Training Log 11/5-11/11 (33.5 miles + first workout + travel)

Happy Sunday! After a hectic last few days (which I’ll talk about later), I completed my longest run of the comeback this morning and am now sitting in a coffee shop on campus while procrastinating some school work.¬† I have 5 school-related tabs open in order to pretend that I’m being productive ūüėČ

This past week, I ran my first workout and ran 9 miles this morning, breaking 30 mpw for the first time since, like, January!  I also drove 700 miles in a 28-hour time period with the 3 girls below.  We are crazy.


Week of 11/5-11/11:

  • Monday:¬†AM: 50 min pool (40 swim, 10 aqua jog).¬† PM: warm-up, Eldoa, activation, 3 miles, pedestal exercises, band exercises, core. Ice cup on foot.
  • Tuesday: Warm-up, Eldoa, activation, 48 min run, strides. Lift- new PR of 105 (I know, my legs are currently noodles) on squats!¬† NormaTec.
  • Wednesday: Bonus day off: light core + foam rolling
  • Thursday:¬†Warm-up, Eldoa, activation.¬† Foot was achey so I used the Alter-G for 5 miles @ 80% bodyweight + 20 min bike.¬† DB reverse lunges, chin-ups, push-ups, and dips in locker room.¬† Iced foot.¬† Drove to SC.
  • Friday:¬†2ŌÄ workout in Rock Hill! 10 min warm-up, 2 x [3h14h1e5h4e], 10 min cool down = 7 miles, but then we also pretty much did a fartlek while spectating, so I’m counting it as 2 more miles of work haha.
  • Saturday:¬†off
  • Sunday:¬†9 mile long run. First 7.5 miles around 7:35 average and then last 10 minutes faster with last mile at 6:12.

Total: 33.5 miles + some XT

I only cross trained twice this week! What?? I ended up running 5 days with two complete days off because my team was tapering for regionals, and I was traveling.

Monday’s and Tuesday’s runs were both pretty awful; my body didn’t want to move.¬† On Thursday, my foot was pretty sore, so I used the Alter-G instead of running on land.¬† I skipped lift to go to a grad school interview.¬† After class on Thursday, I drove to Rock Hill, South Carolina with 3 of my teammates so that we could cheer at the NCAA Southeast Regional meet on Friday!¬† We left after class and got there at 9 pm.¬† Woke up on Friday to do a workout in the pouring, freezing rain before heading to the course to cheer!


The workout went surprisingly well considering that I’d driven for 7 hours the night before!¬† We ran around the sidewalks in Rock Hill for 7 miles, warmed up at our friend’s favorite coffee shop, and then pretty much did another fartlek-workout sprinting around the course cheering on our teammates.


Our men’s and women’s teams ran¬†okay but did not place highly.¬† I’m hopeful that we will keep progressing throughout track and make huge progress next year.¬† I think we just ran out of time this semester.

Us spectators revived our hungry, tired, soaking wet selves at Earth Fare before hitting the road for another 7 hours.¬† My friend and I ate dozens of chocolate-covered espresso beans to stay awake, and by the time we reached the scary pitch-black last 40 miles of highway, we were delirious, over-caffeinated, under-rested, and ready to get out of the car.¬† I have never gripped the steering wheel so hard in my life; every time a car came around in the opposite direction, their headlights blinded me and I couldn’t see anything for 5 seconds.¬† I was starting to feel highly ill and wanted nothing more than to never drive again.¬† But I revived for a night of festivities.


Can you tell I had just driven 12 hours and spent the entire day with freezing wet socks?

I slept like 4 hours on Friday night (more like Saturday morning), enjoyed brunch (and lots of coffee) with friends, and hibernated until it was time to work on a group project for 4 hours in the afternoon.   RIP.


After recovering all day Saturday and spending an evening watching the Great British Baking Show and eating an entire loaf of chocolate banana bread right before bed, I was ready to go for this morning’s run!

Overall, this week was fun and exhausting.¬† I’m happy with how my training is going, even though some of my runs felt terrible!¬† While my team is on their break, I’m going to take the next couple weeks pretty low volume while increasing overall mileage.¬† So excited for Thanksgiving ūüôā


Training Log 10/22-10/28 (24.5 miles!)

Hi friends! I’m home for the weekend to cheer on my mom because she’s running the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow morning.¬† We went to the expo today, and it was crazy.¬† Also, Kathrine Switzer was there!! (Someone was fangirling, and it wasn’t me.)¬† Unfortunately, they closed the picture-taking line before we got there, but we did our best to get a picture “with” her.¬† See the best attempt below…


Anyway, I know it’s only Saturday, but I thought I’d write up a training report since 1) this was the first week of this comeback where I ran over 20 miles!! and 2) I’m planning on taking tomorrow off and just walking like a billion miles around the marathon course.

