Summer Training Weeks 3 and 4: Return from Spain and injury update

Happy Monday!¬† Sorry I forgot to publish last week’s summer training recap- 3 weeks in and I already slacked off ūüėČ Classic.¬† I have a ton of highlights for you, so settle in!


The week of 6/18 to 6/24 was my last week in Spain.  I was planning on increasing the walk-to-runs and enjoying my last week, but unfortunately my foot got progressively worse.  After talking to my coach on that Wednesday, we ended up shutting down the walk-to-run progression and limiting me to an hour a day of cross training and no more than 3x/weekly strength exercises.  I took off on Saturday and Sunday because we spent those days traveling.

Week of 6/18-6/24

  • Monday:¬†AM: 5×6 min run, 1 min walk + 25 bike.¬† PM: 35 min easy recumbent bike + core + push-ups + foam roll/ice.
  • Tuesday:¬†AM: 70 min bike workout (15 w/u, 5 x hard song, easy song, 5 x 1h1e, 10 c/d) + strength.¬† Foot pain while walking.¬† Iced.
  • Wednesday:¬†Foot pain ūüė¶ Glute activation, 50 min easy recumbent bike, core.
  • Thursday:¬†AM: ~30 min yoga by the ocean.¬† PM: 60 min recumbent bike, glute activation, light lift/core.
  • Friday: 52 min bike + light core.
  • Saturday: off. Travel from C√°diz to Madrid.
  • Sunday: off. Travel from Madrid to US.

Rundown from my¬†running log: “Really sad about not being able to continue the walk-to-run & foot has almost constant pain- lots of breakdowns and bad body image BUT striving to see the positives <3”

After months and months of living in constant pain and trying with all my heart to come back to running, each time it gets taken away I feel a mixture of heartbreak, familiarity, and resignation.  This unfortunately made my last week in Spain less enjoyable.  Due to that and a month of sleep deprivation, I felt really non-functional on that Sunday and suffered from a depressive episode on that Monday that was scary and difficult.


So I got dressed up and took a selfie to feel better

There were some highlights- awesome sunsets, finishing classes, watching the World Cup at a sports bar, retail therapy (shopping haha), touring the Catedral de C√°diz and enjoying world-famous empanadas, watching our professor get sangria-drunk at a program dinner, and meeting up with our teammate in Madrid!


I’m not gonna lie- my body image SUCKED.¬† I felt extremely uncomfortable and wasted a lot of mental energy hating myself, especially the weekend that we were traveling back to Madrid and then the US.¬† With injury, especially injuries that won’t heal, there’s a tendency to feel like your body is betraying you and become angry/sad/body-dysmorphic.¬† Add in travel where you’re out of routine, and it’s a perfect storm for self-hatred.¬† That’s exactly what happened to me.¬† Luckily, returning to the US and getting back into a “normal” summer routine, with¬†enough sleep!¬†(albeit without running), has done wonders for my mental state and self-perception.


Cute doggos help, too

Week of 6/25-7/1

  • Monday:¬†AM: early 60 min swim (3500 yds).¬† PM: 20 min glute activation/core/light dynamic strength.
  • Tuesday:¬†60 min bike with long pick-ups¬† Lift (Swiss ball core/hamstring curls, quad curl/cable row, hamstring machine/pull-ups, DB shoulder press, calf raises, lat pull-downs.)
  • Wednesday:¬†AM: 60 min swim.¬† PM: 1 hour slow flow yoga.
  • Thursday:¬†50 min pool with my friend (30 swim, 20 aqua jog).
  • Friday:¬†65 min bike (20 miles) with some intervals.¬† Lift (glute activation, planks, chin-ups, hamstring curls, RDLs, lat pull-downs, hip thrusts with plate, ab leg raise, monster walks, core/DB push-up rows).
  • Saturday:¬†Off. Light yoga.
  • Sunday:¬†60 min swim (3350 yds) with some harder intervals.

Rundown from my running log: “Nice week, great to get back in the pool & also find out what’s really wrong with my foot!¬† Work is tiring!¬† Did well on sleep this week but am staving off a cold.”


20 miles later…

Last week, I got back in the pool with zest and zeal after 5 weeks of not swimming.¬† Jet lag made for some super early morning training sessions.¬† I also worked over 25 hours, and the store was 90+ degrees, so we were all dying…But gotta get that money!

I stuck to my coach’s instructions of an hour a day, and it has been¬†just¬†enough to keep me sane while not enough to make me feel like a walking zombie.¬† Excellent!


Met up with some friends for dinner in Georgetown

On Thursday, I began wearing the AirCast again and met with an orthopedist at Georgetown Hospital to find out what the heck has been going on with my foot.¬† A few x-rays later, he told me that not only had I had a stress reaction in my second metatarsal, I had a (healing)¬†stress fracture¬†in my second metatarsal¬†and¬†a stress reaction in my third metatarsal!¬† Holy shit.¬† I felt crushingly relieved because this explained why a) my foot hadn’t healed, and b) why I was having what seemed like pain all over my foot, when it “should have” been localized to the stress reaction spot.¬† It all makes sense!

So to let this thing heal once and for all (jesus, it’s been almost 6 months of injury), I am wearing the boot until I feel zero pain, and then waiting another two full weeks before even attempting to run.¬† I’m sticking to my hour-a-day of cardio, and my goal is to get strong, sleep a lot, and be¬†happy.¬†¬†I’m motivated to increase my aerobic capacity and functional strength while letting my foot heal¬†for good this time.¬† Once I’m in the clear to run, I have a “prescription” for a local Alter-G (haha) and a follow-up appointment at the orthopedist at the end of July.

Did I¬†ever think I would be in this position right now? Never.¬† I distinctly remember back in January when I first got post tib, my teammate asked, “So you think this is going to be like a 3-week thing?” And I responded, “yeah, I think it’ll clear up pretty quick, I’m not too worried!” Little did we know…

But I have my whole life to run ūüôā There’s no law stating that I have to be as fast as I can ever be within these 4-5 years of NCAA eligibility.¬† And my current goal is to get¬†hella¬†fast in the pool (and #ripped in the weight room) because that is what I can do right now and there’s no point wiling the days away comparing myself to past summers and wishing I could be running 60+ miles per week.¬† Sustainable running careers are built off of¬†loving the process, and my process right now consists of biking, swimming, lifting, and trying not to die of heatstroke throughout these 100-degree weeks, haha.