Summer Training Week 4 (42 miles + 120 min XT)





#revived to write this post ūüėČ

Heck yeah, it’s time for another weekly summer training recap! ¬†This week, I pushed my mileage a wee bit more (getting ready for that jump next week) and worked a lotttt of difficult shifts. ¬†Definitely crashed and burned a bit by Saturday. ¬†Got on a lot more soft surfaces, though!


Long run views from this morning!

Week 4 (6/12-6/18):

Monday: ¬†AM: 6 miles bike path.¬† Some soft(er) surface…for like a mile!¬† Core circuit.¬† Some foot pain but not too bad.¬† PM: 30 min swim.¬† Felt good.¬† Foot soak, roll, Tiger Balm.
Tuesday: ¬†AM: 7 miles with Noah with one mile on the trails. ¬†Significant foot pain during the second half of the run.¬† Drills and strides.¬† EXCELLENT lower body lift.¬† Pushed the weight and did the most unassisted parallel grip pull-ups I’ve ever done.¬† PM: 2 miles.¬† Crazy work shift until 10 pm per usual.
Wednesday:  60 min pool (50 swim, 10 aqua jog).  Was very pleasant.  1 hour slow flow yoga class.
Thursday:  AM: 7 miles @ 7:39 average on the C&O canal.  TBH felt pretty darn shitty.  PM: 30 min bike, felt good, upper body lift.  Busy work shift until 10 pm.
Friday:  AM: 7 miles on sidewalks/bike path.  Glute activation, drills, strides, core.  PM: 3 miles.  Tired from morning.  Long, crazy work shift until 11 pm.
Saturday: OFF.  Very glad for this rest day.  SO tired from the past couple days.  I felt like a zombie until like 6 pm.
Sunday:  10 miles @ 7:40 average at Manassas Battlefield.  All soft surface!  (Long grass/gravel/trails)  I had never run there before.  It was hot, humid, and hilly, but the views were unbeatable!

Total: 42 miles + 120 min XT.  
Dang…work this week kicked my ass. ¬†Our ice cream store is getting more popular by the minute, and during today’s shift, we did not stop moving¬†one time¬†for five hours straight. ¬†Also, the A/C in the store is broken, the freezers pump out hot air, and it never gets lower than 85 degrees. ¬†After a hot, dehydrating ten-miler…I almost passed out into the dip case a couple times ūüėČ ¬†It’s just heat training, right??
I managed to get two soft-surface runs in this week, along with some sporadic dirt paths during a couple other runs!  So definitely an improvement from last week.
Sleep this week wasn’t the greatest, unfortunately. ¬†I worked a lot of late shifts, which riled me up at bedtime. ¬†But I suppose it’s worth it for the paycheck! ¬†#brokecollegestudentprobs
And my nutrition has been okay, but not stellar- I’m just eating a lot of breads/baked goods and sugar, which is not prime fueling. ¬†My post-run recovery foods are good (oatmeal, yogurt, eggs, nut butter, fruits, veggies…protein, complex carbs, healthy fats), but as the day progresses, I’ve been getting lazy! ¬†And it’s hard at work when you’re just tryna stay alive, ya feel? ¬†I get home after a long, hard shift and can’t tell if I’m physically ravenous or just mentally need some junk food. ¬†Oh, well. ¬†You live and learn (and lose a six-pack in the process, hehe).

Homemade pumpkin bread

This morning’s long run was 80 degrees, 85% humidity, and very hilly with long grass, but the views were awesome! ¬†I had originally planned to meet my friend out at the battlefields, but her foot has been bothering her, so I ran by myself. ¬†Ran in silence over the hills and through the woods (literally) for the first half and then listened to a¬†Runner’s World¬†podcast during the second half. ¬†It was kind of hard.IMG_6605.jpg
The new training week starts tomorrow, so gotta go rest up!  Running bright and early with one of my favorite running buddies.

First week of summer

This time of the year is always strange. ¬†My brothers are still in school for another month, summer training hasn’t really picked up¬†yet, and my internship doesn’t start until the end of the month. ¬†Every year, I have trouble with the transition¬†to summer mode¬†because I’m the type that gets anxious¬†if I have “nothing to do” on a given day. ¬†I tend to¬†feel guilty and unproductive even though the ability to relax¬†is just as important for overall health as things like sleep and exercise! ¬†So the beginning of this past week was hard, but I’ve been able to enjoy the leisure time more each day!


Highlights of this week:

Miles run: 16
Minutes cross trained: 70
Number of times¬†I went out to eat: ZERO! (I’m really proud of that- trying really hard to be more frugal.)*

*Okay, I did go to Starbucks twice, but only because I had a gift card!