Week of 10/22-10/28:

  • Monday:¬†AM: 2 lap warm-up, Eldoa, activation, 40 min easy (8:30 pace) on trails, sashays, band exercises, pedestal core, barefoot cool down.¬†PM: 40 min bike + Compex on hamstring
  • Tuesday:¬†AM: 2 lap warm-up, Eldoa, activation, 42 min starting easy and then BAT (felt like 6:45-7:00 pace but I have no idea), 2-legged hops, barefoot cool down, lift.¬† PM: 30 min bike + 30 min NormaTec.
  • Wednesday:¬†60 min swim
  • Thursday:¬†10 min bike warm-up, 2 laps, Eldoa, activation, 5 mile cut down (kind of hammered the second half: rough splits 7:30, 7:00, 6:55, 6:38, 6:38), 0.5 miles easy, 10 min bike cool down.¬† Lift + NormaTec.
  • Friday:¬†AM: 60 min pool (45 swim, 15 aqua jog).¬† PM: Eldoa, activation, 35 min bike, pedestal exercises.
  • Saturday:¬†Eldoa, activation, 7 miles on the W&OD at 7:40ish average pace, 30 min elliptical, rope stretch.¬† Conditions were MISERABLE but I survived!
  • Sunday: (planned) Bonus day: Spectate MCM

Total: 24.5 miles

This was a solid week! I had two faster runs and two easier runs.¬† Today was my longest run yet- seven miles felt great aerobically, but it was pouring rain and windy and cold and slightly miserable.¬† Oh, well!¬† Looking forward to continuing to build a bit of a base before starting workouts (even though some of my runs have gotten down close to workout pace…#impatience)


In other news, MY TEAM RECLAIMED THEIR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP YESTERDAY. By two points.¬† Every single one of them ran their hearts out to get that title.¬† I pretty much happy-cried all day.¬† I am SO proud of them, and I can’t wait to be back racing with them.

In order to fulfill the “basic fall activities” quota for the year, my friend and I headed across the ferry to the pumpkin patch last week.¬† Too bad there were no pumpkins left!!


S’mores and bonfires and fun to support my friend’s sorority philanthropy- I look possessed but that is okay!

gamma phire

Ok, everyone wish my mom good luck in the marathon tomorrow! She’s gonna crush it.

A Day in the Life: Study Abroad

Hi friends!¬† I’m currently sitting at a coffee shop working on my research investigation.¬† I just finished an ethnographic observation of the Mercado Central in C√°diz and submitted my midterm report, so I thought I’d take a little break and talk about some recent happenings because there might be one or two people out there that care about my non-training-summary musings ūüėȬ† Speaking of which, I’m going to finish this caf√© americano in a few minutes and head over to the gym for my weekly long cross train session because the smell of fish from the Mercado Central is getting to me, but first…A Day in the Life: C√°diz Edition!


Yesterday (Friday) was a surprisingly fun day.¬† We don’t have classes on Fridays (theoretically we’re supposed to use the day to work on our research investigations, which I actually kind of did, but usually we just jet off to random parts of Spain or go to wine tastings in ancient castles.¬† You know how it is.)¬† I woke up at 7:30 and didn’t feel like running right then because the Valley of Fatigue is real and my body is/was #destroyed.¬† So I stayed in bed until 9, ate the classic breakfast of pan tostada with my roommate, and then sat on the terrace upstairs in the sunshine working on my paper.


After finishing my paper in a pleasingly short amount of time, I walked over to the university (a 4 minute walk, #blessup) to meet with my professor about my investigation.¬† The meeting went well, but what stands out in my mind is that it was one of those moments where speaking Spanish was just as easy and natural and grammatically correct as English!¬† Even though I’ve been studying Spanish for 15 years now and can write just as well in either language, speaking has always been a bit trickier.¬† I feel like that’s the case in any second/third/not-first language.¬† Anyway, I left the meeting feeling pleased and bilingual and worldly and eloquent.¬† It was nice ūüôā


PS, look how pretty the University of C√°diz is ūüôā

I ran into my friend on the way out, and we ended up walking to a plaza about fifteen minutes away to get coffee and just talk for awhile before my run.  It was refreshing not to be rushing around from the gym to school or wherever (why do I tend to do this even in a foreign country??).  We ended up in an intellectually stimulating discussion about the importance of breaking the dominant historical narrative of colonizer/colonized.  You know.  Casual.

