Goals! (2013-2014 school year)

My current cross country PRs are 19:33 for the 3-mile and 20:28 for the 5k. I’ve run 20:18 for the 5k on the track (so not that great) but my cross country best is 20:28.

Updated (11/25/13): I achieved both reasonable goals and almost got my possible goals with new PRs of 18:45 for 3 miles and 19:22 for the 5k during the 2013 season!

Reasonable goals for the 2013 cross country season:

  • sub-19:00 3-mile
  • sub-19:30 5k (I could have run faster last year had I not been trampled on the fastest course of the season)

Possible goals for the 2013 cross country season:

  • sub-18:45 3-mile
  • sub-19:15 5k

While I’m at it, I think I’ll go ahead and think of some goals for the indoor and outdoor track season. My current PRs for indoor are awful because I strongly dislike indoor: 3:32 1000 from freshman year, 5:44 1600 from a time trial, 12:29 3200. EW AND MORE EW. My outdoor PRs are: 2:29 800 (the computer timer was off so it was more like 2:28), 5:32 1600, 11:59 3200.

2013-14 indoor track goals:

  • sub-3:12 1000. That’s a big leap, but if you think about it, a 3:32 is basically a 2:50 800. I was super slow during freshman indoor, and I’ve run 2:29 for an 800. So I should be able to drop a huge amount of time.
  • sub-5:30 1600. My standards are low-ish for the indoor mile because, as I said, I really don’t like indoor.
  • sub-11:45 3200. I think I can do this!

Updated (1/2/14): Indoor season so far- I ran a relaxed 1000 in 3:29 and lowered my indoor 3200 to 12:02 the next day on tired legs. 🙂

Updated (1/25/14): I have run two 1600s so far this season, both timed at 5:27, so I’ve achieved my indoor mile goal.  New goal is 5:24.  I ran a big PR of 11:36 in the 3200, breaking my goal of 11:45.

Updated (2/20/14): I ran the 1600 again at conferences and finished in a big PR of 5:19! I also ran the 3200 at regionals in 11:28!


2013-14 outdoor track goals:

  • sub-2:25 800
  • sub-5:18 1600
  • sub-11:30 3200

Updated (6/19/14): I changed my outdoor goals after a successful indoor season to sub-2:20, sub-5:15, and sub-11:20.  I ended up running 2:21, 5:18, and 11:19 during outdoor.

I’ll definitely update these goals as the season(s) progresses because I have no idea of my capabilities for at least the track seasons. It depends on how I feel after cross country (for indoor) and after indoor (for outdoor).

Yup. Those are my goals as of August 2013. I’m hoping they’re not too far-fetched!


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