The few miles that I did run felt good. ¬†There was some bunion pain, but the rest of my body didn’t feel as lethargic as I’d thought it would!

One day, a¬†friend and I went on a picnic and enjoyed the beautiful weather. ¬†Another day, I went hiking with another friend. ¬†I read a clich√© summer book (The Vacationers)¬†in one three-hour sitting. ¬†We ate dinner outside as a family and tried fruitlessly to keep the mosquitos away with Citronella candles (didn’t work). ¬†I spent hours and hours outside, soaking up the Vitamin D and beautiful weather. ¬†One night brought a counterintuitively peaceful summer thunderstorm.


I’m trying to cook even more (and be more creative in the kitchen), and my brother has been helping with the food photography because he has a nice camera ūüėČ ¬†This week, I made the pancakes mentioned in the last post…

Lentil stew stuffed sweet potatoes from The Cutting Veg


Topped with yogurt and fresh basil (sounds weird, tastes incredible)

…and I also sauteed turnip greens for the first time, so as to not waste them. ¬†Yum!


Roasted turnips and sweet potatoes, fresh tomato, sauteed turnip greens, mushrooms, green onions, and garlic with chicken

I also made copycat Levain Bakery cookies! ¬†I’ve never actually been to Levain Bakery, but these cookies turned out incredible.

Last but not least, I cooked¬†my first live crabs yesterday. ¬†I¬†love¬†crabs and hadn’t eaten them in years! ¬†They were delicious. ¬†What a cool experience.


Now that I’m at home, I have access to a plethora of foods that were much more difficult to access at school. ¬†We have the seasonal vegetables from our CSA. ¬†Turnips, radishes, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce…all local and much fresher and more flavorful than anything you’d find at the grocery store! ¬†Amazing farmer’s markets. ¬†A semi-stocked pantry (although with two teenage boys and a college runner, nothing lasts long in this house).

This is allowing me to continue to develop my passion for cooking, for which I am so grateful! ¬†It’s also been easier to avoid going out to eat and be more innovative and think of what I can make with the ingredients that we already have in the house. ¬†Three cheers for saving money and eating cheaply, but healthily!

I’m¬†itching¬†to start training for real, but reminding myself to be patient!

“Spring” break

Hello from home! ¬†I’m currently on spring break (can somebody inform the weather?), and the respite from schoolwork is working¬†wonders.¬† I’ve been reading a great book (Room by Emma Donoghue, upon which the 2015 movie is based), wearing groutfits all day, running/cross training, cooking, and watching more TV than I have in what seems like years. ¬†I just ate four black bean brownies for dessert because they’re delicious and I can. ¬†They’re small; it’s fine ūüėČ


Black bean brownies from¬†Chocolate Covered Katie! ¬†I added a bit of ground coffee and topped them with melted chocolate ūüôā

Three cheers for helpful Apple tech people and a functional computer! ¬† Yet again, apologies for the prolonged blogging¬†absence. ¬†Morning pool workouts, daily training room appointments, and a non-functional computer have added to this semester’s increased schoolwork demands. ¬†I feel like I’m years behind in updating you all about¬†what’s been going on!


Two weeks ago, I ran 32 miles and cross trained for 250 minutes, which included three swim workouts and zero running workouts.  I felt progressively stronger in the pool and in the weight room.  Foot pain persisted.  I was up at the crack of dawn every day for practice and wonky pool hours.

Last week, I ran 43 miles and cross trained for 120 minutes (a mixture of stationary bike and pool), which included two running workouts and one mini pool workout.  I was in the training room every day both weeks- heating, rolling, and doing foot exercises, joint mobility, laser, and ice.

The first track workout back (2/28) went surprisingly¬†well! ¬†3 mile warm-up, drills, strides, 3×800 with 200 jog (2:52, 2:52, 2:50), lap on turf, 4×400 with 60-90s recovery (80, 78, 78, 77), lap on turf, 4×400 with 90-2:00 recovery, (76, 74, 73, 73), 3 mile cool down. ¬†It was exciting and gratifying to hit those splits;¬†pool workouts really do work to keep your aerobic fitness up! ¬†But I was sore for two days afterwards.

My team wrapped up the indoor season in Boston this past weekend with lots of stellar performances! ¬†We kind of fell apart as a team throughout indoor season due to injury and illness, but I’m hoping to regain some of that cohesiveness as outdoor begins.

