Season opener//sophomore year!

Greetings!  Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few weeks.  I’ll quickly recap the last 3 weeks of training, followed by a race report!IMG_2735.PNG


M: AM: 3 miles. PM: 40 min stationary bike and upper body strength.
T: 20 min w/u, drills, fartlek (1-1-2-4-8-4-2-1-1 w/ 1/2 recovery), 2 mile cool down.  Felt pretty good!  Very humid.
W: 50 min easy run (maybe 6 miles?) with high school team + core.
Th: AM: drills, 7 miles, strides, felt nauseated/kind of gross, upper body strength.  PM: 3 mile loop.
F: AM: 2 mile warm-up, drills, 4 mile pace run (6:30, 6:28, 6:17 which includes a 7ish second stop to retrieve a dropped headband, 6:03), 2 mile cool down.  Slight uphill on the way out, slight downhill on the way back. PM: 2 miles.
Sat: Moved back to campus!  3 miles + core
Sun: 11-12 pretty relaxed miles back on campus

Total: 54 miles + 40 min bike


M: AM: drills, 7 miles trails, strides, core.  PM: local 5k
T: 3 mi w/u, drills, 2 mile-1 mile-1 mile with 2-3 min recovery, 4 x strides.  Splits: 6:19/6:02, 5:48, 5:44.  20 min c/d.  Jump squat series, rope stretch, ice bath.  Really pleased with my splits!
W: 5 miles trails + core
Th: AM: drills, 7 miles, UBC 1.  PM: 3 miles trails.
F: 3 mi w/u, drills, 3 x 800-400-400 hill thing (the 800 times were 2:52, 2:51, 3:04), 2 x 400 hill, 2 x 175 hill.  Wow. I died.  Thought I was acclimated to the heat but that was something else.  15 min c/d. PWL 2.
Sat: 11 miles trails, slow-ish, we were all tired.  Core + ice bath.
Sun: 30 min aqua jog

Total: 54ish miles, 30 min aqua jog


M: AM: 3 miles.  PM: 7 miles trails, drills, strides, upper body circuit, rope stretch
T: AM: 20 min w/u, drills, 6 x 1000m on the roads (3:27, 3:23, 3:28, 3:28, 3:31, 3:30) with 1:30-2:00 rec, 22 min c/d.  Weight room assessment.  PM: 12 min shakeout, ice bath, abs.
W: 5 miles trails.  Felt like crap.
Th: AM: 5 miles, felt like crap but gradually better, 8 x 200m at 34-36 with walk recovery, 2 lap c/d, lift.  PM: 3 miles + core.
F: 7 miles trails, drills, strides, abs, rope stretch
Sat: 3 mi w/u, drills, 2 mile xc race (11:17), a few min recovery, 5 min jog, 2 x 1 mile on the course (6:05, 6:05) with 3:00 recovery, 30 min c/d.  Total = 12 miles.
Sun: 3 miles

Total: 58 miles + so much walking

Not going to sugarcoat it- It’s been a hard three weeks- adjusting back to campus food/classes/walking SIX MILES PER DAY, increase in training intensity, etc.  But it has been great to be back with the team, the locker room, and all the lovely spots on campus I missed dearly 🙂

Anyway!  We opened the cross country season on Saturday with a two-mile race on a cross country course, followed by 2 x 1 mile on the same course and cool down until we reached long run mileage.

I woke up at 6 (after not sleeping most of the night) and had plain Greek yogurt and oatmeal with banana, almond butter, chia seeds, and cinnamon.  No coffee or multivitamin since it was so early and we were in a rush!  We drove to the race venue, sat around for a bit enjoying the cool temperatures brought on by Hurricane Hermine, and warmed up for 3 miles and did drills.  Put on the singlet, buns, and hair ribbon for the first time since May 🙂 Since I redshirted last year, this was actually my first cross country race representing my college!

There wasn’t much pressure for this short little rust-buster, so I just tried to have fun.  The gun went off, I got boxed in, and I gradually tried to make my way up through the pack.  I felt pretty good at the mile (5:36) and caught up with two of my teammates, and we worked together the last mile and tried to catch people.  I kicked with what I had left and crossed the finish line in 11:17 as the fifth scorer for our team!  (I was our sixth runner, though- one of the freshmen finished ahead of me, but they all ran unattached.)


After taking a few minutes to recover, we jogged for five minutes and did 2 x 1 mile with 3 minutes of recovery in between… I did not crush this part of the day as my splits were 6:05 and 6:05.  Felt quite dead 😉 but that’s okay.  I then cooled down for about 4 miles, so I got a total of 12 in for the day.


We trained right through this race- didn’t even pre-meet the day before, instead doing a regular 7-mile maintenance run and 6x100m strides- so nobody’s legs were fresh.  But it was a good fitness gauge!  Our next race is two weeks away!


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