Running is hard sometimes

Aloha!  Our A/C is on the fritz again, so I’m hibernating in the basement while I write this, since it’s not 100 degrees down here.  I think ice cream at work tonight will be a necessity.


You know those runs that just knock the life out of you?  I had one of those this morning.  After an off day from running yesterday (I did put in an hour in the pool and an hour-long yoga class), I woke up early today and drove out to the canal for a change of scenery.  I was so excited for a nice 7-mile maintenance run!  Alas…it was not to be.  My legs felt off from the beginning, and running just felt hard.   It felt like I was hammering, but apparently I was running my easy/maintenance pace (around 7:30 per mile).   I did a terrible job of listening to my body when I should have taken it easy, no matter what the “pace” said.

Afterwards, I just felt completely discombobulated.  Which resulted in me drinking coffee for the first time in eight days…on top of a white duvet…live life on the edge, you know? 😉  (PS: this summer has unexpectedly resulted in my coffee consumption diving down to almost zero!  Weird.)


I’m not even really sure why this run felt so difficult- it was humid, yes, but not extremely hot, and I wasn’t that sleep-deprived.  I rarely use a GPS (actually broke my GPS watch), but I downloaded Strava for this run and was very surprised at the end when my average pace was like 7:35.  It had honestly felt like I was hammering the crap out of some sub-7-minute miles.


Oh, well.  The good news is, I had a good swim yesterday!  50 minutes of laps followed by 10 minutes of easy aqua jogging.  Afterwards, I went to a yoga class.  Swimming has never been the most enjoyable thing for me, although I became a believer in the power of cross training this past semester.  But this week, I’ve actually looked forward to getting in the pool, and as such have done two cross training sessions in the water!  Some days, the laps just click by rhythmically.  I would love to do my swims in a lake or similar beautiful, natural setting, but the same old 25-meter stretch of warm chlorinated water will have to do for now 😉


I have to go cross train and lift soon, so that’s about it for now.  Working tonight after my gym session, running twice tomorrow, working again tomorrow night…it’s the summertime grind 🙂  Craving a nice, cold peach!


Sodium for salty sweaters

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures in this post; I personally dislike reading blog posts without pictures.

For the past week or so, my runs have not been going well.  I’ve been abnormally tired, my legs have felt like they’re dragging, and they just haven’t been fun.

  • Monday: 50 minutes moderate, but my friend who just got back from vacation was struggling, so it was more like 25 minutes moderate and 40 minutes run/walk to get back.  Felt fine, probably because of so much rest.  45 minute swimming.
  • Tuesday: 45 minutes easy/moderate.  Felt fine, nothing good, nothing bad.
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes tempo, but it was 15 minutes tempo and a fartlek/tag-team type thing on the way back because my other friend and I took turns running with the girl who still wasn’t feeling good.
  • Thursday: 45 minutes easy/moderate.  Felt fine/blah. 55 minutes of Pilates in the PM.
  • Friday: 55 minutes moderate.  Here’s where things get sketchy.  For some reason, I nearly passed out on this run! A fast pace and high humidity at the beginning tired me out immediately, and by the time we got to the halfway point, I was kind of dying.  We had dropped the girl who hadn’t been feeling well all week, but by 35 minutes, I was dragging.  At 45ish, my vision started tunneling and my heart was beating normal pace but extremely fiercely, if that makes any sense.  I had to take multiple extended breaks where I knelt down.  Somehow, I made it back.

My mileage won’t increase at all from last week (still hovering around 30 miles/235 minutes) because I thankfully have both Saturday and Sunday off.  I’m looking forward to these rest days before practice starts on Wednesday.

Anyway, sodium.  On my disastrous run today, my friend and I were discussing the possible causes of my exhaustion and overall feeling of blah.  I’m naturally a heavy and salty sweater; after a sweat-dripping run, my eyes sting profusely, my skin feels gross, and my sweat tastes salty.  I also drink a TON of water and eat a very low-sodium diet.  I eat unadulterated rice and vegetables, I seldom eat fast food, and I just generally crave sweet things (fruit) more than salty things.  I am in no way a nutritionist, but we thought maybe low sodium levels could be a cause of my terrible runs lately, especially because all I wanted to do as we slogged up the hill was chug 27 Gatorades.  Electrolytes, electrolytes, electrolytes.  They are my friends.

I did some research (aka I googled “low sodium side effects in runners”), and came across these articles: and

Basically, low sodium levels can result in headache, nausea, and tiredness along with other serious symptoms I don’t have (seizures, etc).  I’ve had a headache for four days (I thought it was just because I read both “Unbroken” and “Once a Runner” in one sitting), I felt nauseous and like vomiting on the run today, and I’ve been so tired I’ve been taking naps every day (something that I never do), along with the general exhaustion during runs.

Soooo, with that in mind, I will be increasing my sodium intake over the next few days by eating more pickles, possibly drinking tomato juice (honestly, that sounds sickening), eating eggs and adding a crap ton of salt, and cooking Asian stir fries because they always have a ton of sodium (soy sauce!!).  I will also make an effort to consume more Gatorade and less water- or maybe put Nuun tablets in my water.  We’ll see.

I think it’s interesting to consider that even though I eat a huge, wholesome diet, I never thought about the fact that I could be lacking in an essential electrolyte.  According to some study in an article I read as I made my way through Google, 90% of American adults consume way too much sodium.  Knowing me, I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum…

We shall see!  If nothing results from this experiment, at least I’ll have ruled one thing out.