On Saturday, I drove out to a park that we used to race¬†at all the time in high school to do my long run. ¬†It was beautiful! ¬†Very windy and cold, but the views and trails couldn’t be beat.IMG_4565.jpg

I think I’ve done a good job listening to my body over the past few weeks and not cramming in too much volume (cross training or running). ¬†My goal is to be more¬†careful than last time while increasing the mileage, and I’m going to try like hell to keep the foot pain and inflammation under control.

Other life stuff

For some reason, last week I had the most intense dessert cravings I’ve had in awhile. ¬†All I wanted at night was ice cream, brownies, and¬†chocolate cake. ¬†So I have been indulging those cravings! ¬†My teammate and I went to go watch¬†the high school state meet and cheer on our respective high schools, and we stopped at Whole Foods afterwards because of course we did ūüėČ ¬†This “Mississippi Mud Bar” was¬†incredible.


On Thursday,¬†I received my acceptance into the business school!! ¬†What a great way to start spring break ūüôā ¬†I was feeling very burned out from school- intermediate accounting is kicking my ass- but this served as justification for the grind. ¬†I didn’t mention it in this post¬†, but I applied last semester and was rejected from both the majors and the minors program. ¬†The same weekend I went through a break-up, the business school sent me not one, but¬†two¬†rejection letters. ¬†What a great time ūüėČ ¬†Also, yes, the below picture features the ugly screws I’ve been rocking for the last several weeks. ¬†I cannot¬†wait¬†to get the implants. ¬†Until then, I’m trying to avoid pictures of myself.IMG_4535.jpg


I’ve been hanging out with this guy:IMG_4566.jpg

Made balsamic honey glazed salmon, quinoa, and steamed asparagus with lemon for my family tonight:


The rest of spring break will include a full body massage (so excited!) and a trip to New York before heading back to school. ¬†Then it’s just one short week until (hopefully) my first race since November! ¬†I just want to get a baseline, and as I said before, keep my feet under control ūüôā

Time to go finish reading¬†Room! ¬†I will definitely try to post more- now that my computer is working again, hopefully life will be a little easier! ¬†#firstworldproblems…

Weekly Recap + brownie batter oatmeal

Good morning! ¬†After a restless night’s sleep, I woke up way too early this morning (as usual) and went to the locker room to do some yoga and core before sitting down to an incredible breakfast. ¬†I’m taking a much-needed off day from running because my body is complaining¬†loudly.

Today’s agenda includes the usual Sunday laundry, chores, homework, errands, and a Super Bowl party at a friend’s apartment. ¬†My goal for today (and this week in general) is to get ahead on schoolwork¬†so I have more time to focus on doing all the little things, contributing to extracurriculars, and starting to prepare for midterms!


Brownie batter oatmeal: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 mashed banana, 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, and 3 tbsp egg whites. ¬†I added a heaping spoonful¬†of Trader Joe’s chia/flax peanut butter.

Anyway, here is a recap of the past week of training:

Week of 1/30-2/5:

Monday: AM: 7 miles trails, tired so took it kind of relaxed, core routine.  PM: 2 lap warm-up, hurdle drills, 1.5 mile run, hurdle/stride work after and tweaked my right glute.  Total: 9 miles.
Tuesday: 2 mile w/u, 5 x 800 with 1:30-2:30 recovery (2:55, 2:52, 2:51, 2:51, 2:50) last one retro, 20 min c/d.  10 parallel pull-ups.  Stim/ice on glute, NormaTec boots 20 minutes.  Total: 7 miles.
Wednesday: 60 min pool (30 aqua jog, 30 swim).  Sleep-deprived but progressively better.
Thursday: AM: 2 lap w/u, drills/speed ladder, 8 miles fast-ish, 4 x 100m strides, upper body lift in weight room.  PM: 2 miles + foam rolling.  Started using new shoes.
Friday: AM: 2 mile shakeout. ¬†Tight/tired but progressively better. ¬†PM: 20 min w/u, drills/strides, 3 x [4×400] with 60/90/2min rec and a lap between sets (81, 82, 81, 81, 78, 76, 76, 77, 76, 76, 76, 72), 3 mile cool down, ice bath
Saturday: 10 miles on trails.  Terrible.
Sunday: no running; 40 min yoga/stretching/core

Total: 47 miles + 60 min XT + yoga

Honesty time!! I¬†definitely¬†increased the mileage and intensity too fast. ¬†Running-wise, I went from normal mileage (around 55)¬†to 9 miles to 35 miles to 47 miles and workouts. ¬†This is partly my fault, partly my coach’s fault. ¬†Anyway, my body hurts. ¬†Like, everywhere. ¬†Legs are heavy, bunions are killing me, hip flexor is complaining a lot, and everything is tight. ¬†Which is why I’m taking an unplanned off day today!

