Black Forest Breakfast Mousse

Happy Hump Day!  The best breakfast experiment happened this morning.


I went for a nice 4-mile run this morning before it got too hot out.  My left bunion was bothering me, and I think it might be because I’ve been slacking on the rehab and maintenance since taking my break from running and leaving campus (and the training room).  I also used new shoes since my old ones are beyond dead.


Took myself on a Starbucks date yesterday: overnight oats, almond milk cappuccino, and the Washington Post magazine

After my run, I decided to experiment a little for breakfast.  I had made dark chocolate banana overnight oats (oats, almond milk, chia seeds, mashed banana, and dark cocoa powder) the night before, but I had chocolate mousse on the brain and wanted to see what would happen if I whipped egg whites into stiff peaks and folded them into the overnight oats.  So I did!


Two whipped egg whites

After whipping the egg whites, I folded them into the oats.  It worked like a dream.  They turned unbelievablyfluffy and delicious, almost exactly like mousse, but with a slight chewy factor from the soaked oats!

IMG_5811.jpgThe bowl was enormous, and I topped the mousse with cherries and strawberries to make it “Black Forest”-y.  I also had plain nonfat Greek yogurt and peanut butter.

I would highly recommend whipping egg whites and adding them to overnight oats.  I think this is going to become a staple in the breakfast lineup!

The rest of my day will be pretty chill.  I found a bunch of gift cards while cleaning out my room, so I’m going to hit up Barnes & Noble for some summer reading, as well as do some yoga and run some errands.  Later today, I’m going to go cheer on my high school team at their conference meet!  My remote internship doesn’t start until the end of May, so I’m trying to relax before that starts and before training picks up.  I’m notoriously bad at relaxing…

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


Dear 14-year-old me, what were you thinking?

It’s been a long day.  I woke up naturally at 5:30 am (for some reason I’ve been doing that every day this week) and couldn’t fall back asleep.  So I got out of bed, finished packing to leave campus, ate breakfast, and did various chores until we left at 7:45.  Arrived home around 10:30, immediately started packing up boxes of my belongings because we’re moving houses, went to the carpet store and other various errands, and went to the community center to cross train and got kicked out for skate night.  Luckily, Saturdays are my recovery days, and I only had 30 minutes of cross training OR 3 miles on my schedule.  I managed to do 25 minutes on the bike before I got kicked out, so I did some push-ups and 10 minutes of core when I got home.


Perks of being home: Homemade chili and quinoa for lunch

Aaaanyway, I’m happy to be home for spring break, even though it’s kind of weird because we’re in the midst of packing the house up to move in a week and a half.

Speaking of which, as I was packing my entire life collection of books and old schoolwork into boxes this afternoon, I came across a gem; in the summer of 2011, 14-year-old me kept a food journal.


I was appalled.  Reading the log actually made me nauseous.  And I’m not saying that from some superiority/runner/health point of view.  I had ginger ale five times in one day on August 8th!  Anyone would think that is disgusting.

It wasn’t like that was a one-day thing, either.  Every single day, I recorded multiple decadent treats: “Afternoon snack: chili, pasta salad, lemonade, brownie, cookie, truffle, Popsicle.”  I am not making this up.  Every breakfast was Nutella something, three sugary drinks a day, multiple desserts.  Little to no fruits or vegetables.  My sugar consumption must have been through the roof.  How I was not obese or diabetic, god only knows.

Can we take a moment to also thank puberty?

Transforming my diet was a multi-year learning process that definitely took a lot of willpower and mistakes.  And I absolutely still have a long way to go.  But just for comparison to my 2011 self, today I ate:

  • Breakfast (7 am): oatmeal with almond butter, apple, chia seeds, and cinnamon; plain Greek yogurt with banana
  • Morning snack (10:30 am): celery and banana with peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt with blueberries
  • Lunch (12:30 pm): homemade chili (with ground beef, corn, beans, tomato, etc.) with quinoa
  • Afternoon/evening snack (3 and 5 pm): 1/2 grapefruit, banana, Siggi’s raspberry yogurt
  • Dinner (7 pm): chicken pasta primavera with asparagus, spinach, pesto, and tomatoesIMG_8656.JPG

Today’s eating wasn’t even that great, but it was exponentially better than five years ago (except oops, I eat a ton of yogurt…#addiction).  And when I’m at school, I naturally make a spinach salad with almost every lunch and dinner.  Without even thinking about it anymore, I naturally gravitate away from processed foods (except for, like, bread).


