Fun Friday Fartlek with Friend

(I’m such a dork.  I can’t.)

Before I get started with this post, which will be fueled by a jittery I-drank-more-caffeine-than-I-can-handle frenzy, it’s my four-year blogiversary!  WOW.  I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for four years!  Maybe some of the positive things that happened this morning count as a celebration. 🙂


Some things have changed (like my eyebrows, and my 5k PR)…my coworker still thinks I’m in high school, though

So the past couple days have not been the most fun.  My runs have gone pretty well, but to some extent, the rest of the day has been spent feeling like a train hit my body.  Yikes.  It’s been extremely helpful to have a running buddy for most of this week’s runs so far.  I’m not sure how I’d be getting through without them 😅

I wasn’t looking forward to another workout, but a couple days ago, one of my teammates texted me to say that she would be in town, and did I want to workout together?

Um, heck yes!

I hadn’t seen her all summer, so we had a lot to catch up on.  We met up this morning at a park with a 5-mile trail loop, and from the start of the warm-up to the end of the cool-down, we did not stop talking.  Both of us had been feeling a little burnt out and lonely, so we didn’t stress at all about the workout and just had a blast running with each other.  It was a 7-5-7-5 fartlek with 2 minutes’ recovery, and we didn’t even shut up during the workout, gasping for breath as we sprinted along the wooded trails.  I’m sure we looked and sounded ridiculous 😉


Here’s another 2013 throwback (at the same park from this morning!) for the blogiversary 😉

Working out together made us both super excited for when the whole team is back together!  Just a few more weeks.  Workouts (and the general grind of training) is so much easier when there are 20 other women working just as hard ❤

It’s also been almost chilly in the mornings for the past few days, which has made running more bearable.  This morning was 70 degrees and overcast- nothing like 85 and unbearable!

After the workout, I was stretching, rolling out, and refueling in the parking lot while watching local high schools compete in a cross country scrimmage.  Two of the most outgoing, hilarious young kids I’ve ever met came over and started asking 300 questions about my roller, stretch rope, car keys…even the lunch box that housed my post-workout breakfast.


Their older sister was running in the scrimmage, but they had gotten bored and were on an “adventure.”  The younger girl (4 or 5) proceeded to take over the foam roller and stretch rope while she showed off her moves.  Her brother was shocked when I didn’t know who their sister was, and that I didn’t go to her school- apparently all runners know each other 😉 While not noteworthy, this interaction with two extremely extroverted kids made my morning all over again.

I drove home and stopped to get ice and splurge on illy coffee, since it’s my favorite.  The most convenient place to get illy coffee happened to be my workplace’s biggest competitor (oops).  When I ordered my coffee from the manager, he asked who had better coffee.  I defended my workplace’s ice cream but reluctantly admitted that illy coffee tops all else…and the guy shook my hand and comped my coffee!  I felt like a traitor, but this was yet another positive happenstance that made my morning!


Ice bathing with my free caffeine 😉

After an eventful morning full of positive happenings not directly related to running (a refreshing change!), I took an ice bath, showered, and caught up with some friends.  The rest of the afternoon will be filled with lunch, a nap, and some chores before heading to work until 11 pm tonight.

I feel really content right now.   Also hopped up on (free) caffeine, so that might have something to do with it!  Something annoying or catastrophic will probably happen later to make up for this good morning 😉 but right now…all good.  I’m also going to a concert on Sunday with my friend to see some groups that I LOVE, so I’m so excited.  Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


3 Years Strong!

Yesterday was my 3-year blogiversary!  While I didn’t remember until today and therefore didn’t do anything specific to celebrate, I did have a super fun, full day.

(First blogiversary: Happy blogiversary! (and some other things)  Second blogiversary: Anniversary + pace run.  Damn, how things have changed)

I made a last-minute decision to sleep in (although I still woke up at 6:30- awesome), and running at 11 am instead of 7 resulted in lots of extra sweat… My legs were really tired from a long workout on Tuesday, but I kept the pace fairly easy, and it was nice to not have to run for more than 40ish minutes.  Afterwards, I did core and then drove out for a lunch date.  Potbelly sandwiches (and potato salad!!), rescuing a lost child, putt-putt golf, and just chilling…It was a fun afternoon.

After that, I headed home and got ready to go to a concert!  Packed the best salad ever due to the crazy amount of leftovers in my fridge: spinach, lettuce, yellow tomato, fresh corn, celery, leftover barbecue chicken, granny smith apple, homemade mango salsa, avocado, chickpeas, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  It was the bomb.


The concert was awesome.  A Great Big World, Matt Nathanson, and Phillip Phillips  were all performing.  They must have created this tour with me in mind- I adore all of those artists. ❤


While I can probably sing every Phillip Phillips song ever, Matt Nathanson honestly stole the show.  He should be a stand-up comedian!  His charismatic, earnest-yet-candid personality shone through in his interactions with the audience.  “I’m like One Direction in Mongolia.”  “I see there are young people in the audience.  I’m going to use some…heavy metaphor.  How do you start a fire without a match?  Friction.  This song is about…consensual friction.”  “We don’t usually play at venues this nice.  *pause* After this, I’m gonna go home and eat some Brie.”