Sleep was terrible. ¬†Ugh. ¬†I don’t know what else I can do. ¬†I just…don’t sleep. ¬†I journal every night, try to unwind, and go to bed at 10, but I still end up not sleeping. ¬†I feel like I’m wasting time and it’s completely avoidable and hampering recovery and it makes me ANGRY.

On a positive note, both of this week’s workouts were solid! ¬†Also, my roommate ran her first indoor race¬†in¬†two years¬†last night and absolutely crushed it. ¬†She’s had a rough couple months and was so nervous and didn’t believe in herself, even though there were no expectations for this race. ¬†But in the second half, she really came alive and dropped the hammer. ¬†It was awesome to see. ¬†I’m so proud and excited for her.

Throughout the past week, I reapplied to the business school, joined Women’s Initiative in Leadership, and applied (and got accepted) to Spoon University! ¬†I will be researching, writing, and publishing articles about food- and college-related topics, and I’m¬†so¬†excited.

Gotta go get my laundry so that’s all for now! ¬†I hope everyone has a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Outdoor season opener: 3k PR (10:22.00)

Yesterday was my first collegiate outdoor meet!  It was a home invitational, which was super convenient because my dorm is a 5-minute walk from the track and our locker room was literally 20 seconds away.  Everything was right where we needed it to be!

The night before the race, I fueled up with grilled chicken, whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce, a giant salad, and pineapple-glazed carrots.

My race day breakfast of choice was oatmeal with almond butter/cinnamon/chia seeds/raspberries/bananas, plain Greek yogurt, Wawa coffee, and a multivitamin.


I ran the 3k along with like 15 other teammates. ¬†The race was at 2:50, so I did my shakeout run at 7:30, ate breakfast (and drank too much Wawa coffee…) at 8:30, lunch at 11:30, watched my friends race the 1500 at 11:45, and headed over to the track for good around 1:15.

We warmed up for 20 minutes and did drills and strides on the infield.  A lot of people scratched, so they combined the 2 heats into one.  We lined up on the starting line, the gun went off, and we were off!

I didn’t feel¬†great¬†from the beginning, but I didn’t feel horrible either. ¬†Honestly, I think it took me awhile to get mentally into the race because on lap 3 I could’ve sworn we were on lap 4, and I was not happy when I realized we still had over a mile to go.


There wasn’t a clock so I have no¬†idea what any of my splits were. ¬†(Actually, I know my second lap was an 80. ¬†That’s it.) ¬†Oh, well. ¬†Three of my teammates and I worked together for about a mile, and then with 600 to go we really started kicking it in. ¬†I entered the last lap a little ahead of one of my teammates who has a great kick and we battled it out for 300 meters… she ended up outkicking me, but I was happy that I stayed with her and had a pretty strong kick!


My finishing time was 10:22.00, which was a PR by over ten seconds! ¬†I’m so excited. ¬†That’s 25 seconds down since December and 10 seconds¬†faster than last month.¬† It converts to roughly 11:04 for 3200, which is over 15 seconds faster than what I ran in high school!IMG_0827.PNG

After the race, we did a workout and a leg lift before stretching, rolling, and ice bathing.  Afterwards, I went out to dinner with my mom and grandma, who had come down to watch me race!

Amazing post-race dinner: steak with Merlot butter, sweet potato fries, and grilled zucchini.IMG_0829.JPG

Followed by the most decadent flourless chocolate cake I’ve ever had. ¬†Paired with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and cream, this cake was literally a truffle in cake form. IMG_0831.JPG

After not getting very much sleep last night, I woke up this morning, ate a bagel and a clementine, and ran 9 miles to shake out my legs from the race.

My mileage this week was about¬†49 miles, one mile short of 50 but still the highest mileage I’ve ever run in my life! ¬†And I feel great!!

My mom brought down leftover corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes from their Saint Patrick’s Day dinner, so I devoured all of it after my MR+ today.


Not the prettiest but SO GOOD (I had two plates…)

The past day after the race has been filled with extremely good food and a distinct lack of sleep, but it’s completely fine to indulge for a day after a race. ¬†Once this weekend ends, it’s back to the grind of healthy food, sleep, midterms, etc. #balance

I’m so excited for the rest of the outdoor season. ¬†I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, and all the hard work we’ve been doing day in and day out is paying off. ¬†Hopefully, injury and illness don’t butt in. ¬†While bad races await me just as good races do, I’ll take it all as long as it pays off in the long run. ¬†All I want to do is contribute to my team.

