Summer Training Week 5 + California Travels

(This post was written on the plane yesterday)

Hello from the skies! I’m currently on my way back to the East Coast after a full week of family activities in California. I never wrote my training summary from last week, so here is an update!


Last week was the first week of my life where I officially ran over 50 miles. It was exhausting, exciting, and…normal.

Summer training week 5: 6/20-6/26

Monday: AM: 6 miles, drills, strides, pull-ups/push-ups/dips. PM: 3 miles, 10 min core
Tuesday: AM: 8 miles. PM: 2 miles treadmill
Wednesday: AM: 6 miles, drills, strides, pull-ups/push-ups/dips. PM: 3 miles
Thursday: flew to CA. 30 min pool + 10 min abs.
Friday: AM: 8 miles. PM: 2 miles treadmill, leg strength
Saturday: 3 miles, 10 min abs
Sunday: 11 miles

Total: 52 miles, 30 min XT

Three cheers for 50+ miles! I switched Wednesday and Thursday so I would be able to get all my mileage in even with the traveling, and three doubles in a row had me fairly exhausted by Thursday.

Thursday ended up being a really long day of wedding rehearsal activities for my aunt’s wedding, and I cut my cross train in half because I was crabby and tired.  We were awake for 21 hours!

I had a workout on my schedule on Friday, but I texted my coach about the tiredness and jet lag and sleep deprivation, and she told me not to worry about it. Friday morning’s 8 miles actually ended up feeling great, so I suppose I could’ve done the workout 😉 Oh, well.

The wedding was on Saturday was fun.  Everyone got to catch up with family and friends they hadn’t seen in years.


The first half of Sunday’s long run was bad, but once I reached the halfway point, things improved.  It took awhile to warm up mentally.

On Sunday afternoon, we headed up to Mount Whitney for three days of altitude, camping, hiking, relaxing, and (for me) running. I’ll recap the running in this week’s training post, but for now- my brother and I woke up at 4:45 am every day to head down the mountain so I could run while he drove behind me.

On Monday, I went for a solo hike up to Lone Pine Lake and back, and the solitude and views were amazing.

The adventure day snacks:


Trader Joe’s teriyaki beef jerky, almond coconut KIND bar (new favorite!), apple slices, almonds, animal crackers, dried mango, and dried apricots

I made it up to the lake in 74 minutes (in years past, it’s taken us as long as 3 hours) and down in 68, and you know I bragged about it to my family when I got back to the campground 😉 We’re nothing if not competitive.

On Tuesday, I took a break from hiking after my morning run and just hung out in the hammock, napped, ate snacks, and enjoyed an easy summer read. The same on Wednesday- we got back up to the campground after the run by 6:30 am, and after breakfast, I crawled back into the tent and slept from 8-10 am!


As far as nutrition goes these past two weeks, it’s been up and down. The first few days in California were full of wedding festivities that involved going out to eat for every freakin’ meal, which was inevitably unenjoyable. (Is that a word?) Sausage and cheese pasta and oily chicken and capers for the rehearsal dinner, barbecue at the wedding, Chipotle, In’n’out Burger, lots of wedding cake 😉 and breakfast at restaurants every day does not a happy runner make. Or at least this runner. I do enjoy indulgences to some extent, but at some point you just get sick of it!

On the other hand, while we were at Mount Whitney, I ate a lot, but that was necessary to fuel the high amount of physical activity. The whole day was shifted back: wake up at 4:45, post-run breakfast at 6:30, snacks throughout the day, early lunch, dinner at 5:30, bed at 8:30 or 9 pm…the food was good, though. My step grandmother cooked the most amazing dinners at the campsite.

I definitely enjoyed the luxury of a shower and being able to cook a giant bowl of vanilla/cinnamon egg white oats this morning.


So that brings us up to now. This week has 53 miles on the schedule, but I’ve had to change around my training a bit to accommodate the traveling and being in the mountains, so I think I’m going to be a little short, which is fine. Tomorrow is my first workout, which will be interesting with the jet lag and the fact that we’re not getting back till midnight! Sunday will be my first 12-miler ever.



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