After awhile, I felt like I should do my run, so I met up with my teammate and completed the longest walk-to-run thus far! 6 x 5 minute run, 1 minute walk.¬† ‘Twas lovely.¬† My foot hurts a little now, but I’m not running again until Monday.¬† Also, running in a sports bra is kind of weird in Spain, but it was 80 degrees and we were dying, okay…


We ran by the beach and had a nice deep talk and it was great.¬† Unprecedented deep talks seem to be the theme of the day…

I went home, ate lunch, took a siesta, and then headed to the beach to hang out for awhile and eventually aqua jog in the water.  We were baking in the sun for two and a half hours before aqua jogging, which I realized later in the evening was not the smartest plan.  But the aqua jog session was super fun and flew by because we talked nonstop!


I arrived home dehydrated and sun-poisoned just in time for dinner of chicken nuggets, veggies, and a salty noodle soup.¬† A freezing cold shower made my sun-poisoned body feel even worse, and I had to cancel my night plans and lie in bed watching Portugal versus Espa√Īa (damn it, Cristiano Ronaldo) before falling asleep before I planned/waking up hella disoriented/and having a restless night feeling crappy.


Even with that end to the day, I still felt like it had been a great day overall.¬† Today, I feel like crap, so I’m looking forward to a full-on rest day tomorrow.¬† It’s finally getting hot in C√°diz, which is pleasant but can also get to be overwhelming!

Week of 1/1-1/7 (51)

Happy Monday- the start of the last week at home before spring semester begins!¬† I’m currently wearing cozy fleece pajama pants and settling into a Thai chicken curry coma while writing this post.¬† I’m working tomorrow so planning to do my workout and lift pretty early.¬† In typical Monday fashion, I am battling a severe cold, and my car battery died.¬† But on the bright side, the AAA guy was really nice, and I got in two really nice outdoor runs today after the Treadmill Horror Week!

Color coordination is not my strong suit

Since last week was so cold, I decided to play it safe by doing the majority of my training indoors.  However, by the end of the week, I was beyond done with the monotony of the dreadmill.


Week of 1/1-1/7:
  • Monday: AM: active warm-up, 7 miles @ 7:45 pace on treadmill, GS1.¬† PM: active warm-up, 2 miles @ 7:39 pace outside, strides, circuits.
  • Tuesday: active warm-up, 2 miles @ 7:45 pace, treadmill fartlek (2 x :90h, :90float, 4x:60,:60, 6x:30,:30), 2 miles @ 7:50.¬† PM: ice skating.
  • Wednesday: 7 miles @ 7:02
  • Thursday: AM: active warm-up, easy 7 miles @ 8:00 on treadmill, upper body lift at home.¬† PM: 2 miles @ 7:55 on treadmill, 2xhill stride simulation, circuits.
  • Friday: AM: workout at “indoor track”.¬† Active warm-up, 2 miles @ 7:30, drills, 2×200, 2 x [1000, 400, 800] with 200-400 recovery, 2 mile cool down.¬† Splits: 36, 37, 3:32, 77, 2:52, 3:40 (ouch), 81, 2:50.¬† Honestly, this track is awful, so the effort was¬†much¬†harder and I’m not too worried about the splits.¬† PM: 23 min aqua jog.
  • Saturday: 30 min bike + core
  • Sunday: 11 miles on the treadmill (7:20s-7:30s, finished a bit faster). I reeeeally didn’t want to do this on the treadmill, but I only had time in the morning and it was -3 degrees.¬† Almost put a baseball bat through the treadmill if I’m honest.

Total: 51 miles + 55 min XT

Physically, I got in some good work this week.¬† My runs and lifts all went pretty well, I didn’t hammer too many maintenance runs, and I got in some quality strength.¬† ¬† Surprisingly, I am not stressing too much about the fact that my mileage buildup has been a little lower throughout winter break.¬† It’s hard to train alone, the higher-quality work is done back on campus, and we have a long season(s) ahead of us.¬† I’ve been taking care of myself and getting in good work, and that’s what matters ūüôā

However, I was definitely going stir-crazy (and dreadmill-crazy) by the end of the week.¬† The lack of sunlight didn’t help, either…

While it wasn’t fun to train primarily indoors, there were a bunch of highlights this week!

  1. I ran with a friend on the canal on Wednesday, and the run flew by because we talked nonstop.
  2. Homemade pizza night!IMG_0810.jpg
  3. Convinced the aforementioned friend to join me for an indoor track workout on Friday!  I would not have been able to do the workout without a buddy.
  4. Made some delicious homemade bars (with walnuts, dates, oats, chia and flax seeds, and chai spices.)IMG_0860.jpg
  5. Went out for pho with friends and talked for three straight hours.  It was a blast.
  6. Started working again, and my out-of-town friend showed up unexpectedly, which was so much fun.
  7. Due to a massive, random craving, I picked up some salte√Īas after cross training on Saturday.¬† They were¬†just¬†as incredible as I remembered.IMG_0869.jpg
  8. Got through Sunday’s long run without killing anyone!¬† Even though I bailed out a mile earlier than planned.
  9. A networking brunch with the people I will be working for/with!¬† It was a lot of fun, and I’m really excited.