Training recap (2/22-3/6)

I may have given myself mild hypothermia from my post-long run ice bath today.



Anyway, as I sit here drinking hot tea huddled in blankets with the heater going full blast, I’ll recap the past two weeks ūüėČ

Finally, finally, finally after a rollercoaster month of inconsistent training, I’ve been able to complete two weeks of “normal” training. ¬†My body is feeling it…but that’s a good thing.

Week of 2/22-2/28:

Monday: 6 miles, drills, strides, upper body lift
Tuesday: 20 minute warm-up, drills, strides, fartlek (8 x [2:00h, 1:00e, 1:00h, :30e]), 15 min cool down, lower body lift (Total = 10 miles)
Wednesday: 60 min stationary bike
Thursday: AM: 40 min elliptical.  PM: 6 miles, drills, strides, upper body lift, yoga
Friday: drills, 10 min run, 33 min progression run, 10 min run, 4 x 400m w/ 200m jog, 15 min cool down (Total = 11 miles)
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 11 miles

Total: 47 miles, 100 min XT

Week of 2/29-3/6:

Monday: 6 miles, drills, strides, upper body lift
Tuesday: 20 min warm-up, drills, strides, [2 x 1200m 4:42, 4:38, 2 x 800m 2:53, 2:54, 6 x 400m 80, 80, 78, 77, 76, 74], 23 min cool down, lower body lift (Total = 10 miles)
Wednesday: 60 min XT pool (30 swim, 30 aqua jog)
Thursday: AM: 40 min stationary bike.  PM: 6 miles, drills, strides, upper body lift, yoga
Friday: 21 min warm-up, 4 mile pace run (6:35, 6:33, 6:22, 6:23), 24 min cool down, lower body lift (Total = 10 miles)
Saturday: 25 min stationary bike, core, push-ups
Sunday: 11 miles

Total: 43 miles, 125 min XT

Three cheers for real training! ¬†Putting in the work makes me satiated like nothing else. ¬†I was exhausted at the end of last week but less exhausted this week (although this morning’s¬†long run is starting to hit me…)

Last week’s long run was actually horrible; I felt shitty right from the get-go but struggled through by myself while progressively feeling worse the whole run. ¬†This week’s long run was a lot better: I ran a somewhat¬†erratically paced 5 miles with a friend from high school and then 6 miles by myself. ¬†My iPod¬†died after 6 minutes by myself, though!

march long run

I sped up once I was on my own…miles 7 and 8 were uber hilly

This week’s workouts were really solid. ¬†Tuesday was my first full track workout in seven weeks, and even though I didn’t feel amazing, it was thrilling¬†to be completely back on the track. ¬†Friday’s workout was “on your own”, so my friend and I headed out at 7 am in the middle of a freezing rain storm. ¬†Ice pellets were literally stinging our faces to the point where we couldn’t open our eyes during the warm-up, but the workout itself was not bad. ¬†For the conditions, it was a strong effort.

Knock on wood, I’m feeling good about my fitness level. ¬†My first outdoor race (the 3k) is in a little less than two weeks, and I want to be ready. ¬†I’m still not sure if I’ll be focusing on the 1500-3k or 3k-5k this spring, but I am open to whatever my coaches want me to do.

One of the perks of being home is the farmer’s market right down the street, so of course I stopped by before the long run. ¬†Stocked up on butternut squash, spaghetti squash, pink lady and goldrush apples, and kale!


And for my post-long run lunch, I had Siggi’s blueberry yogurt, a piece of 80% dark chocolate, an apple with peanut butter, and the same quinoa and chili I had for lunch yesterday!



The afternoon has been filled with more house moving related activities, and now it’s time for a nap. ¬†In addition to training this week, I’ll hopefully be doing fun DC activities and road trip adventures!

Weird Weekends

Pienso que mi cuerpo est√° roto.

After a weird weekend in which everyone was on different schedules (some went up to Pennsylvania to race, some stayed here to race, I went home for a funeral), the coaches decided not to hold practice today.  My roommate and I wanted to get our long runs over with early, so we went to the track at 8 am.  The only other person there at that time was the fastest person on the team (she runs the 5k in 15:XX).

So… I steeled myself and went off for¬†my long run with her and my roommate (who is known to hammer every single run).

