Summer Training Week 9 (57 miles + 30 min swim)

The sun is going down a tiny bit earlier each night, sudden thunderstorms crop up briefly and intensely throughout the afternoons, my brother is packing for sleepaway camp, somehow we are on week NINE of summer training!…summer goes on.


Too hot even for me to eat hot oatmeal- but this (cold) bowl was dang good

I took today completely off from running but drove for over six hours, so I’m just as tired ūüėČ ¬†Also SO full. ¬†But today was lots of fun!


Week 9 (7/17-7/23):

Monday: ¬†AM: drills, 7 miles on sidewalks, strides. ¬†Very humid. ¬†Didn’t feel super fresh, but other than that, went well. ¬†Core circuit. ¬†PM: 3 miles. ¬†Sore/tired calves and feet.

Tuesday: ¬†3 mile warm-up, drills, fartlek (15 min on- 3 off- 10 on- 3 off- 5 on), 2.5 miles cool down on canal. ¬†90% humidity, sweated a lot. ¬†Legs didn’t feel very fresh but rallied at the end. ¬†Ice bath. ¬†VERY tired later in the day. ¬†Some unplanned food choices (read: ice cream binge) but I know that’s because I was so tired.

Wednesday:  AM: 5 miles sidewalks.  Very hot/humid.  Legs were tired but decent run.  Lift day 1- PRed on squats and had a good deadlift!  Last day of dog-sitting.  PM: 30 min swim, felt good to get off feet, very relaxing, but tired afterwards.

Thursday:  AM: 7 miles, drills, strides, 10 min core.  Hot/humid.  Felt okay.  PM: 3 miles treadmill @ 8:10 pace.  Cranky, tired at work afterwards.

Friday: 2 mile warm-up, drills, 4 x [6:00 on, 2:00 off], 2 mile cool down on bike path. ¬†Hot/humid. ¬†Ice bath. ¬†Didn’t feel fresh but it went pretty well. ¬†PM: skipped lift and took two naps instead. ¬†#Yolo.

Saturday: 12 miles on sidewalks + bike path.  Best way to describe this run: boring?

Sunday: off

Total: 57 miles + 30 min swim

Highest volume week in awhile! ¬†This week can be adequately summarized with the phrase, “Didn’t feel fresh but it went pretty well.” ¬†At no point during the week did I feel fresh (not even on Monday- oops), but I think I rode the line between hard training and overstressing my body well! ¬†(Although maybe the amount of power naps I took says otherwise.)

Slacked off on yoga this week and my mind was generally not relaxed.   Oh, well.  Will work on being more mindful this coming week.

It continued to be extremely hot and humid all week.  I am very diligent about getting out the door by 7 am at the latest, yet the temperature never dipped below 75 and the humidity never dipped below about 90%.  Lovely.  Just reminding myself over and over that these sauna-like conditions will pay off in the future!  My body is getting more efficient.


Post-Friday workout sweatiness

Honesty moment of the week! ¬†I’ve identified that I tend to be extremely cranky and binge-eat ice cream on the days where I work while tired from that day’s training session. ¬†For some reason, this has been causing a¬†lot¬†of anxiety. ¬†Yesterday, after¬†twelve miles, I ate ice cream at work and honestly struggled a lot, mentally. ¬†HOWEVER, today I road-tripped to see friends and indulged in delicious eats and was back to normal and didn’t give a crud. ¬†It was awesome¬†(and a relief!).¬†I’m weird. ¬†I don’t really understand.


Hawaiian BBQ quesadilla with chicken, melted jack cheese, pineapple, onion, and BBQ sauce…HEAVEN

This morning, I picked up my friend who lives about 40 minutes from me, and then we drove 2.5 hours south to visit some other friends.  It was sweltering outside, but we still had a good time!  We got to meet one of our new teammates, and she was incredibly nice.  We ate lunch at a cute smoothie/sandwich place (I got the Hawaiian BBQ chicken quesadilla and a soy cappuccino), checked out consignment stores and boutiques, explored a spice store, and perused a used-books bookstore (my favorite).  I got 5 books for $3, and an adorable cat snoozed in the window of the bookstore.


