight, I’d get home at 11, eat dinner, and go to bed at midnight, only to wake up at 5:45 am to run.  Surprisingly, most of my runs were fine.  I consciously backed off the pace on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, which was a really good choice.  Today still didn’t feel good, though.  Grr.

IMG_1694 (1).jpg

This week’s long run was incredibly picturesque.  We didn’t go until 10 am, so it was fairly hot and sunny.  We started at Roosevelt Island and pretty much did a tour of the National Mall.  The blazing sun forced us to stop several times for water, and we were fairly dehydrated.  I was covered in salty sweat by the end…good looks!  I didn’t feel good during the run, but it was so beautiful that it almost made up for it.  Afterwards, we went for brunch, and I had crepes benedict and a cannoli and a fancy iced coffee!  It was lovely.

IMG_1729 (1).jpg

I actually feel really happy with my nutrition this week, which is a little weird because it’s not like I followed some stringent plan or anything.  Working in an ice cream store, I had a ton of ice cream and smoothie samples, and my “dinner” during all the evening shifts I worked was a bagel and cream cheese, or a random chicken salad sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, followed by more bread/English muffins whenever I got home (11 pm or later).  Not exactly prime fueling.  But I’m actually completely fine with that!  How strange.  I think as mileage increases, the body craves any and all calories for energy and recovery.

But I made the butternut squash/kale/Gruyere casserole and also had grilled tuna steaks last night for the first real dinner at dinner time in four days.  So good!!


My coach just sent out training plans for the rest of the summer.  Needless to say, my heart skipped a couple beats when I saw “60 miles” consistently on my schedule.


This upcoming week, I will hit 50 miles for the first time in my life (52), and I’ll be at 60 in three weeks!! Holy crap.  I’m actually a little sad that my Wednesday hour-long cross train is going away (to be replaced with a 5-mile run)… I’ve been doing that for a year, and it’s a nice little routine!

Since I leave for California on Thursday and will be in the mountains, I’ll have to get creative with fitting in the mileage.  I most likely won’t be able to do any doubles, and I’ll have to switch around some Wednesdays/Thursdays based on travel plans.  But I’m willing to be flexible to play it safe.  One thing I do not want to do is overtrain/burn out.  The “little things” (stretching, icing, core work, sleep) are going to become more important as well.

I’m literally running twice the mileage I ran in high school.  But high school was awhile ago, and my coaches know what they’re doing.  So excited 🙂 🙂



Summer Training Week 3

Summer 2016 week 3 (6/6-6/12):


Monday 6/6: AM: 30 min aqua jog, abs.  PM: 6 miles @ 7:27 average, upper body strength, 20 min yoga
Tuesday: 8 hilly miles
Wednesday: 60 min stationary bike.  Walked around DC for like 5 miles
Thursday: AM: 6.5 miles @ 7:42 average, upper body strength, abs.  PM: 30 min swim
Friday: 8 miles.  Extremely hilly!
Saturday: off
Sunday: 10 miles on canal.

Total: 38.5 miles, 120 min XT

This week, I had running buddies for every run!  It was a really nice change.  I was surprised to look at my watch on Monday to see a 7:27 average pace, so we made a conscious effort to go very easy on Thursday and still ran 7:42…what a change from last year!  Thursday was a really long day- run in the morning, 5 hours of working the summer afternoon rush at the ice cream store, and a cross train in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I biked for an hour in the morning and then went on a DC date at night and walked 5ish miles around all the monuments.  It was worth it!

Friday’s run was insanely hilly, but I felt good!  Rachel has to run at 6:30 am every day, so I woke up at 5:55 and was home by 8.  My legs were trashed afterwards, and I took a nap before 10 am 😉

Sunday’s long run was not great.  My legs, especially the quads, felt heavy right from the beginning, and that, combined with the heat and humidity, made for a 10-mile struggle.  Oh, well.

Overall, it was a solid week of training.  My body needs to get used to an additional 20-30 hours of standing/working on top of training, though.  I also need to sleep more!  And possibly add in some easier runs since going 7:15-7:30 pace on every run is probably unnecessary.

Nutrition: Not bad.  Could be better.  But life is short 😉  Loving avocados, eggs, and Ezekiel sprouted grain bread right now, and forcing myself to love cottage cheese.


And strawberry shortcake.  And slutty brownies. Whoops 😉

The upcoming week brings 47 miles and *only* 90 minutes of cross training!  We’re getting back up to what was my peak mileage during track season, except right now it’s all in the form of maintenance runs.

PS: My friend got first-team All-American at NCAAs!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Training Week 2

Summer 2016 week 2 (5/30-6/5):

Monday 5/30: AM: 5 miles, abs, upper body strength, yoga
Tuesday: 7 miles, drills, strides.  Felt crappy.  Super humid.
Wednesday: 50 min pool (25 swim, 25 aqua jog)
Thursday: AM: 5 miles, upper body strength.  PM: 40 min bike, abs, pull-ups
Friday: 7 miles @ 7:29 pace with my friend Noah, strides
Saturday: 60 min bike
Sunday: 8 miles @ 7:34 average

Total: 32 miles, 180 minutes cross training

Ironically, I didn’t actually run on Global Running Day (Wednesday).  Hope everyone else did!


Throwback to a workout last fall

The four-days-per-week cross training grind is real right now.  The good thing about having two non-optional days in the pool is that it kind of makes me look forward to an hour on the stationary bike.


17 miles later…

Monday and Tuesday were both kind of crappy runs as I continued to hammer for no reason.  Thursday’s run was actually pretty good, and on Friday I finally had a running buddy, so that was really nice!  I cross trained again on Saturday, and on Sunday I brilliantly ran to the Iwo Jima Memorial…four miles straight downhill on the way out and four miles straight uphill on the way back.  I took five breaks on the way back.  I’m not kidding.  It was real rough.

I did not do any leg lifts this week…oh well.  No regrets.  My legs are tired!

Nutrition: good.  Celebrated National Donut Day, of course 😉

I tried Quark for the first time (plain + frozen raspberries).  I liked it!  You shouldn’t expect it to taste like yogurt, though, because…it’s cheese.  It tastes like creamy cottage cheese.


Job training has been going well; I’m working at an ice cream and coffee place and so I have to learn how to make a crazy amount of coffee drinks!

Up next: mileage increases to 38 but only three days of cross training.  Crazy! 🙂