I managed to run with them for 38 minutes on a hilly route. ¬†I haven’t used my GPS in months so I don’t know the *exact* mileage, but that was roughly 5.5 miles (or 6:50 pace). ¬†At that point, shortly after going up a long-ass hill, I died. ¬†I didn’t stop running, but I hit a wall that took about 10 minutes to go away and they went off on their merry way. ¬†I did the last 30 minutes by myself¬†and stopped running at 71 minutes.

Afterwards, we went to Wawa to pick up post-long run goodies! (Of course.) ¬†My friend convinced me to give Quest bars another chance, so I tried the cookies and cream one. ¬†It was actually pretty good, as far as protein bars go. ¬†It was also the last day of Wawa’s $.79 any size coffee deal, so I had the same 16 oz coffee/hot chocolate I got last week.


Anyway. ¬†Fastest/hardest long run of my life. ¬†My body hates me now. ¬†The ice bath felt amazing, and I’ve been eating nonstop since 10 am today. ¬†Gotta refuel properly!



+ carrots, sweet potatoes, yogurt, NatureBox snacks (more below), etc…

Last week’s mileage:

Monday: 6 miles, drills, strides, strength circuit
Tuesday: 20 min warm-up but sick so took rest of day off
Wednesday: 60 min XT (bike)
Thursday: 6 miles, drills, strides, strength circuit, yoga
Friday: 3 mi warm-up, fartlek (10-8-6 with 2 min recovery), 20 min cool-down.  Total = 10 miles
Saturday: 3 miles kind of fast, abs
Sunday: 10 miles (38 minutes super fast)

Total: 38 miles, 60 min XT

I got sick on Monday and Tuesday, so after running the warm-up on Tuesday and confessing to my coach that I felt like shit, she told me to take the rest of the day off. ¬†Mentally, it sucked. ¬†Physically, it was the right call. ¬†I’m a tiny bit annoyed, though, because if I had¬†hit 9-10 miles that day like my schedule called for,¬†I would’ve run above 45 miles for the week- aka the highest mileage I’ve ever done!


Due to getting sick, missing Tuesday’s workout, and¬†having to go¬†home, I didn’t race this weekend. ¬†I went home on the train Thursday evening for a funeral and woke up bright and early Saturday morning to return to school.


I made sure to pack plenty of lovely snacks for the train.


And I somehow did nothing for three hours before finally deciding to do some¬†work…IMG_8381.jpg

A couple weeks ago, I decided to try out NatureBox because they had a 50% off first-time-subscriber deal.  The snacks arrived last week!


I ordered¬†white cheddar caramel popcorn, dark cocoa “nom noms”, blueberry almond quinoa bites, and they threw in the apple pie oat clusters as a surprise for free!

IMG_8354.JPGVerdict: the popcorn was amazing, the dark cocoa nom noms were disappointing (mealy/weird-tasting), the apple pie oat clusters were decent, and the blueberry almond quinoa bites were pretty good. ¬†I’ve already finished the popcorn. ¬†Darn.

The first-time deal was great (4 bags of snacks for $7!), but I cancelled my subscription because there is no¬†way to justify spending $13.95 for 3 bags of snacks. ¬†I’ll stick to the¬†yogurt and oatmeal and bagels and fruits and vegetables that I can take from the caf.

‚ôęIs it too late now to say sorry‚ôę…

…to my coaches and my calf for running¬†yesterday’s workout¬†way¬†too fast?

But first: Monday’s lunch! ¬†‘Twas simple yet gorgeous.


PB&J, carrots, sugar snap peas, pretzels, edamame, and plain Greek yogurt with strawberries

After an easy (finally!) six miles¬†on Monday, my calf wasn’t feeling great but the rest of me was raring to go. ¬† The workout was the usual 20 minutes warm-up, drills, and strides, and then 4 sets of 3-4 x 400. ¬†The freshmen (so, me) were instructed to only do 12 total, so I did 4 sets of 3. ¬†The first set was supposed to be at lactate threshold pace, the second set at 10k pace, the third at 5k-3k pace, and the fourth at 3k-1500 pace, with rest time increasing as pace increased and a lap between sets.

But…um…it’s really hard to go lactate threshold pace for 400s. ¬†The “comfortably hard” pace is ideal for pace runs and sometimes even mile repeats, but for speedwork? ¬†Clearly, this workout stressed¬†control, and I failed miserably.

