3k PR: 10:17

Last night, I ran a PR in the 3k race!  And I haven’t been able to walk since…


Enjoy this Snapchat

Here’s the recap.

In the days leading up to the race, I slept like crap.  My runs felt like crap.  My body in general felt like crap.  Also, I had a vicious accounting midterm on Wednesday night.

Confidence booster, am I right? 😉

But I tried not to think about it.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, I focused on extra recovery and eating all of the carbs.

Breakfast (8 am): oatmeal with almond milk, egg whites, fruit, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric (which is why it’s yellow), peanut butter, and plain Greek yogurt.


Looks like a hot mess but so dang delicious

Mid-morning (10 am): some coffee, mostly decaf

I did a light upper body lift in the weight room, went for a 2-mile shakeout, and went to the training room for my normal treatment before getting lunch.  On the shakeout run, I noticed that my body felt much improved from the previous two days! 🙂

Lunch (12:30 pm): grilled chicken with honey mustard, sweet potato, steamed carrots, tomatoes, olive oil
Mid-afternoon (3:30): cinnamon raisin bagel with almond butter and banana


I watched Scandal, read “Obabakoak” for my Non-Castilian Spanish Literature class, and wasted time before making the very long 15-second journey to the locker room at 5 pm.

Pre-race (5:30): half a Picky bar

My teammate and I warmed up for 20 minutes, did drills and strides, and checked in to get our hip numbers.  We were both in the fast heat, towards the back.  It was a little chilly, but not too bad.

Both of us have been battling injuries recently, so this was both of our first races back.  Our coach told us to hang on to the back of the train for 800 meters and then start picking people off.  Quite a change from last year! (Throwback to telling this petrified freshman to “go through at your high school mile PR.”)

For this race, I honestly just wanted to go out there and race.  To not think about times or splits or paces at all.  I just wanted to compete.

Since I was racing unattached, I wore a purple tank top and buns.  Also, racing unattached means that the school sports photographer does not take pictures of you, so here is a horrible-quality Snapchat video screenshot.  I’m the purple and black blur with the yellow spikes.  You’re welcome 😉


The gun went off, and we settled in right where we needed to be.  It was so exciting to finally be in a race again!  The first few laps went by pretty quickly (around 80 seconds per lap, or 5:20 mile pace).  While I tried to keep the pace up throughout the second half of the race, I fell off my teammate a bit.  I wasn’t completely in the “race mode” mindset during the last 800, and I did not have a good kick.  I didn’t have a kick at all, actually.  That also stems from not being able to do speedwork or strides for the past few months 😉

I looked at the scoreboard clock with 300 to go, and it read 9:15ish.  That’s where I got complacent and thought, “well, I’m going to PR no matter what!”  and didn’t really try to kick it into the finish.  Three women passed me in the last 200 meters, but I finished in 10:17, which was 5 seconds faster than last year’s best.  I definitely had a little more in the tank at the end!


post-race gimp squad!

Unfortunately, right after the race ended, my left foot and bunion immediately tightened up so badly that I could not walk.  I tried to go for a cool down, but it was excruciating, and I ended up on the bike for a little while.  The pain was so horrible that I was in tears.  I iced forever, did Compex, elevated, took ibuprofen, and was still completely unable to sleep last night because of the discomfort.  It’s just as bad this morning 😦 and I’m sleep-deprived, so I’m cranky.

Post-race: plain Greek yogurt, Cosi pesto chicken sandwich, orange, and dark chocolate

So I really don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the season.  On the one hand, I just PR-ed off of no speedwork and minimal mileage and lots of cross training. (Proof that cross training works!!)  My aerobic capacity is there.  I feel like with a few more weeks under my belt, I can run a great 5k.  On the other hand, if this horrible pain is the consequence of a 3k, what happens when I race a 5k??


We’ll see.  I’m about to go swim for an hour or so- no running for me today! again- and then help out at the meet.  My roommate is running her first track 5k tonight, and I’m so excited to cheer her on!  Also, two of my teammates raced their first 10k last night and absolutely crushed it.  They ran 33:36 and 34:35.  Holy crap.  When they finished, it was so amazing and surreal and unbelievable that I actually cried.


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