So yes, lots of positives this week.¬† This coming week is my last week at home before I go back to school for the spring semester, and I want to make it a good one!¬† My friend joined me for 7 early miles this morning.¬† This early riser hadn’t actually risen early¬†in awhile, so my alarm was quite the shock!¬†¬†It was fun to catch up with her (and run outside…blessed).¬† I had another quality run in the afternoon, followed by strides and a general strength session that felt awesome.¬† I am definitely not taking today for granted; it was really, really nice ūüôā


Tried to film my afternoon strides but it didn’t work too well…

My goals this week are to enjoy training, work more hours, remain positive and continue to remind myself¬†why¬†we are doing this training, get ready to move back to school, cook some new foods, and prioritize sleep and foam rolling (been slacking a little…).¬† And don’t¬†feel bad about spending a few hours not doing anything at all! (I’m terrible at this.)¬†¬†Classes begin next Wednesday, and our first race is in less than two weeks!¬† I know I’m not in the¬†best¬†shape ever, but I’m excited to get through a few more workouts at home before rejoining my teammates.¬† That always makes workouts more fun and effective ūüôā I’m truly excited to race on an indoor track (and race a track race in uniform!) for the first time since freshman year!!¬† Here’s a throwback to my first race in uniform:


Baby Kathryn!

Today :)

Okay, okay, I know I said I would write a Year in Review and 2018 goals post…and I am, I swear!¬† But today has been such a nice day that I just wanted to write about it.


To be perfectly honest, I’ve lacked motivation towards training over the past couple weeks.¬† I’ve still gotten out and¬†done¬†it, but my mentality has been seriously lacking.¬† Being away from my team, my coaches, and being so far removed from what we’re working¬†for¬†(racing) makes it really hard to stay motivated!¬† It doesn’t help that it’s been zero degrees outside.

Anyway, today I woke up to real-feel temperatures of -1.¬† To the treadmill I went!¬† I had a short fartlek on tap, so I headed to the community center gym because my treadmill tops out at 10 mph (not fast enough for speedwork).¬† When I got there, the gym was¬†packed.¬† Somehow, counterintuitively, this boosted my lackluster mood!¬† I was excited to see everyone busting their butts to achieve their goals.¬† In my opinion, having a lot of people at the gym makes you more motivated to kick butt in your workout because you don’t want to look slow.¬† (Just me?¬† Probably.)¬† My high school teammate, who is a kickass D1 runner herself, was bearing down on the treadmill in the middle of an eight-mile cutdown run to 5:30 pace.¬†¬†Freakin’ inspiration.

After completing an active warm-up routine, I hopped on the treadmill next to her and ran a two-mile warm-up before starting my fartlek.¬† [2x:90 hard, :90 float, 4x:60h, :60f, 6x:30h, :30f] with a two-mile cool down.¬† Because it’s scary to run at high speed on a treadmill,¬†and¬†the effort always feels comparatively harder, I didn’t go “all out.”¬† I started the hard intervals at 5:40 pace and cut down to 5:10 pace.¬† Even though it wasn’t as hard as I could have gone on land, I hadn’t run that fast in awhile, and I felt like I had gotten in a good effort at the end!¬† And now that I’ve done some fast stuff, I feel¬†much¬†more inclined to do speedwork in the near future.¬† Funny how that works ūüėČ


Fueled up with a Picky bar before completing the day’s lift.¬† I went home, showered, ate lunch, power napped, and headed out to ice skate on the frozen canal with some friends that I don’t get to see a lot!¬† It ended up being such a good time- I hadn’t talked to them at length in awhile- and it was¬†so cool¬†to skate on the canal.¬† And we managed to avoid getting beaned in the head by the more aggressive hockey players out there.


Afterwards, we warmed up our frozen bodies with the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.¬† We used heavy cream, melted semisweet chocolate, and cinnamon sticks, so what’s not to love?


It was just a really good day.¬† I sometimes get¬†miserable¬†in the cold, especially chronic extreme cold like this!¬† But now I’m bundled up and toasty warm, and it’s been a day to appreciate the small things like laughing with friends, reading interesting newspaper articles, feeling a little more motivated towards running, and resting under a string of pretty lights.¬† Also, I accidentally left clothes at the gym and went back to get them hours later and they were still there!¬† Heck yeah.¬† Happy New Year ūüôā


Week of 12/25-12/31 (45)

Happy New Year!  Started 2018 off strong with 7 morning treadmill miles, 2 miles outside in the afternoon, two strength sessions, and the first of many intentional Meatless Mondays!