Anyway, I warmed up to the track and cycled through the usual dynamic stretches and strides. ¬†My first set of 3 was 87, 86, 85, which is definitely not my lactate threshold pace but definitely not hard either. ¬†I was itching to go faster. ¬†This pattern of “way too fast” continued for the rest of the workout…


  • 1st set: 87, 86, 85
  • 2nd set: 82, 83, 82
  • 3rd set: 82, 82, 79
  • 4th set: 79, 76, 73

At least I decreased every set…

This workout included a lot more rest than I’ve had in awhile, and I felt good throughout the entire workout because of it. ¬†I ended up circling the track¬†during the same time my high school team was doing mile repeats. ¬†On my last 400, the varsity boys were about 50 meters in front of me, and I was still full of energy from holding back the rest of the workout and really wanted to catch them, so I hammered…and I caught them. ¬†Probably not the best decision, and it left my calves burning, but mentally, it was great. ūüėČ ¬†All in all, it was a good workout, even if it was much faster than it should’ve been!

Sorry, coaches.  Sorry, calves.  Please forgive me.

After a 20 minute cool down (total = 9 miles) and a couple of balance circuits, I refueled with plain Greek yogurt, melted frozen raspberries, and chia seeds.


Yes, those are my workout instructions on my hand.  No, I did not follow them.

Followed by a lovely dinner of 2 bowls of homemade lentil soup, as well as toasted French bread with olive oil.


The other night, my brother made¬†cinnamon roll waffles… Just stick the Pillsbury dough in a waffle maker. ¬†Decadent cinnamon rolls in waffle form! ¬†Amazing.


Today, one of my college teammates drove up, and we met up for¬†lunch before he went off to explore the DC area. ¬†It was great catching up with him after not being at college for a month! ¬†I worked my way through¬†4 huge pieces of the same pizza from a couple weeks ago to fuel up for my super difficult¬†cross train.¬†ūüėȬ† Only did 50 minutes of stationary biking (60 on my schedule but only had time for 50) to give my calves and the rest of my body a bit of a break as I work through this high mileage week. ¬†I completely failed at the post-cross train stretching, though.


When you have to cover the numbers display with a sweatshirt so you don’t look at it every 5 seconds…

Gorgeous sunset after stationary biking.


Dinner was once again incredible thanks to my mother.   Roasted pork loin with barbecue sauce, sweet potato, green beans, and a butternut squash/swiss chard/Gruyere casserole type thing that was quite delicious.  I might post the recipe!


Tomorrow, I have the usual Thursday maintenance run, strides, and strength work.  Just a few more days until the return to school!

Running reunion

Two running reunions happened over the past few days!


Our dream team from two years ago reunited ūüôā ¬†It was great to see all these girls.

The workout today:¬†Winter finally decided to show its face, and it was 15 degrees this morning. ¬†I waited until the afternoon to run, since it was a whopping 30 degrees at that point…

Anyway, 20 minute warm-up to my high school’s track, drills, strides, and then the same 6 x 800 as last week. ¬†My goal was to run it faster, and I did. ¬†2:53, 2:51, 2:52, 2:52, 2:54, 2:51 (compared to 2:55-2:56 last week). ¬†I took 80-90 seconds rest again instead of a minute. ¬†Gotta work down to shorter¬†rest!¬† It worked for Quenton Cassidy in¬†Once a Runner, amirite…

Too bad I’ll never be a 3:52 miler and also Cassidy doesn’t exist.

Second reunion: ¬†My best friend showed up at the track during my workout, which I was running alone. ¬†Did I ever mention what happened last April on this blog? ¬†No? ¬†Well, this can be my second reflection. ¬†My best friend and I have been running together since 2008, but last April, she tripped over me, tore her ACL and meniscus, and had to defer a year because she was going to a service academy and that incident caused her to fail her medical exam. ¬†So yeah. ¬†I kind of¬†ruined her life. ¬†Luckily, I don’t think she hates me too much…

Anyway, she wasn’t able to run (or even walk) for a really long time but has slowly been building back up. ¬†And today, she came on my cool down with me!! After not running with her for over¬†eight months, those 20 minutes were pretty awesome…


Total for today: 8 miles + 7 minutes of core. ¬†I kind of forgot that as my mileage increases, the workout-day mileage also increases, so I actually had 9 on my schedule. ¬†Oh, well. ¬†I have 10 scheduled for Friday but only a 4 mile workout (+ 5 miles warm-up/cool down), so depending on how my legs feel, I think I’ll do a double of 8 miles in the morning and 3 in the afternoon to catch up on all my mileage and stay on track for 42. ¬†Or something like that.

