First week of summer

This time of the year is always strange.  My brothers are still in school for another month, summer training hasn’t really picked up yet, and my internship doesn’t start until the end of the month.  Every year, I have trouble with the transition to summer mode because I’m the type that gets anxious if I have “nothing to do” on a given day.  I tend to feel guilty and unproductive even though the ability to relax is just as important for overall health as things like sleep and exercise!  So the beginning of this past week was hard, but I’ve been able to enjoy the leisure time more each day!


Highlights of this week:

Miles run: 16
Minutes cross trained: 70
Number of times I went out to eat: ZERO! (I’m really proud of that- trying really hard to be more frugal.)*

*Okay, I did go to Starbucks twice, but only because I had a gift card!

The few miles that I did run felt good.  There was some bunion pain, but the rest of my body didn’t feel as lethargic as I’d thought it would!

One day, a friend and I went on a picnic and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Another day, I went hiking with another friend.  I read a cliché summer book (The Vacationers) in one three-hour sitting.  We ate dinner outside as a family and tried fruitlessly to keep the mosquitos away with Citronella candles (didn’t work).  I spent hours and hours outside, soaking up the Vitamin D and beautiful weather.  One night brought a counterintuitively peaceful summer thunderstorm.


I’m trying to cook even more (and be more creative in the kitchen), and my brother has been helping with the food photography because he has a nice camera 😉  This week, I made the pancakes mentioned in the last post…

Lentil stew stuffed sweet potatoes from The Cutting Veg


Topped with yogurt and fresh basil (sounds weird, tastes incredible)

…and I also sauteed turnip greens for the first time, so as to not waste them.  Yum!


Roasted turnips and sweet potatoes, fresh tomato, sauteed turnip greens, mushrooms, green onions, and garlic with chicken

I also made copycat Levain Bakery cookies!  I’ve never actually been to Levain Bakery, but these cookies turned out incredible.

Last but not least, I cooked my first live crabs yesterday.  I love crabs and hadn’t eaten them in years!  They were delicious.  What a cool experience.


Now that I’m at home, I have access to a plethora of foods that were much more difficult to access at school.  We have the seasonal vegetables from our CSA.  Turnips, radishes, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce…all local and much fresher and more flavorful than anything you’d find at the grocery store!  Amazing farmer’s markets.  A semi-stocked pantry (although with two teenage boys and a college runner, nothing lasts long in this house).

This is allowing me to continue to develop my passion for cooking, for which I am so grateful!  It’s also been easier to avoid going out to eat and be more innovative and think of what I can make with the ingredients that we already have in the house.  Three cheers for saving money and eating cheaply, but healthily!

I’m itching to start training for real, but reminding myself to be patient!


New Year’s Resolutions…one day late

Happy New Year! Just for fun, let’s make fun of my second-grade self.

freakin' intellectual genius as a seven-year-old

freakin’ intellectual genius as a seven-year-old

Oh, New Year’s Day.  The trails are filled with people vowing to get their lives back on track. Couples run up and down the streets together in brand-new running shoes.  We resolutely throw away boxes of cookies and bags of chips because really, all that processed junk food is awful and I’m going to eat healthy this year.

Which lasts about three days.

(Less in my case because I was just forced to eat dim sum with my family even though I hate Chinese food with a passion and it makes me feel like shit.  I was planning on eating poached eggs and sugar snap peas for lunch, but instead was forced to eat slippery, jiggly shrimp dumplings, slimy duck, and over-adulterated green beans. UGHHHH. Poached eggs and toast on the menu for dinner.)

This year, my resolutions are not going to be the “Eat healthy and run six days a week” type of thing that they usually are because hey, I achieved that in 2013!  Mine are going to be smaller, but more specific.  More like a checklist. I’m posting them in order to hold myself accountable.   I’ll check in four times this year to see how I’m doing.

New Year’s Resolutions (To-do list?) 2014

1.  Be able to touch my hands to the floor and my nose to my knees (flexibility!). Stretch every day.

2. Do 51 push-ups without a break.  (I have this weird thing where I set a goal for myself but always have to do one more than the goal to prove, I guess, that I’ve actually achieved it. Like when I have “30 push-ups” written on my schedule, I always have to do 31 or else I feel like a failure.)

3. Get my license! (I could’ve gotten it already but I’ve been…procrastinating…)

4.  Get as close to breaking 18 minutes for 3 miles as I can.  (I know this is setting the bar high, considering how I’m 45 seconds away. But it’s okay if I don’t. I just realllllllllllllly want to.)

5. Become a better listener/more considerate.  Use my blog for snarky comments instead of saying them to people’s faces 😉

6.  Get a defined six-pack. I have one now if I flex…

7. Learn how to cook ten new things by heart.

8. Get MVP for the 2014 cross country season.  That will be a challenge because you never know what can happen in a season, and there are two other girls that are just as fast as me.  But if I train my hardest and want it the most, I can get it.

9. Get better at speaking Spanish out loud.

10. Do something (positive) I’ve never done before!

So those are my resolutions for 2014.  I hope I achieve them!  Hope everyone has a great year.

Travelin’ tips

I feel a little guilty writing this post because it’s about healthiness and I just ate half a pound of cookie dough and brownie batter. Now I feel crappy. (Learn from my mistakes) Anyway.

My family and I went to California this past weekend (traveling across the country for a two-day stay- tell me how that makes sense), and I have some tips and tricks to have a successful, healthy trip.

who doesn't love a good selfie with an airplane

Here’s a just-for-shits’n’giggles airport selfie with my lil bro. He likes to wear rubber bands around his neck. (See the airplane in the back?)

#1: Drink lots of water on the plane!  People have a tendency to skimp on water while flying because they either don’t want to have to get up and use the bathroom, or they forget that they’re thirsty.  Also, it’s always awkward when you have to wake up the complete stranger next to you and ask them to move now because I’m going to pee my pants in five seconds.  Anyway, don’t skimp on water! Staying hydrated is important.

#2: Wear compression socks on the plane.  This helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (swelling and blood clots). I packed some snazzy white calf sleeves and sported them under yoga pants.  Yay for comfort 🙂

#3: Pack your own food! The night before an airplane ride, my mom always orders a pizza or subs for a quick, easy, unhealthy airplane meal the next day.  This time, she ordered sausage pizza.  Nope! Sorry, not for me.  To avoid ingesting this fatty, cheesy, greasy mess, I made myself a nice little wrap.  Whole wheat tortilla, chicken breast, low fat Italian dressing, cherry tomatoes, and spinach.

My delicious wrap- better and 100x more nutritious than pizza!!

My delicious wrap- better and 100x more nutritious than pizza!! (it was more appetizing than the photo looks)

It was sooo good.  Much better than sausage pizza.  I also packed oranges, a banana, and some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Girl’s gotta indulge somehow 😉  My tip for you is, if you pack yummy, healthy food, you can avoid ingesting the unhealthy crap that comes with traveling.

#4: Get up and walk around every once in awhile.  Staying in a cramped seat with no leg room for 5+ hours is not my idea of a good time.  I try to get my blood flowing and muscles working, even just by walking up and down the aisle a couple times throughout the flight. (This is easiest if you’re sitting in the aisle seat, obviously).

Our flight was relatively painless, although there was a weird-looking man who chewed through an entire pack of gum before we even took off sitting across from me. Oh, well. Can’t have everything.

I’m really looking forward to my next post because I think workout posts are more exciting than this kinda thing. (You should read it anyway, of course)