Road race 5k PR: 17:59

3 mile warm-up, drills, strides, 5k race, 4 mile cool down, stretch, awards, lots of walking, farmer’s market for fresh strawberries, ice bath, and two meals, and it’s not even noon!  PHEW.

IMG_5331.jpgWhile the majority of the team traveled to UVA and Duke this weekend, a few of us raced a local road race 5k this morning.  I actually traveled home on Thursday night for another foot consult.  (More about that later.)  9 hours of train travel in 36 hours right before a race isn’t exactly ideal, but it was ok!  I got back at 7 pm last night and immediately headed to my favorite restaurant for a late dinner of spicy Caribbean salmon, grains, and fire-roasted veggies.  I went to bed at 10 pm, my roommate got back from racing at Duke at 1 am, and I woke up at 5:45 am.  Ooooops!IMG_5330.jpg

The race was at 7:30 am, so I ate toast with almond butter and banana at 6 and then walked to the race area.  Around 6:45, we rope stretched and warmed up for 3 miles, did drills and strides, and then headed to the starting line along with about 900 other runners!  It was super humid, and we were already drenched in sweat after the warm-up.  I wore runderwear and a vintage pair of soft cross country spikes from high school because why not 😉

It took me a couple seconds to actually cross the starting line after the gun went off because it was so crowded.  I ran with another woman for about 5 minutes at the beginning, behind about 6 guys.  The 5k course wound through campus, right next to my dorm, and through the historic streets that we run on every single day.  It was so strange to be “racing” there!  I don’t remember the last time I ran a road race.

I came through the mile in 5:35 and the two mile around 11:21.  It was so different from a track race, and I think I might have liked it better!  The race almost felt…short.  It was never a death march.  Except for the last 800 meters, which was a straightaway with a finish line that never seemed to get any closer!  Luckily, it was the exact same 800 meters that we finish our steady state workouts on, so I was kind of mentally prepared.

Coming down the last 50 or so meters, I saw that the clock was still in the 17s, and I just thought, “What?  You mean I didn’t die the last mile?  This is so weird!”


Sorry the quality is horrible!

According to my watch, I crossed the finish line at 17:59.  According to the awards guy, I ran 18:00 (gun time).  The official results say my gun time 17:59.8, so I am officially a sub-18-minute 5k runner!  I’m really pleased with how I ran this morning.


I cooled down for two miles with my teammates, at which point they were done.  I wanted to go longer, and luckily I ran into the second-place woman and ran two more miles with her for a total of 10 miles for today.  She was so nice!


The prizes included a nice check, a large glass bowl, a plaque, two medals, a t-shirt, and running socks.  Not too bad for (less than) 18 minutes of running!  After the long walk back carrying all that swag, I ice bathed, did some laundry, and am now enjoying a nice early lunch of my dinner leftovers, a fried egg and vegetables, and berry cheesecake 🙂  The rest of the weekend will include a recovery run tomorrow, catching up on homework, a nap, and probably some chores.




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