We took the scenic route home, and after winding through rural highway roads for a couple hours, we spontaneously stopped at a roadside ice cream barn that sources their dairy from local cows.  While I was still stuffed from lunch, I did taste the dark chocolate ice cream, and it was incredibly creamy and high-quality.  I will be back.

IMG_7271.jpgPhew! ¬†After seven hours in the car, I’m pretty tired, a little bloated, and craving my bed. This next week is a bit of a down week- I’ll probably hit around 48-50 miles. ¬†I am going to shoot for a 13-mile long run, though! ¬†Hopefully, my legs will feel more refreshed from the low(er) mileage and I will #crushit ūüėČ


Road race 5k PR: 17:59

3 mile warm-up, drills, strides, 5k race, 4 mile cool down, stretch, awards, lots of walking, farmer’s market for fresh strawberries, ice bath, and two meals, and it’s not even noon! ¬†PHEW.

IMG_5331.jpgWhile the majority of the team traveled to UVA and Duke this weekend, a few of us¬†raced a local road race 5k this morning. ¬†I actually traveled home on Thursday night for another foot consult. ¬†(More about that later.) ¬†9 hours of train travel in¬†36 hours right before a race isn’t exactly ideal, but it was ok! ¬†I got back at 7 pm last night and immediately headed to my favorite restaurant for a late dinner of spicy Caribbean salmon, grains, and fire-roasted veggies. ¬†I went to bed at 10 pm, my roommate got back from racing at Duke at 1 am, and I woke up at 5:45 am. ¬†Ooooops!IMG_5330.jpg

The race was at 7:30 am, so I ate toast with almond butter and banana at 6 and then walked to the race area. ¬†Around 6:45, we rope stretched and warmed up for 3 miles, did drills and strides, and then headed to the starting line along with about 900 other runners! ¬†It was super humid, and we were already drenched in sweat after the warm-up. ¬†I wore runderwear¬†and a vintage pair of soft cross country spikes from high school because why not ūüėČ

It took me a couple seconds to actually cross the starting line after the gun went off because it was so crowded. ¬†I ran with another woman for about 5 minutes at the beginning, behind about 6 guys. ¬†The 5k course wound through campus, right next to my dorm, and through the historic streets that we run on every single day. ¬†It was so strange to be “racing” there! ¬†I don’t remember the last time I ran a road race.

I came through the mile in 5:35 and the two mile around 11:21. ¬†It was so different from a track race, and I think I might have liked it better! ¬†The race almost felt…short. ¬†It was never a death march. ¬†Except for the last 800 meters, which was a straightaway with a¬†finish line that never seemed to get any closer! ¬†Luckily, it was the exact same 800 meters that we finish our steady state workouts on, so I was¬†kind of¬†mentally prepared.

Coming down the last 50 or so meters, I saw that the clock was still in the 17s, and I just thought, “What? ¬†You mean I¬†didn’t¬†die the last mile? ¬†This is so weird!”


Sorry the quality is horrible!

According to my watch, I crossed the finish line at 17:59. ¬†According to the awards guy, I ran 18:00 (gun time). ¬†The official results say my gun time 17:59.8, so I am officially a sub-18-minute 5k runner!¬† I’m really pleased with how I ran this morning.


I cooled down for two miles with my teammates, at which point they were done.  I wanted to go longer, and luckily I ran into the second-place woman and ran two more miles with her for a total of 10 miles for today.  She was so nice!


The prizes included a nice check, a large glass bowl, a plaque, two medals, a t-shirt, and running socks. ¬†Not too bad for (less than) 18 minutes of running! ¬†After the long walk back carrying all that swag, I ice bathed, did some laundry, and am now enjoying a nice early lunch of my dinner leftovers, a fried egg and vegetables, and berry cheesecake ūüôā ¬†The rest of the weekend will include a recovery run tomorrow, catching up on homework, a nap, and probably some chores.