Phillip Phillips has an incredible voice and can really project-maybe that’s why he won American Idol??- but he needs to work on actually having a personality.  His set fell a little flat after Matt Nathanson’s antics…maybe because of the age difference.  Gone, Gone, Gone is still a great song, though 😉


The concert was pretty long, and after 45 minutes of parking lot madness, we eventually got home at midnight and I woke up at 6:30 to run.  I’m exhausted and there’s a bit of pain around my left peroneal.  The grind continues.  9 days until school!

Anniversary + pace run

Happy two-year anniversary!  I can’t believe I’ve had this little corner of the Internet for two years now.

In my one-year anniversary post, I said something like “I’ve come a long way.”  That was a lie.  I had no idea that my senior year would be such a struggle.  Now I know better than to make pronouncements about coming a long way, since I have no idea what’s going to happen.  So I’ll satisfy myself with the knowledge that I’ve come a tiny way since I started the blog. 🙂

At this time last year, I had just finished my highest mileage week and was so tired of running.  I also had an allergic reaction or some shit to a mosquito bite and my ankle swelled up disgustingly.  Should’ve known that I would grow to hate running for a little period of my life…

Enough with that!   I’m currently sitting in LAX with nothing to do for another half hour until my plane boards, so I thought I’d type up a quick blog post.  Yesterday’s run was not fun at all; I slept in until 8 am and didn’t eat before the run, and the entire time I was running I just wanted to be done because my legs felt like they had bricks tied to them and I seemed to have forgotten how to use my arms.  I felt marginally better by the end (woo, endorphins) and did barefoot strides in the park in the canyon behind my grandma’s house.  5 “recovery” miles at 8:15 pace.  I managed to keep in mind that it made sense for me to feel so gross since I’d done 10 miles in 78 minutes the day before.

I woke up at 5 am this morning so that I could get my workout in before we left for the airport.

pace run

I had seven miles for the day, so I did two miles warm-up, three miles pace run, and two miles cool down.  It was 55 degrees (!!) and pitch black outside when I started running, so I got to watch the sunrise during my warm-up.  At 5 am, there was hardly anyone on the bike trail.

Warm-up: 2 miles at 8:48 pace
Pace run: 3 miles at 6:35 average (6:56, 6:41, 6:11)
Cool down: 2 miles at 8:15 pace

pace run splitsI was surprised that my last mile was so fast (faster than my 5k PR pace, actually!).  I was aiming for a 6:25 or so, but I think it was flatter/more downhill than the other two miles.  This workout felt a lot better than my tempo run last Friday.

Tomorrow is an off day from running (60 minutes of cross training), and I’m happy about that because we’re getting home at like 11 pm Eastern time.  Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed!

TEN DAYS UNTIL COLLEGE!  I still have so much dorm shopping to do.

Happy blogiversary! (and some other things)

Happy anniversary to my blog!  I knew it was coming up, but I didn’t know it was today until WordPress kindly informed me of the fact.  Wow!  I can’t believe I’ve had a blog for a year.  I’ve come a long way, too.

I’m not going to do the recap of stats thing or whatever it is people do on their blogiversary because who cares?  I have more important things to talk about.

Official practice started last Wednesday!  It’s weird without the seniors (I guess they’re alumni now…), so it will take some getting used to.  I actually feel like a captain now.

Last week was my highest mileage– EVER.  My body is definitely feeling the increase in running; I’ve been taking naps every day, eating a ton, and my legs/feet are sore as can be!  It’s great but also overwhelming.

What my week has looked like:

  • Monday: 58 minutes + abs
  • Tuesday: 48 minutes + pool + arms
  • Wednesday (first day of practice): 45 minutes + abs/push-ups
  • Thursday: 45 minutes
  • Friday: 10 min warm-up, 20 min tempo, 10 min cool down + abs
  • Saturday: 70 minutes + abs

My mileage total was approximately 40 miles, which is more than I have ever run in my life.  By the end of the long run on Saturday, my legs and feet were screaming, “No more!!” but a recovery day has done them good.

I went to the county fair last night, which I suppose also did my body good, right? 😉 Nothing quite like eating yourself sick on deep-fried cookie dough and funnel cake and then shaking your brains and guts all over the place on The Zipper.  It was fantastic. Also, I got to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in ages!

photo 4-2photo 1-3

I have exciting news!!  I won’t go into a ton of detail because I tend to leave out personal information (address, etc.), but I was chosen by a panel of area coaches as one of the top cross country prospects in the tri-state area going into this cross country season!  There is a press conference type deal next week where they announce everyone who was chosen, and the best part is, we get free limited-edition spikes! 🙂

I also have really disgusting news.  I was bitten by mosquitos three times in the same place on my ankle three days ago, and at first it was normal and itchy.  Two days ago, it swelled to the size of a baseball, and the skin became unbearably hot and stretched tight.  It’s probably  an allergic reaction, but I’ve never had one before!  And it’s in the most inconvenient spot, as I can no longer bend my ankle and my entire foot is also swollen.  That means no running.  I’m not injured!!  This is so annoying.  I’ll spare you the pictures because it is really quite disgusting– discolored (red and white), stretched super tight, swollen, and blistered.  Yuck.  Why did this happen because of a mosquito bite??

Anyway, I’ve been icing it like there’s no tomorrow and popping ibuprofen and Benadryl like a pro, so hopefully I’ll be able to run tomorrow or soon.  I feel really gross because I’ve been eating so much junk and haven’t done abs or push-ups in about five days, so time to hop back on that train.

It’s a new week! (and blog-year!)