Ancient, but functional, treadmill set-up

I will do a New Year’s post recapping 2017 and discussing my goals and intentions for 2018, but for now, gotta wrap up the last week of 2017!

Week of 12/25-12/31:

  • Monday:¬†active warm-up, 7 miles, circuits
  • Tuesday: AM: 30 min bike + lower body lift.¬† Pushed weight and did 21/24 chin-ups!¬† PM: 7 miles, 4 x strides, 5 min core (got bored).
  • Wednesday:¬†4 miles @ 8:00 pace + 30 min swim.¬† SORE.¬† Felt pretty shitty.
  • Thursday:¬†Travel ALL DAY.¬† Active warm-up to keep warm… 8 miles @ 7:30 pace on treadmill at night after getting home.
  • Friday:¬†AM: active warm-up, 2 miles, drills, 4 mile pace run (watchless), 2 miles.¬† Upper body lift.¬† PM: 20 minute aqua jog…didn’t stretch afterwards, oops.
  • Saturday:¬†11 miles in the snow @ 7:35 avg (felt harder because slippery).
  • Sunday:¬†OFF.¬†¬†Aches and pains from snowy long run.¬† 45 min yoga/stretching.

Total: 45 miles + 80 min XT

After essentially taking five days off from running the previous week, I ran six days in a row this week and hit semi-normal mileage.  Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but it was convenient!


Tried this protein shake after Tuesday’s lift and it wasn’t bad! (and I hate protein powders)

I pushed Tuesday’s lift and woke up¬†sore¬†on Wednesday!¬† Wednesday’s run-XT combination was kind of dreadful, and I had to talk myself through every minute of it.¬† “Come on, just swim one more lap.¬† You can do it.”¬† Along with the perennial lie: “There’s nothing you’d rather be doing right now!”

We woke up at 4 am to travel home from California.¬† We were supposed to be home by 4:30 pm Eastern time, so I was planning on doing a maintenance run and then going to the gym to lift.¬† Unfortunately, we got a little stranded and didn’t get home until close to 7 pm.¬† It was 80 degrees in California and 15 in the DMV and we did not have coats.¬† I ended up doing some active warm-up routines to keep myself warm while we waited outside for the train for half an hour.¬† It worked, and the release of endorphins made me less crabby after traveling all day!¬† When we finally got home, I ran eight miles on the treadmill and did not lift because it was like 8 pm at that point.

IMG_0694 2.png

I didn’t do a workout until Friday’s pace run, and my watch died 3 minutes into the warm-up, so I went off of effort.¬† It went¬†significantly¬†better than the pace run I’d done the previous Monday!¬† My right leg locked up per usual, but otherwise I felt strong and confident.¬† No idea how fast it was.¬† I spent the afternoon making homemade bagels with my friend, and we went to the pool afterwards for a quick shakeout.

Overnight snow and ice made Saturday’s long run a little treacherous.¬† It wasn’t the most stellar run ever, but I got through it…However, the gait changes I made to compensate for the slippery bike path caused me to wake up sore and¬†hurting¬†on Sunday.¬† I was planning to cross train, but I took the day off, did some yoga, and hibernated inside after attempting to go to the farmers’ market in zero degree weather.

IMG_0724 2.jpg

I had New Year’s Eve plans, but after visiting a friend and eating a lot of mac and cheese, I got minor food poisoning.¬† So I ended up staying home and celebrating with my family. (and by celebrating, I mean eating brownie sundaes, drinking champagne, watching¬†The Holiday, and falling asleep before midnight.¬† Party animals!)


Even the dog was a party animal.


I’ll write more about the year transition in the next post!¬† I’ve felt a bit…stale…towards life and training recently, although a rejuvenating double outside in the¬†cooold¬†helped reinvigorate me today ūüôā

Week of 12/4-12/10 (35)

Last Sunday of the semester! Classes are over, 3 finals loom over my head, and by this Wednesday night I will be halfway done with junior year of undergrad.  What!?

IMG_0185 (1).jpg

This weekend was full of studying, holiday parties, lunch dates, and watching “Suits” on Amazon Prime.¬† And it snowed!¬† I’m currently jamming to Jim Croce while I take a break from studying and wait for my laundry to dry.

Over the past two days, I’ve probably consumed about 300 grams of sugar, so I’m kind of crashing from sugar jitters into a sugar coma that isn’t conducive to productive studying.¬† Sorry, Spanish final grade… #Ididthistomyself


Annual cookie party! The shortbread jam and molasses cookies were the BOMB

Anyway.  I had a really good last week of training and life.  Sorting stuff out with my coaches, starting to feel normal again while running, and looking forward to building the strength and the booty in the weight room.