Summer Training Week 12

Oof. ¬†It’s interesting how two consecutive weeks can differ so drastically. ¬†The 60-mile high from last week¬†came crashing down a bit this past week, and I am¬†not feeling too hot. ¬†There were a few decent runs, but this was overall a difficult week.

Summer 2016 week 12 (8/8-8/14):

Monday:  AM: 8 miles, drills, strides, upper body circuit.  PM: walked 5 miles in DC.
Tuesday: long hilly warm-up, hilly fartlek (6:00-5-5-4-3-2-1 with half-time recovery), 20 min c/d.  Total = 11+ miles.
Wednesday: 5 miles, abs
Thursday: AM: drills, 7 miles, strides.  PM: 30 min swim because peroneal hurt.
Friday: AM: 2 mile w/u, 24 min solo tempo, 2 mile c/d.  PM: 2 miles treadmill.
Saturday: off, 10 min yoga
Sunday: 11 miles pretty fast.

Total: 53ish miles, 30 min XT

OK, gotta release some negativity for a second…then we can move on ūüėČ

So many things about this week sucked. ¬†I was tired for both of my workouts (got through them though!), had peroneal pain later in the week, worked¬†horrible¬†5-10 pm shifts on the weekend, and the weather did not cooperate. ¬†My body feels like I got run over by a truck, and I think I’m fighting off an illness. ¬†I’m stupidly stressed/worrying that I’m overtraining since I can’t even function right now. ¬†Since I work at an ice cream and coffee place, I have to bend into the ice cream dip cases every 5 seconds, and every time I did that for the past two nights, I felt like I was going to pass out. ¬†I am so over summer weather at the moment. ¬†The entire week had a heat index of over 100 degrees, inching into the 110s with bajillion percent humidity. ¬†I hate it. ¬†It never got below 80 degrees even at 6 am. ¬†The A/C in the store is broken, so it was almost 90 degrees¬†inside¬†the store. ¬†The ridiculous weather makes every run feel shitty.

To summarize, this week knocked me flat on the ground.

But now to focus on the positives! ¬†Monday’s run felt good, Wednesday’s run felt good, completed both my workouts, and I had a biking buddy for my entire long run on Sunday, which was¬†amazing.


Snapchat video quality…

I got to try out a cute local cafe and catch up with a friend over brunch!

And, of course, the concert was amazing.


Made some delicious black bean brownies and a really good stir-fry lunch the other day.

The stir-fry: garlic, onions, red hot peppers, and rainbow carrots sauteed in olive oil, along with grilled chicken, basil, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, corn, and avocado on the side.

Even though there were a lot of negatives, I’ve completed the last full solo training week of the summer, as I return to school this Saturday! ¬†And¬†I worked my¬†last dreaded closing shift last night- no more super late nights- bless.

I texted my coach yesterday and told her I was feeling terrible, and she told me I could take today off, light, or anything, depending on how I was feeling. ¬†I couldn’t sleep this morning, so I got up and ran 3 miles, and it didn’t feel great. ¬†I’m still really tired and bleary-eyed. Therefore, later today, I will either run 4-7 miles, bike for like half an hour, or just do a light strength workout. ¬†We’ll see.

In other news, Emma Coburn won the bronze medal in the 3k steeple at the Olympics!! She’s incredible! ¬†In less-than-favorable conditions, she ran 9:07 to break her own American record!! ¬†And how about the 19-year-old gold medalist, Ruth Jebet? ¬†Amazing.

Almost school time ‚̧

Summer Training Week 10: HUMIDITY

Hello!  I just wrapped up my tenth week of summer training with 12 miles on the bike path.

