Ode to running

Spontaneous 10-minute poetry?  Why not? I hope you enjoy 🙂

An ode to running (at 5 am) (before work)

The dark crisp air stings your cheeks as you gently close the door behind you
Making sure not to wake the sleeping humans
The dog is a lost cause, awake, and wondering why you are outside before him
The streetlamps glow faintly above your head
The faraway stars pinprick an otherwise pitch-black sky
With an occasional airplane adding to the eeriness with its blinking red light

You wonder if the passengers can see you
From up in the sky
A tiny, blinking red speck- thanks to the armband that protects you from getting hit
by the other crazy humans
that are awake in the wee hours of the morning

It’s 23 degrees
The street looms in front of you
You take a step
and another
Slowly ease into your stride until you find that familiar cadence
180 steps per minute
(when your run is many miles,
that’s a lot of steps)

The darkness alters your perception of distance and depth
Miles to milliseconds
Mountains to molehills
it’s so cold and so dark and so silent
The cacophony of commuter life is nonexistent in the predawn hours
You relish having the streets to yourself

Your heart rate stays steady
Your breathing is almost inaudible
It’s one of those runs
Where you forget that you’re running
And instead you’re just

The treadmill roars to life
You pound away, staring at nothing
dreaming of glory days yet to come
Until it’s finally time to get off the belt that leads nowhere

All too soon
Your first run of the day is over
And real life begins:
look presentable
join the army of commuters crawling steadily on 395
sit at a desk for eight hours
contributing little to nothing to the world
Dreaming of your next otherworldly predawn excursion
Until it’s time to do it all over again.



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