Miscellaneous Monday

Some Monday Funday things:

I ate three bananas today.   Can you say obsession?

behold banana beauty

behold banana beauty

They just go with everything! On oatmeal, for snack, for dessert, with chocolate… ūüėČ

I weight lifted before school today, adamantly refusing to do any sort of leg work. ¬†In terms of strength work, last week was kind of lacking… I did one strength session like a week and a half ago and then a few half-hearted push-ups during the week. ¬†Oh well.

I had a great workout today, actually! ¬†Short and sweet: three mile repeats at a fast pace with extended rest (4 minutes of jogging). ¬†Our coach instructed us to run the first two at the pace he prescribed for us, then run the last one at¬†goal two mile pace. ¬†What!? ¬†I ran the first two at 6:00 and 6:01, right on pace. ¬†Everyone was dreading the last one, but I managed to finish (with terrible form) in 5:37! ¬†(11:14 two mile pace) After a mile cool down, we felt¬†entitled to skip¬†our post-workout ab routine. ¬†Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.


how I feel about core tomorrow

I’m happy with today’s workout, especially considering Saturday’s disaster.

Anyway, aside from a good workout,¬†I have a rant about my psychology teacher. ¬†For some background, I’m in IB, so six of my classes are intense high level courses. ¬†My seventh class is a general psychology class full of idiots that I signed up for just to fill my schedule requirements of seven classes. ¬†(IB Psych was full) ¬†The teacher is the biggest idiot of them all. ¬†And he thinks all the things he says are¬†right when they’re all just plain wrong.¬† I honestly wanted to punch him in the face today. ¬†We started the “Adolescent Development” unit and here are just three of the dozens of ridiculously aggravating “facts” he spewed:

1) “Girls who develop later have higher self-esteem and are less self-conscious because they don’t get unwanted attention from boys and people call them ‘cute’ and it makes them feel better about themselves.”

Yeah.  Actually, every single girl in my class protested this little factoid, but obviously he knows better than the PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY GIRLS AND HAVE ACTUALLY GONE THROUGH MIDDLE SCHOOL AND PUBERTY AS A GIRL because he watched some movie where this was the case.

2) “Anorexics have to be at least 25% underweight.”

I personally¬†challenged him (relatively politely, I think) on this one because IT IS SO FREAKIN’ WRONG. ¬†I said, “There are plenty of anorexic people who aren’t underweight at all. ¬†It’s a mental disorder with physical side effects, not a physical disorder.” He responded, “Well, sometimes they aren’t exactly 25% underweight, but they’re on their way there.” NO NO NO YOU ARE SO STUPID OH MY GOD.

3) “The only males who are bulimic are athletes who have to lose weight for sports competitions, like wrestlers.”

Whoa whoa whoa. ¬†So many things wrong with this statement. ¬†Good lord. ¬†To make matters worse, some insensitive moron commented, “Hah huh heh bulimia, that sounds like a Harry Potter spell.”

4) here’s an extra one! “Anorexia only manifests around age 17 and later.”

And then some brilliant Einstein in my class chimed in, “Oh yeah, I saw a documentary about a 12-year-old anorexic and it was like the youngest case ever.” Do you know how stupid you are? ¬†Anorexia can manifest at literally any point in someone’s life. ¬†Hell, there are five-year-olds who think they are fat, as sad as that is.

Soooo, yeah, this has been an extremely biased, opinionated, rude rant but I hope nobody minds. ¬†If you do, you can leave me a nasty comment ūüėČ ¬†Or just don’t read it; that’s fine too.

Happy Monday!