Summer 2016 week 10 (7/25-7/31):

Monday: AM: 7 miles, SUPER humid so took it easy and felt good, drills, strides, core.  PM: 3 miles easy treadmill, felt good.
Tuesday: 20 min w/u, drills, 4 x 6:00 w/ 1:30 recovery, 20ish min c/d.  So humid again!  Legs were tired/heavy in the second half but overall pretty good workout.
Wednesday: 60 min stationary bike, felt nauseous/crappy.  Light strength circuit afterwards.
Thursday: AM: 7 miles, felt eh.  PM: 3 miles treadmill, short upper body circuit.
Friday: 2 mi w/u, drills, 24 min tempo on canal,¬†4 x [:30, :30], 2 mi c/d.¬† Felt tired but decent during the workout…for some reason, the rest of the day I was a zombie! 2+ hours of naps.
Saturday: 3 miles, abs/yoga
Sunday: 12 miles, felt strong in the second half, big negative split.

Total: 53 miles + 60 min bike
This week was kind of weird…Monday and Tuesday were normal but on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I felt really out of it on my runs/XT.¬† Saturday was normal recovery and Sunday’s long run was surprisingly good, especially the second half…got into a groove thanks to a great playlist. ūüėČ ¬†Just felt run-down this week…I think part of it is the extreme heat/humidity and part of it is body imbalances.
Memorable moment: on Monday morning, I walked out of my house at 6:45 am to run and wasn’t sure if I had walked outdoors or into a sauna. ¬†It felt like a hot tub. ¬†This pretty much sums up the whole week weather-wise…
I bought a box of the new nut-butter-filled Clif bars (coconut almond butter), and they’re so good!

Additionally, I spent three days dog-sitting for my friend, and her house is really close to both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s…if I lived there, I would have zero money. ¬†But I found the seasonal Siggi’s flavor- strawberry and basil! ¬†It was pretty good, but the basil could be more prevalent.

Also played her piano for awhile…


During¬†the month of July alone, I ran over 230¬†miles (not counting cross training and hiking). ¬†I worked over 100 hours. ¬†I ate approximately¬†30 bowls of oatmeal and 30 bowls of ice cream ūüėČ ¬†Took too many power naps to count. ¬†“Officially” started¬†dating someone. ¬†Read books and played the piano and watched the Olympic Trials. ¬†It’s been a pretty good month. ¬†And the best part is…five days until I see all my teammates, and just THREE WEEKS until I move back to school!!



Summer Training Week 4


Summer 2016 week 4 (6/13-6/19):

Monday: AM: 6 miles, pull-ups/push-ups/dips.  PM: 30 min swim
Tuesday: (almost) 9 miles @ 7:18 average, 10 min abs
Wednesday: 60 min stationary bike, squats/lunges
Thursday: AM: 3 miles, pull-ups/push-ups/dips, 10 min abs. PM: 6 miles
Friday: 9 miles.  Hilly
Saturday:  3 miles, 20 min yoga
Sunday: 11 miles (DC tour run!)

Total: 47 miles, 90 min XT

Holy. Crap. ¬†This week¬†was spent discovering¬†the true meaning of tiredness. ¬†I worked every single day, mostly the evening shift, which meant I had zero time for dinner or sleep. ¬†After being on my feet for 6 hours straight, I’d get home at 11, eat dinner, and go to bed at midnight, only to wake up at 5:45 am to run. ¬†Surprisingly, most of my runs were fine. ¬†I consciously backed off the pace on¬†Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, which was a really good choice. ¬†Today still didn’t feel good, though. ¬†Grr.

IMG_1694 (1).jpg

This week’s long run was incredibly picturesque. ¬†We didn’t go until 10 am, so it was fairly hot and sunny. ¬†We started at Roosevelt Island and pretty much did a tour of the National Mall. ¬†The blazing sun forced us to stop several times for water, and we were fairly dehydrated. ¬†I was covered in salty sweat by the end…good looks! ¬†I didn’t feel good during the run, but it was so beautiful that it almost made up for it. ¬†Afterwards, we went for brunch, and I had crepes benedict and a cannoli and a fancy iced coffee! ¬†It was lovely.

