3 Years Strong!

Yesterday was my 3-year blogiversary!  While I didn’t remember until today and therefore didn’t do anything specific to celebrate, I did have a super fun, full day.

(First blogiversary: Happy blogiversary! (and some other things)  Second blogiversary: Anniversary + pace run.  Damn, how things have changed)

I made a last-minute decision to sleep in (although I still woke up at 6:30- awesome), and running at 11 am instead of 7 resulted in lots of extra sweat… My legs were really tired from a long workout on Tuesday, but I kept the pace fairly easy, and it was nice to not have to run for more than 40ish minutes.  Afterwards, I did core and then drove out for a lunch date.  Potbelly sandwiches (and potato salad!!), rescuing a lost child, putt-putt golf, and just chilling…It was a fun afternoon.

After that, I headed home and got ready to go to a concert!  Packed the best salad ever due to the crazy amount of leftovers in my fridge: spinach, lettuce, yellow tomato, fresh corn, celery, leftover barbecue chicken, granny smith apple, homemade mango salsa, avocado, chickpeas, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  It was the bomb.


The concert was awesome.  A Great Big World, Matt Nathanson, and Phillip Phillips  were all performing.  They must have created this tour with me in mind- I adore all of those artists. ❤


While I can probably sing every Phillip Phillips song ever, Matt Nathanson honestly stole the show.  He should be a stand-up comedian!  His charismatic, earnest-yet-candid personality shone through in his interactions with the audience.  “I’m like One Direction in Mongolia.”  “I see there are young people in the audience.  I’m going to use some…heavy metaphor.  How do you start a fire without a match?  Friction.  This song is about…consensual friction.”  “We don’t usually play at venues this nice.  *pause* After this, I’m gonna go home and eat some Brie.”

Phillip Phillips has an incredible voice and can really project-maybe that’s why he won American Idol??- but he needs to work on actually having a personality.  His set fell a little flat after Matt Nathanson’s antics…maybe because of the age difference.  Gone, Gone, Gone is still a great song, though 😉


The concert was pretty long, and after 45 minutes of parking lot madness, we eventually got home at midnight and I woke up at 6:30 to run.  I’m exhausted and there’s a bit of pain around my left peroneal.  The grind continues.  9 days until school!


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