Summer Training Week 2

Summer 2016 week 2 (5/30-6/5):

Monday 5/30: AM: 5 miles, abs, upper body strength, yoga
Tuesday: 7 miles, drills, strides.  Felt crappy.  Super humid.
Wednesday: 50 min pool (25 swim, 25 aqua jog)
Thursday: AM: 5 miles, upper body strength.  PM: 40 min bike, abs, pull-ups
Friday: 7 miles @ 7:29 pace with my friend Noah, strides
Saturday: 60 min bike
Sunday: 8 miles @ 7:34 average

Total: 32 miles, 180 minutes cross training

Ironically, I didn’t actually run on Global Running Day (Wednesday).  Hope everyone else did!


Throwback to a workout last fall

The four-days-per-week cross training grind is real right now.  The good thing about having two non-optional days in the pool is that it kind of makes me look forward to an hour on the stationary bike.


17 miles later…

Monday and Tuesday were both kind of crappy runs as I continued to hammer for no reason.  Thursday’s run was actually pretty good, and on Friday I finally had a running buddy, so that was really nice!  I cross trained again on Saturday, and on Sunday I brilliantly ran to the Iwo Jima Memorial…four miles straight downhill on the way out and four miles straight uphill on the way back.  I took five breaks on the way back.  I’m not kidding.  It was real rough.

I did not do any leg lifts this week…oh well.  No regrets.  My legs are tired!

Nutrition: good.  Celebrated National Donut Day, of course 😉

I tried Quark for the first time (plain + frozen raspberries).  I liked it!  You shouldn’t expect it to taste like yogurt, though, because…it’s cheese.  It tastes like creamy cottage cheese.


Job training has been going well; I’m working at an ice cream and coffee place and so I have to learn how to make a crazy amount of coffee drinks!

Up next: mileage increases to 38 but only three days of cross training.  Crazy! 🙂


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