IMG_1729 (1).jpg

I actually feel really happy with my nutrition this week, which is a little weird because it’s not like I followed some stringent¬†plan or anything. ¬†Working in an ice cream store, I had a ton of ice cream and smoothie samples, and my “dinner” during all the evening shifts I worked was a bagel and cream cheese, or a random chicken salad sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, followed by more bread/English muffins whenever I got home (11 pm or later). ¬†Not exactly prime fueling. ¬†But I’m actually completely fine with that! ¬†How strange. ¬†I think as mileage increases, the¬†body craves any and all calories for energy and recovery.

But I made the butternut squash/kale/Gruyere casserole and also had grilled tuna steaks last night for the first real dinner at dinner time in four days.  So good!!


My coach just sent out training plans¬†for the rest of the summer. ¬†Needless to say, my heart skipped a couple beats when I saw “60 miles” consistently on my schedule.


This upcoming week, I will hit 50 miles for the first time in my life (52), and I’ll be at 60 in three weeks!! Holy crap. ¬†I’m actually a little sad that my Wednesday hour-long cross train is going away (to be replaced with a 5-mile run)… I’ve been doing that for a year, and it’s a nice little routine!

Since I leave for California on Thursday and will be in the mountains, I’ll have to get creative with fitting in the mileage. ¬†I most likely won’t be able to do any doubles, and I’ll have to switch around some Wednesdays/Thursdays based on travel plans. ¬†But I’m willing to be flexible to play it safe. ¬†One thing I do¬†not¬†want to do is overtrain/burn out. ¬†The “little things” (stretching, icing, core work, sleep) are going to become more important as well.

I’m literally running¬†twice¬†the mileage I ran in high school. ¬†But high school was awhile ago, and my coaches know what they’re doing. ¬†So excited ūüôā ūüôā


Summer Training Week 3

Summer 2016 week 3 (6/6-6/12):


Monday 6/6: AM: 30 min aqua jog, abs.  PM: 6 miles @ 7:27 average, upper body strength, 20 min yoga
Tuesday: 8 hilly miles
Wednesday: 60 min stationary bike.  Walked around DC for like 5 miles
Thursday: AM: 6.5 miles @ 7:42 average, upper body strength, abs.  PM: 30 min swim
Friday: 8 miles.  Extremely hilly!
Saturday: off
Sunday: 10 miles on canal.

Total: 38.5 miles, 120 min XT

This week, I had running buddies for every run! ¬†It was a really nice change. ¬†I was surprised to look at my watch on Monday to see a 7:27 average pace, so we made a conscious¬†effort to go very¬†easy¬†on Thursday and still ran 7:42…what a change from last year! ¬†Thursday was a really long day- run in the morning, 5 hours of working the summer afternoon¬†rush at the ice cream store, and a cross train in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I biked for an hour in the morning and then went on a DC date at night and walked 5ish miles around all the monuments.  It was worth it!

Friday’s run was insanely¬†hilly, but I felt good! ¬†Rachel has to run at 6:30 am every day, so I woke up at 5:55 and was home by 8. ¬†My legs were trashed afterwards, and I took a nap¬†before 10 am ūüėČ

Sunday’s long run was not great. ¬†My legs, especially the quads, felt heavy right from the beginning, and that, combined with the heat and humidity, made for a 10-mile struggle. ¬†Oh, well.

Overall, it was a solid week of training.  My body needs to get used to an additional 20-30 hours of standing/working on top of training, though.  I also need to sleep more!  And possibly add in some easier runs since going 7:15-7:30 pace on every run is probably unnecessary.

Nutrition: Not bad. ¬†Could be better. ¬†But life is short ūüėČ ¬†Loving avocados, eggs, and Ezekiel sprouted grain bread right now, and forcing myself to love cottage cheese.


