Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! I’m already starting 2017 off strong by belatedly publishing a Year in Review post…

After not having plans as late as Friday, I actually ended up having an amazing time with friends from school!  On my way home from work on Friday afternoon, my friend invited me to randomly road trip with him and some other teammates back to campus.  We left around midday on New Year’s Eve and ended up with quite an eclectic assortment of individuals for this last-minute rendezvous.  But it was a blast.  We all woke up this morning a little worse for the wear and went on a coffee run and a fun walk before driving back.  After which I promptly had to do my long run… (did 11 miles, bunions killed me, it’s ok)


Anyway!!  Time for some self-centered running-related reflection– don’t mind me. 2016 was probably the most life-changing year of my not-quite-20 years so far.  Starting in…


  • Moved back to school for freshman year spring semester.  Started running longer workouts.  We had a few snow days, and I ran my first long run on the treadmill!   Raced my first ever mile.



  • PRed in the 3k.  I turned 19!  My peroneals continued to act up.


  • Came home for spring break.  My family moved to a new house while I was at school, which was very weird.  PRed in the 3k again!  I also started to drink coffee, which would turn into a minor addiction that would continue for several months…


  • Oof, April.  It started strong with a 3k and a 4×1500 and really strong workouts…then I got bronchitis for a month, had to take prednisone, DNFed for the first time, and started struggling a lot with mental confidence and body image.  To top it all off, I went through some crazy drama with my closest college friends.  BUT I got to see the Chainsmokers in concert!  Ate lots of nut butter.  Attended my first athletic awards ceremony at college.



  • Had the opportunity to race the 5000 at the outdoor conference championships!  Finished spring semester and moved home for the summer.   Made the Dean’s List!  Started my first summer job.  Developed an obsession with avocado egg toast 🙂



  • Started ramping up the mileage and working many hours.  Traveled to California to visit family and climb mountains.  My aunt got married!  Spent a lot of time outside going on fun dates and hanging out with my friends.



  • Ran and worked a lot.  Ate more ice cream than I’ve ever eaten in my life…and developed an intolerance. My roommate came to visit!  Got a little crazy/intense about training and eating…yikes.



  • Ran 60 miles per week for the first time!  Body started really complaining about the higher training workload, and I experienced tiredness/moods that I never had before.  Went on a fun training trip with my teammates.  I got to see Phillip Phillips and Matt Nathanson in concert, and I moved back to school for sophomore year!!



  • Started my first college cross country season in uniform with a strong two-mile and followed it up with a dreadful, scary, heat exhaustion-filled 5k.  Realized I was overtraining and chilled out a bit.



  • Lots of fall activities.  Hard work started to show– huge PR in the 6k, made the travel squad for every meet, and made the top 7 for regionals!  I went through my first break-up…not fun.



  • Southeast Regional Championships went okay individually and terribly for the team.  End of cross country.  Spontaneously cut my hair off!  Came home for Thanksgiving Break!  Broke my dentures.  The second half of the month was very weird mentally– I did not feel like myself.



  • Continued to not feel like myself, but took steps to try to rectify it after a few scary instances.  Finished fall semester and came home for winter break.  Started an internship in DC.  Started training for track!

So that’s my year.  There are tons of important things that I am forgetting, but oh well.  I haven’t made any concrete resolutions for this coming year, but these are some things that have been floating around this head of mine:

  • Practice being a better listener, as well as being more direct and saying what you mean to say.
  • Focus on developing real, meaningful relationships, as opposed to maintaining virtual connections via Snapchat/other forms of social media.
  • Gratitude journal before bed every night
  • Try to contribute positively to at least one person’s day, every day, even through a small action such as holding the door or smiling at them

Happy New Year 🙂


New Year’s Resolutions…one day late

Happy New Year! Just for fun, let’s make fun of my second-grade self.

freakin' intellectual genius as a seven-year-old

freakin’ intellectual genius as a seven-year-old

Oh, New Year’s Day.  The trails are filled with people vowing to get their lives back on track. Couples run up and down the streets together in brand-new running shoes.  We resolutely throw away boxes of cookies and bags of chips because really, all that processed junk food is awful and I’m going to eat healthy this year.

Which lasts about three days.

(Less in my case because I was just forced to eat dim sum with my family even though I hate Chinese food with a passion and it makes me feel like shit.  I was planning on eating poached eggs and sugar snap peas for lunch, but instead was forced to eat slippery, jiggly shrimp dumplings, slimy duck, and over-adulterated green beans. UGHHHH. Poached eggs and toast on the menu for dinner.)

This year, my resolutions are not going to be the “Eat healthy and run six days a week” type of thing that they usually are because hey, I achieved that in 2013!  Mine are going to be smaller, but more specific.  More like a checklist. I’m posting them in order to hold myself accountable.   I’ll check in four times this year to see how I’m doing.

New Year’s Resolutions (To-do list?) 2014

1.  Be able to touch my hands to the floor and my nose to my knees (flexibility!). Stretch every day.

2. Do 51 push-ups without a break.  (I have this weird thing where I set a goal for myself but always have to do one more than the goal to prove, I guess, that I’ve actually achieved it. Like when I have “30 push-ups” written on my schedule, I always have to do 31 or else I feel like a failure.)

3. Get my license! (I could’ve gotten it already but I’ve been…procrastinating…)

4.  Get as close to breaking 18 minutes for 3 miles as I can.  (I know this is setting the bar high, considering how I’m 45 seconds away. But it’s okay if I don’t. I just realllllllllllllly want to.)

5. Become a better listener/more considerate.  Use my blog for snarky comments instead of saying them to people’s faces 😉

6.  Get a defined six-pack. I have one now if I flex…

7. Learn how to cook ten new things by heart.

8. Get MVP for the 2014 cross country season.  That will be a challenge because you never know what can happen in a season, and there are two other girls that are just as fast as me.  But if I train my hardest and want it the most, I can get it.

9. Get better at speaking Spanish out loud.

10. Do something (positive) I’ve never done before!

So those are my resolutions for 2014.  I hope I achieve them!  Hope everyone has a great year.