Week of 12/4-12/10:

  • Monday: AM: 30 min bike.¬† Trainer for stim/heat + stretch.¬† PM: lap, active warm-up, lap, speed ladder, hurdles, 5 miles, general strength, foam roll, rope stretch.
  • Tuesday: lap, active warm-up, 2 miles, 3 mile tempo (6:27, 6:17, 6:22), 2 miles.¬† I am out of shape!¬† Lift in weight room- felt strong but weak (as in, I felt good but know I¬†will¬†be much stronger.)¬† Stim + NormaTec.
  • Wednesday: AM: 60 min pool (30 swim, 30 aqua jog).¬† My swim pace is getting faster!¬† PM: circuits, rope stretch, foam roll.
  • Thursday:¬† AM: lap, active warm-up, 8 miles, upper body lift in weight room, NormaTec + stim/heat.¬† Run felt stiff and tiring but good meeting!¬† PM: 20 min bike.
  • Friday:¬† AM: 6 miles kinda fast, felt good! 4 x strides, speed ladder, hurdle drills, general strength 2.¬† PM: circuits (4 min elliptical w/u and c/d)
  • Saturday: 9 miles (started at 7:20s, cut down to 6:40s, and my last mile was like 6:25).¬† It was rainy and cold but I felt awesome!¬† The group was great.
  • Sunday: 30 min bike.¬† Planning on doing yoga tonight, but we’ll see if that happens ūüėČ
Total: 35 miles + 140 min XT + lots of strength
Had some really good runs and cross trains throughout this week.¬† Tuesday and Thursday weren’t fun; I definitely could not have gone much faster or longer than Tuesday’s measly 3-mile tempo, and my legs felt tight and unpleasant throughout Thursday’s run.
But Monday and Friday went really well, and we¬†crushed¬†Saturday’s long run!¬† 6:40 miles felt almost easy, and I really pushed the last mile since the run was shorter than usual.¬† After spending over an hour in the freezing rain and wind, it took us awhile to warm up afterwards.¬† My roommate and I hibernated in our apartment eating oatmeal, drinking coffee, and listening to Christmas music while a fake fireplace crackled on the TV (lol).

A wee bit chilly!

Shoutout to strength- the guns are¬†unreal¬†right now!¬† When we first realized we’d be doing strength routines every day, we were a little apprehensive and overwhelmed, but the circuits have turned out to be more like cross trains, and each routine works different muscles, so it’s not like we’re hitting the same thing every day.
I’m excited to increase the mileage and continue to focus on¬†deliberate practice.¬† Everything we do is incorporated into our training for a reason!¬† I should hit low-to-mid-40s throughout this coming week.¬† Haven’t decided when I’m going home, but I’m looking forward to finishing out the semester strong (hopefully)!¬† Tomorrow brings a Spanish exam from 2-5 pm and a business analytics exam and pressure cooker from 7-10 pm.¬† The grind is #tooreal.
Have a great week and get after it!

An Adventure

This weekend, I had Friday and Saturday off from work, so I made plans with some of my teammates to meet up in our college town. ¬†Yesterday, I ran a workout, took an ice bath, and headed down after breakfast. After thunderstorms and bad traffic, I finally arrived…and one by one, all of my friends cancelled.

AWESOME.  I almost turned around and drove 3 hours home.

However, it’s important to be comfortable spending quality time with yourself! ¬†Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expected for a ¬†reason.¬†¬†The trip turned out differently than I expected, but it was honestly still a good time! ¬†The worst part was the traffic.


Since I hadn’t been back in our college town since the end of spring semester, I spent a couple hours just enjoying being there. ¬†It was pretty stormy and gray, which was perfect weather to do a bit of outlet shopping and then take myself on a date to my favorite coffee shop/restaurant.


I enjoyed some Caribbean blackened salmon, grains and veggies, and a massive slice of “Chocolate Overload” cake while reading¬†A Walk Across America, Part 2.

After awhile, I made plans to crash at a friends’ apartment. ¬†I met her subletter, who was extremely nice, and we actually ended up talking for a long time that evening!

This morning, I made plans to long run with a new teammate and another acquaintance who were both in the area. ¬†We met early at a local park and bike path, and I ran with them for 100 minutes (~13 miles) for a new personal distance record! ¬†I hadn’t spent too much time with either of them, but the run flew by as we all shared stories. ¬†At one point, one of them mentioned that we had already been running for almost an hour, and I was shocked!


After 13 miles, I headed back to the locker room to stretch, roll out, and ice bath.  Talked to a couple track teammates that happened to be there at the same time.  Then, I headed into the historic area to wander around (read: get coffee and free fudge samples) at all the cute shops.


I had never been in this Spice and Tea place before!  Their peach turmeric tea was amazing.