And¬†strawberry shortcake. ¬†And slutty brownies.¬†Whoops ūüėČ

The upcoming week brings 47 miles and *only* 90 minutes of cross training! ¬†We’re getting back up to what was my¬†peak mileage during track season, except right now it’s all in the form of maintenance runs.

PS: My friend got first-team All-American at NCAAs!!!!!!!!!!

Training week 4 (39 miles)

Maybe the fact that my last (non-running-related) post got so many likes compared to my running posts is a sign that I should do more non-running things in my life.

Alas, this post is running-related.

I’m so sorry.

Anyway,¬†I just wrapped up my fourth week of college training with 10 miles on the C&O Canal! ¬†Actually, it was two solo miles on the roads and 8 miles on the canal with my friend Sarah. ¬†This was my first real double-digit run (two years ago,¬†Sarah¬†and I ran/hiked about 12 miles, failing to bring water on the 2.25 hour excursion. ¬†We nearly died. ¬†Brilliance personified), and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, although my calves and feet are definitely aching!

10 miles with sarah

The first four miles were pretty slow; I ran the first two on really hilly roads, and then met up with Sarah, and we started off slow for the next eight. ¬†The canal is completely flat, which is why¬†our pace increased¬†and then didn’t vary much during the last six miles. ¬†The weather was not ideal (80 degrees and 85% humidity), and we were both completely drenched by the end!

Week 4 recap:

Monday 7/13: 6 miles @ 8:13 average pace, 36 minutes stationary bike
Tuesday: 8 miles total (5 miles @ 8:13 average pace AM, 3 slow miles on hilly hiking trails PM)
Wednesday: 45 minutes stationary bike
Thursday: 6 hilly miles @ 8:06 average pace, 32 minutes stationary bike
Friday: 9 miles @ 8:14 average pace
Saturday: off
Sunday: 10 miles @ 8:15 average pace

Total: 39 miles of running, about 115 minutes of cross training

Comments: This was one of the highest mileage weeks I’ve ever done, and I did it in five¬†days! ¬†(#lowmileageinHSprobs)¬†I transitioned back from the flat bike trail at the beach to hills and higher temperatures, which didn’t¬†trash¬†my legs, but…yeah. ¬†Close enough. ¬†While my average pace was practically the same for every single run this week, each run was different. ¬†Monday was pretty hard after my long run on Sunday, but I got through the 6 miles okay. ¬†Tuesday, though, felt¬†absolutely awful from the get-go, so I curtailed my 8 miles in the morning and made it up later in the afternoon. ¬†I recovered on Wednesday on the bike and had a good¬†(but¬†really hilly)¬†run on Thursday with my friend Noah.

military road elevation

Navy blue = Thursday’s elevation

I didn’t feel great for the first few miles of Friday’s 9-miler, but I was in the zone by mile 4. ¬†Then, the greatest thing happened. ¬†In the middle of mile 7, I got a huge runner’s high while listening to “I Lived” by OneRepublic! ¬†I was grinning¬†like a goon and laughing by myself on the bike trail and just felt amazing for about seven minutes, garnering some strange looks from passersby. ¬†That was probably my third true runner’s high in my life. ¬†The other two happened after really good races, so it was so weird to just randomly get it in the middle of a weekday run.

Consistency like shiii

Can you say consistency? (For the first 6 miles anyway)

I didn’t do as much cross training this week (pretty much the minimum I was supposed to do) because I’m kind of starting to loathe the stationary bike. ¬†Guess it’s time to brave the pool again…praying for no hives this time.

So yeah. ¬†That’s my fourth week of college training! ¬†I have no idea what my next few weeks look like since my coach sends me my training every four weeks, and I just finished the first¬†block of training and haven’t received the second.

Time to take a nap with my feet up the wall!

