How is spring break already over??

I’m a terrible person because I’ve been trying to publish something- anything- for four days and just haven’t gotten around to it!

Happy Easter to everyone, no matter if you are super religious or if you used to be super religious but are now a Christmas-and-Easter-churchgoer. (Guess who the latter applies to)

I finally have my driver’s license!! Now there’s just the issue of acquiring a car…what with my current savings, I see that happening when I’m, oh, maybe 35.  I did go on my first official errand, though, to Harris Teeter for vanilla ice cream!

My driving instructor came into the house to have my mom sign all the necessary papers, and my eighth-grade brother was singing some sort of pop song, in falsetto, at the top of his lungs upstairs.  So my driving instructor went, in his thick accent, “Is he auditioning for American Idol?”

Maybe it was a had-to-be-there moment.

Spring break has gone well for the most part.  I’m definitely behind on my homework/SAT prep, but that’s to be expected.  I typed up a long, boring post about my road trip last week, but probably no one wants to read about what I did every second of the day, so here’s the Cliffs Notes version: My mom and I road-tripped Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday touring colleges, resulting in some gigantic not-so-healthy meals because we went out for lunch and dinner every day. Luckily, I’ve gotten back on the nutrition train for the most part, aside from a few froyo field trips to celebrate me not failing my driver’s test. 😉

Spring break training

  • Saturday 4/12: 50 min run + core + push-ups
  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: mile warm-up, 6x800m w/ 2-3 min jog, 800 cool down while accidentally trespassing (I think) on some random track in North Carolina. Very humid. Yuck.
Post-humid morning workout on the track we weren't supposed to be at.

Post-humid morning workout on the track we weren’t supposed to be using.

  • Tuesday: 40 min treadmill + core + weights in the hotel fitness room
  • Wednesday: mile warm-up, descending ladder- 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 300 w/ 3 min jog between each, 1200 cool down + core
  • Thursday: 40 min run + core + push-ups
  • Friday: 10 min warm-up, 20 min tempo, 10 min cool down
  • Saturday: long run- 8 miles.  Morning weight lifting + abs.  Mom was late coming to drop me off at a spot on the trail so I had to improvise some quick pre-long run fueling…spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly!



  • Sunday: off

In typical teenage fashion, I discovered on my long run that your phone (which I was carrying to listen to music) makes a very good distraction from the pain you’re putting yourself through.  Have you ever tried texting while running? It’s difficult, man!  I ended up sending my friends short videos of me narrating my run because I was a) bored, b) in pain, c) mentally dysfunctional, and d) it’s really, really hard to type while running so naturally videos are the way to go.

Here are some other snippets of my spring break:

photo 2

I don’t even know what this face is… enjoying the return of warmish weather. Should’ve brought sunglasses. #selfie

photo 1

My breakfast every day for the past month.  Oatmeal made with milk, buried under a mountain of bananas, strawberries, frozen raspberries, almond butter, and cinnamon. ❤

More highlights to come.

My next “goal” race- the mile- is in six days! Yikes!  I wish it wasn’t right after spring break because that’s notoriously the time when everyone is out of shape.  However, I did PR in the two mile nine days ago, and I’ve had a solid week of solo spring break training, so hopefully the race won’t be too bad.