Afterwards, we cheered on our high school team during their workout and said hi to the coaches.


seems counterintuitive…

I received a bunch of Amazon gift cards for Christmas and decided to be adventurous. ¬†Therefore, I bought chia seeds and Wild Friends’ vanilla espresso almond butter. ¬†Living life on the wild side, I know ūüėČ ¬†Anyway, my oatmeal this morning was excellent: 1/2 cup quick oats, 1 cup water, the Wild Friends almond butter, banana, frozen raspberries, chia seeds and cinnamon. ¬†SO GOOD. ¬†For lunch I had leftover roasted brussels sprouts and carrots, sweet potato, Progresso lentil soup, raspberry Fage yogurt, and 1/2 a PB&J. ¬†Post-workout was a KIND bar, cherry Fage, and toasted French bread with olive oil. ¬†And some chocolate chips ūüėČ ¬†Dinner was broiled citrus-garlic salmon, brown rice, and steamed spinach, and dessert was frozen berries.

Yesterday evening, I went to Georgetown with some friends.  We walked around by the river and the canal, and we watched a million police cars and fire trucks and ambulances make a huge scene.  No idea what was going on.  I also got a dark chocolate cupcake.


So flattering. The cupcake was very good. (It was NOT Georgetown Cupcake)

Tomorrow I have cross training!


Bipolar weather, family dysfunction, food, friends, training…

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! ¬†Mine was…interesting. ¬†Lots of family drama. ¬†Ran with one of my high school teammates that I hadn’t seen since October. ¬† I really wanted to do a Christmas “bun run” (Santa hat, red sports bra, and buns) because it was 70 degrees, but I refrained from doing so. ¬†We did 6 miles at around 8:00 pace. ¬†Not too interesting.

She did take this sneaky you like my snowman socks?

She did take this sneaky picture…do you like my snowman socks?

On Sunday, 70 degree temperatures left me drenched after my “long” run (8 miles at 7:22 pace) even as the sun went down.


I told myself to go pretty easy on the long run, but…I didn’t. ¬†Oh, well. ¬†It was a good run. ¬†I tried out the waterproof iPod shuffle and new earbuds I got for Christmas to use for runs and aqua jogging/swimming, and it was great! ¬†The second half of the run was pretty hilly and fast.


Total last week: 28 miles running, 60 minutes cross training.

This week, my training increases to¬†37 miles and the normal hour of cross training on Wednesday. ¬†Ideally, I’ll be back at normal mileage (45) in 2 weeks.

After days and days of disturbingly warm temperatures, in the span of 12 hours the temperature dropped from 70 to 40. ¬†Ridiculous. ¬†At least it almost feels like winter…

On Monday morning, I ran with one of my college teammates! ¬†She’s four years older than me and really fast, so I was afraid I’d die from the long run and running with her, but it was actually a very nice run. ūüôā 6 miles on the trails around¬†Great Falls Park.

Today was my first workout back! ¬†I warmed up for 2.5 miles to my high school track and did drills and strides. ¬†The workout was 6 x 800m (3:00-2:45) with 1 minute recovery, but I took 80-90 seconds recovery, which I think was a good decision. ¬†The workout went well, even¬†though the track was completely deserted! ¬† The overcast weather wasn’t exactly motivational, but I got it done.


I ran 2:56, 2:55, 2:56, 2:55, 2:56, 2:55, which is about what I was expecting for the first workout back.  It was a little bit of a shock to the system but overall not too bad at all.  I then cooled down 2.5 miles back to my house and stretched and rolled.  Total: 8 miles.  No ice bath today.

Enjoy this goofy post-workout face I sent to my friend

Enjoy this goofy post-workout face I sent to my friend

Post-workout lunch: Plain Greek yogurt with a banana; orange juice; Ritter Sport Extra Fine dark chocolate (my vice); 2 mini sweet potatoes with a little bit of brown sugar and butter; 2 bowls of black beans and rice (I mixed black beans, cooked brown rice, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, salt and pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and reduced sodium chicken broth and cooked it on low heat for awhile).  The black beans and rice bowls were spicy!

Not pretty but delicious!

Not pretty but delicious!

I’m really going to zero in on my nutrition over the coming days/weeks/months. ¬†After many, many indulgences over the past month, I have some work to do to get back to fueling optimally. ¬†I think I may use this blog as sort of a food log to keep me accountable. ¬†While being home allows me to eat fresher and more organically and all that nonsense, I also have constant access to an unlimited supply of food. ¬†Including way more meat than I was eating over the past several months. ¬†Also, since my time isn’t taken up by schoolwork, I have more time to eat… Needless to say, it’s a slippery slope.

That being said, I reunited with one of my good friends yesterday and ate four pieces of chicken-mushroom-spinach-deliciousness pizza ūüôā Worth it. ¬†But now¬†I’m on the grind.