Hi, I’m runner14girl!  I’m a 20-year-old junior in college, double major in Hispanic Studies and marketing with a concentration in accounting, and Division I cross country and track and field athlete with redshirt-sophomore eligibility.


I started running in elementary school, boasted mediocre credentials throughout middle and high school, graduated high school in 2015 and walked on to a Division 1 team, and it’s been a whirlwind adventure since then.

In addition to running, I enjoy downhill skiing, playing the piano, cooking, writing for Spoon University, listening to myriad musical genres, and exploring the outdoors as a mild adrenaline junkie.  I’m 50% white, 50% Asian, and 100% snarky.

On this blog, you’ll find running rambles, race recaps, the less glamorous side of collegiate running 😉 ,  nutrition/food commentary, recipes, and whatever is happening in my life that I feel like sharing.

High school PRs:

  • 800 (2015): 2:19
  • 1600 (2015): 5:15
  • 3200 (2014): 11:19
  • 3 mile (xc, 2013): 18:45
  • 5k (xc, 2013): 19:22

Current college PRs:

  • 1500 (relay split, 2016): 4:51
  • 3k (2017): 10:15
  • 3 mile (within xc 6k, 2017): 16:55
  • 5k (within xc 6k, 2017): 17:35ish
  • 6k (xc, 2017): 21:20

And if you’re really bored, you can read about my running history:

2005: Ran my first ever mile in 8:52 during third grade gym class
2006-2007Girls on the Run


2008-2011: Middle school track.  Ran like 5 miles a week.  Speedy PRs of 1:20 for the 400 and 2:54 for the 800 😉

2011: Wimpy 14-year-old me was too scared to join the cross country team.  Ran indoor and outdoor track.  PRs: 2:34 800, 5:36 1600, 12:24 3200.

2012-2013: I had fun but didn’t improve as much as I wanted to sophomore year, probably due to the fact that I subsisted off of Klondike bars, cookie dough, and Nutella. 2:29 800, 5:32 1600, 11:59 3200, 19:33 3-mile, 20:28 5k.  Probably averaged 20-25 miles per week.

2013-2014: Worked really hard junior year and dropped a lot of time. 2:21 800, 5:18 1600, 11:19 3200, 18:45 3-mile, 19:22 5k.  Mileage was 30-35 miles per week.

Junior year cross country

2014-2015: Senior year cross country sucked.  I was unhappy, stressed from school and other factors, hated running/life, and didn’t even qualify for states.  I changed my mentality, worked extremely hard, and enjoyed indoor track but developed a foot injury.  Outdoor track started badly, but eventually I PRed in the 1600 (5:15) and the 800 (2:19).


2015-2016: Committed to a D1 program.  Upped mileage to 40-45 miles per week + lots of cross training.  Redshirted cross country season but ran twice unattached.  Debuted in uniform for indoor track and made the conference roster outdoors.  3k/5k runner.


2016-2017: Upped mileage to 55-60 miles per week.  Raced cross country in uniform and made the travel squad and the top seven!  Raced at the conference championships and the NCAA D1 Southeast Regional Championships.  Battled bunion issues throughout the winter and spring so redshirted both indoor and outdoor track but PRed unattached off of lots of cross training.


2017 xc: Started off strong, moved up in team scoring, PRed by 56 seconds to run a 21:20 6k, then something went wrong (systematically and individually) and we all fell apart.
2018 and beyond: ??????

As I navigate the academic, social, and athletic lifestyle of a Division I college athlete, I’m learning new things every day and committing myself to doing everything it takes to better myself and contribute to my team.  I hope you enjoy my snarky rambles and detailed recaps and weird tangents as I work through my undergraduate years!


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  1. Good luck with your track career! I was a sprinter in high school, even broke a school record as a sophomore! Then I got burned out and quit after sophomore year, not a very inspiring story, hahaha. But I made it to state in the 100m dash as a fresh & soph, didn’t place well either year. I give you serious props for the long distance, I could never do it!

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