After running some errands, I went to tour the apartment complex that my roommate and I will be moving into this year! ¬†We’re excited to start planning the set-up.


The most important part ūüėČ

Finally, I hit the road and drove home. ¬†Traffic wasn’t great, and it took a pretty long time. ¬†Stopped for a fruit-and-yogurt pit stop. ¬†I’m done driving long distances for awhile ūüėČ

Anyway, this solo trip was definitely out of routine for me. ¬†I am¬†not¬†the world’s most extroverted person, and I generally don’t spend hours talking to new people. ¬†But for the past 26 hours, I did! ¬†I met some awesome people, made plans that I wouldn’t normally make, was generally productive, and was also comfortable spending time with myself. ¬†I’m quite happy about this. ¬†To top it all off, this morning’s long run was¬†incredible! ¬†I felt like I could have gone farther and faster. ūüôā

Summer Training Week 9 (57 miles + 30 min swim)

The sun is going down a tiny bit earlier each night, sudden thunderstorms crop up briefly and intensely throughout the afternoons, my brother is packing for sleepaway camp, somehow we are on week NINE of summer training!…summer goes on.


Too hot even for me to eat hot oatmeal- but this (cold) bowl was dang good

I took today completely off from running but drove for over six hours, so I’m just as tired ūüėČ ¬†Also SO full. ¬†But today was lots of fun!


Week 9 (7/17-7/23):

Monday: ¬†AM: drills, 7 miles on sidewalks, strides. ¬†Very humid. ¬†Didn’t feel super fresh, but other than that, went well. ¬†Core circuit. ¬†PM: 3 miles. ¬†Sore/tired calves and feet.

Tuesday: ¬†3 mile warm-up, drills, fartlek (15 min on- 3 off- 10 on- 3 off- 5 on), 2.5 miles cool down on canal. ¬†90% humidity, sweated a lot. ¬†Legs didn’t feel very fresh but rallied at the end. ¬†Ice bath. ¬†VERY tired later in the day. ¬†Some unplanned food choices (read: ice cream binge) but I know that’s because I was so tired.

Wednesday:  AM: 5 miles sidewalks.  Very hot/humid.  Legs were tired but decent run.  Lift day 1- PRed on squats and had a good deadlift!  Last day of dog-sitting.  PM: 30 min swim, felt good to get off feet, very relaxing, but tired afterwards.

Thursday:  AM: 7 miles, drills, strides, 10 min core.  Hot/humid.  Felt okay.  PM: 3 miles treadmill @ 8:10 pace.  Cranky, tired at work afterwards.

Friday: 2 mile warm-up, drills, 4 x [6:00 on, 2:00 off], 2 mile cool down on bike path. ¬†Hot/humid. ¬†Ice bath. ¬†Didn’t feel fresh but it went pretty well. ¬†PM: skipped lift and took two naps instead. ¬†#Yolo.

Saturday: 12 miles on sidewalks + bike path.  Best way to describe this run: boring?

Sunday: off

Total: 57 miles + 30 min swim

Highest volume week in awhile! ¬†This week can be adequately summarized with the phrase, “Didn’t feel fresh but it went pretty well.” ¬†At no point during the week did I feel fresh (not even on Monday- oops), but I think I rode the line between hard training and overstressing my body well! ¬†(Although maybe the amount of power naps I took says otherwise.)

Slacked off on yoga this week and my mind was generally not relaxed.   Oh, well.  Will work on being more mindful this coming week.

It continued to be extremely hot and humid all week.  I am very diligent about getting out the door by 7 am at the latest, yet the temperature never dipped below 75 and the humidity never dipped below about 90%.  Lovely.  Just reminding myself over and over that these sauna-like conditions will pay off in the future!  My body is getting more efficient.


Post-Friday workout sweatiness

Honesty moment of the week! ¬†I’ve identified that I tend to be extremely cranky and binge-eat ice cream on the days where I work while tired from that day’s training session. ¬†For some reason, this has been causing a¬†lot¬†of anxiety. ¬†Yesterday, after¬†twelve miles, I ate ice cream at work and honestly struggled a lot, mentally. ¬†HOWEVER, today I road-tripped to see friends and indulged in delicious eats and was back to normal and didn’t give a crud. ¬†It was awesome¬†(and a relief!).¬†I’m weird. ¬†I don’t really understand.


Hawaiian BBQ quesadilla with chicken, melted jack cheese, pineapple, onion, and BBQ sauce…HEAVEN

This morning, I picked up my friend who lives about 40 minutes from me, and then we drove 2.5 hours south to visit some other friends.  It was sweltering outside, but we still had a good time!  We got to meet one of our new teammates, and she was incredibly nice.  We ate lunch at a cute smoothie/sandwich place (I got the Hawaiian BBQ chicken quesadilla and a soy cappuccino), checked out consignment stores and boutiques, explored a spice store, and perused a used-books bookstore (my favorite).  I got 5 books for $3, and an adorable cat snoozed in the window of the bookstore.