Yesterday’s lunch: salad + flatbread with turkey, provolone, avocado, tomato, and lettuce

When I was fourteen, I probably couldn’t have ever imagined not eating Nutella 3 times a day.  Klondike bars and sugary drinks were also staples.  Vegetables were a punishment.  Now, I can’t imagine eating anything I was eating back then on a regular basis.  This didn’t happen overnight.  But it did happen, and that’s what matters.

I’ll recap the past couple weeks of training tomorrow!











“Clean” eats and running again!

My hiatus from running finally ended on Saturday!  It felt like so much longer than a week, and I woke up Saturday morning wayyy too eager to lace up my sneakers again.

It was 60 degrees and sunny out as I headed out the door.  60 degrees!!  Quite a change from the recent highs of 20 or 25.  The temperatures called for shorts, so I eagerly broke out the spandex.

It's been so long since they've seen the sun!

It’s been so long since they’ve seen the sun!

Am I being dramatic? Possibly.

Did I enjoy my first run of the outdoor season in shorts? Absolutely.

It was pretty hard not to go bounding through the streets for the first ten minutes; I definitely had to restrain my speed.  It was a good thing I did, though, because I started to feel the effects of not running for a week after about 25-30 minutes.  I returned from the run sweaty (sweaty!), tired, a little creeped out because some middle school boys tried to hit on me, but overall very satisfied.

I did try to stick to my food plan for the most part over the past week, but I still felt/feel kind of…mushy.  All the ab routines and arm workouts in the world really can’t make up for the joy and calorie-burning of plain, simple running.

Friday's abs'n'arms

Friday’s abs’n’arms

photo 1-10photo 2-14

My cheat foods for the week included pumpkin pancakes to celebrate National Pancake Day (this girl does not do IHOP) along with a giant vegan peanut butter cookie.  Also, I made chocolate chip cookies (unpictured) last night to appease some insatiable cookie dough cravings.

I forced myself not to run today because I didn’t want to jump back in with nine straight days of running and no break, which is what would’ve happened if I’d run today and continued running the whole week.  But I’m very excited to run every day this week.

On another note, excluding bread, I ate completely clean* today!  Success!

*clean meaning no processed foods or additives.  Each food has only one or two ingredients.

I don’t eat a lot of processed foods besides whole wheat bread anyway, but today I decided that I wouldn’t eat anything (except bread) that didn’t fit it with the whole eating clean concept.

I really must become a better blogger and actually take pictures of my food sometimes…

Breakfast: Toast with almond butter, yogurt with strawberries
Lunch: Egg/egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes, toast with natural PB and banana, orange
Early Afternoon Snack: Toast with natural PB and banana
Late Afternoon Snack: Apples and celery with natural PB
Dinner: Roast chicken, sweet potato, asparagus, and broccoli
Dessert: Fruit bowl- strawberries, blueberries, banana, apple

Fruit bowls are the bomb dot com

Fruit bowls are the bomb dot com

My mom and I spent the afternoon going to like four grocery stores, and we loaded up with basically everything we could possibly need food-wise for the next week.  I think I’ll try to stick with the “clean eating plus bread” shindig- it makes me feel accomplished, and I can make adorable Rubbermaid meals from tonight’s leftovers, along with various vegetables, brown rice, etc.  I’m switching to whole grain bread tomorrow, so that’s exciting.

Is it depressing, amusing, or awesome that my classmates spend the weekend going to parties and getting high, while the highlight of my weekend is getting whole grain bread?  To each their own, I guess.  I just have no interest in drinking or doing drugs or staying up till 5 a.m.; I’d rather stay cozy in bed with a mug of tea and three episodes of Chicago Fire to watch and go to bed at 10.  I’m an 85-year-old trapped in a 17-year-old’s body who sometimes gets mistaken for a seventh grader. 😉

Sometime soon, I’ll write a post about my goals for the upcoming outdoor season.  (By the way, my friend-who-randomly-recently-became-really-good-at-running just ran a sub-5 minute 1600.  Life is so unfair :P)  I’m pretty psyched for this outdoor season; I hope good things will come of it.