We took the scenic route home, and after winding through rural highway roads for a couple hours, we spontaneously stopped at a roadside ice cream barn that sources their dairy from local cows.  While I was still stuffed from lunch, I did taste the dark chocolate ice cream, and it was incredibly creamy and high-quality.  I will be back.

IMG_7271.jpgPhew! ¬†After seven hours in the car, I’m pretty tired, a little bloated, and craving my bed. This next week is a bit of a down week- I’ll probably hit around 48-50 miles. ¬†I am going to shoot for a 13-mile long run, though! ¬†Hopefully, my legs will feel more refreshed from the low(er) mileage and I will #crushit ūüėČ

Summer Training Week 4 (42 miles + 120 min XT)





#revived to write this post ūüėČ

Heck yeah, it’s time for another weekly summer training recap! ¬†This week, I pushed my mileage a wee bit more (getting ready for that jump next week) and worked a lotttt of difficult shifts. ¬†Definitely crashed and burned a bit by Saturday. ¬†Got on a lot more soft surfaces, though!


Long run views from this morning!

Week 4 (6/12-6/18):

Monday: ¬†AM: 6 miles bike path.¬† Some soft(er) surface…for like a mile!¬† Core circuit.¬† Some foot pain but not too bad.¬† PM: 30 min swim.¬† Felt good.¬† Foot soak, roll, Tiger Balm.
Tuesday: ¬†AM: 7 miles with Noah with one mile on the trails. ¬†Significant foot pain during the second half of the run.¬† Drills and strides.¬† EXCELLENT lower body lift.¬† Pushed the weight and did the most unassisted parallel grip pull-ups I’ve ever done.¬† PM: 2 miles.¬† Crazy work shift until 10 pm per usual.
Wednesday:  60 min pool (50 swim, 10 aqua jog).  Was very pleasant.  1 hour slow flow yoga class.
Thursday:  AM: 7 miles @ 7:39 average on the C&O canal.  TBH felt pretty darn shitty.  PM: 30 min bike, felt good, upper body lift.  Busy work shift until 10 pm.
Friday:  AM: 7 miles on sidewalks/bike path.  Glute activation, drills, strides, core.  PM: 3 miles.  Tired from morning.  Long, crazy work shift until 11 pm.
Saturday: OFF.  Very glad for this rest day.  SO tired from the past couple days.  I felt like a zombie until like 6 pm.
Sunday:  10 miles @ 7:40 average at Manassas Battlefield.  All soft surface!  (Long grass/gravel/trails)  I had never run there before.  It was hot, humid, and hilly, but the views were unbeatable!

Total: 42 miles + 120 min XT.  
Dang…work this week kicked my ass. ¬†Our ice cream store is getting more popular by the minute, and during today’s shift, we did not stop moving¬†one time¬†for five hours straight. ¬†Also, the A/C in the store is broken, the freezers pump out hot air, and it never gets lower than 85 degrees. ¬†After a hot, dehydrating ten-miler…I almost passed out into the dip case a couple times ūüėČ ¬†It’s just heat training, right??
I managed to get two soft-surface runs in this week, along with some sporadic dirt paths during a couple other runs!  So definitely an improvement from last week.
Sleep this week wasn’t the greatest, unfortunately. ¬†I worked a lot of late shifts, which riled me up at bedtime. ¬†But I suppose it’s worth it for the paycheck! ¬†#brokecollegestudentprobs
And my nutrition has been okay, but not stellar- I’m just eating a lot of breads/baked goods and sugar, which is not prime fueling. ¬†My post-run recovery foods are good (oatmeal, yogurt, eggs, nut butter, fruits, veggies…protein, complex carbs, healthy fats), but as the day progresses, I’ve been getting lazy! ¬†And it’s hard at work when you’re just tryna stay alive, ya feel? ¬†I get home after a long, hard shift and can’t tell if I’m physically ravenous or just mentally need some junk food. ¬†Oh, well. ¬†You live and learn (and lose a six-pack in the process, hehe).

Homemade pumpkin bread

This morning’s long run was 80 degrees, 85% humidity, and very hilly with long grass, but the views were awesome! ¬†I had originally planned to meet my friend out at the battlefields, but her foot has been bothering her, so I ran by myself. ¬†Ran in silence over the hills and through the woods (literally) for the first half and then listened to a¬†Runner’s World¬†podcast during the second half. ¬†It was kind of hard.IMG_6605.jpg
The new training week starts tomorrow, so gotta go rest up!  Running bright and early with one of my favorite running buddies.