PS: I started dorm shopping a couple days ago! ¬†The day after I bought my sheets and hangers and hamper and a chair pillow, it all went on sale. ¬†Because that is my life. ¬†ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

Graduation (not mine) and 80 percent humidity

So I ended up taking nine or ten days off from running, and I did various core and strength routines over that break. ¬†I don’t get my official training schedule until after I graduate, so this week is sort of in limbo as far as running goes (since I graduate on Thursday and am not really supposed to be running until the end of the week).

Even with that guideline, I still started running yesterday with a simple 35-minute run. ¬†It was hot and humid, and I was drenched by the end! ¬†I ran for 35 minutes again this morning, but it was even hotter and more humid, and it did not feel great at all.¬† Could’ve been worse, though.

My legs are tired and a little sore from all the sidewalk pounding, so I may just swim tomorrow. ¬†I probably won’t run on Thursday or Friday because graduation is Thursday and our class has an all-night boat party, so running on Friday is not the best idea! ¬†But I’m not too worried about running a lot this week because I don’t¬†have¬†to be running as summer training technically starts next week.

Anyway, the past few weeks have been relatively uneventful; we had our senior picnic last Tuesday, some friends and I had a small “middle school clique” reunion (we were definitely clique-y) over the weekend, I worked on my book some more (21,000 words!), took my dog to the dog park, went to the mall to find a graduation dress (I didn’t find one…I DESPISE shopping)… nothing too stressful, thank goodness.

Our friend just had ACL surgery, so we tried to push her around in a wheelbarrow (it did not work)

Our friend just had ACL surgery, so we tried to push her around in a wheelbarrow (it did not work)

Doofus dog was very excited to go to the dog park

Doofus dog was very excited to go to the dog park

Although he is the king of flopping around pathetically so that everyone in the vicinity knows just how pathetic he is.


I ate some good food.


PB&J, sauteed kale, plain Greek yogurt with blueberries


Smoothie: banana, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, a splash of orange juice, a spoonful of Greek yogurt


Strawberry shortcake with fresh-picked strawberries from an orchard!


Whole wheat toast with tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil (toasted), with pineapple on the side

I need to get used to waking up at or before 7 am every day again! ¬†The humidity and heat are unbearable at all times of the day, so the ideal time to run is like 3 am, but obviously that’s not going to happen. ¬†I’m trying to get out the door by 7:40 every morning, with the goal of getting up a little bit earlier each day to try to beat the heat. ¬†One can hope…

Tonight was my youngest brother’s elementary school graduation! ¬†After twelve years at that elementary school, our family is done. ¬†Crazy.



Nice photo with grandma…

...although this is more typical (they were pinching me and I fell down)

…although this is more typical (they were pinching me and I fell down)

Well, I need to be off to bed as I have a 6:50 am wake-up call.  Yay running?




Although this was my last regional meet of high school, I ultimately made the decision to scratch any individual events because they fell on the same night as prom (Friday). ¬†This means that I am not qualified for states in an individual event, but I’m okay with that ūüôā

The 4×800 was on Thursday night, which did not bring ideal weather. ¬†It was in the 80s and extremely humid, with lurking thunderstorms, which was not a surprise but still gross.¬†We got to the meet around 6:50 pm and warmed up at 7:30 because there was a 15-minute storm delay. ¬†I felt okay on the warm-up; I tend to get a stitch either before or during races, and I got a stitch during this warm-up, which was kind of a relief because I’d gotten it over with. ¬†Weird, I know. ¬†We were soaked in perspiration by the end of the warm-up.

We kept the same order that we ran at conferences, so I was running the first leg. ¬†I really wanted to have a good race and just get back under that stupid 2:25 barrier that I hadn’t been able to break all season (even though my PR from last year was a 2:21). ¬†If I was ever going to do it, this was the race.

As I lined up at the starting line, I was mentally shouting “I love racing” or something along those lines at myself in order to override any negative thoughts that were trying to creep in.

After three separate “on your marks” because someone kept stepping on the finish line, the gun finally went off.


IMG_5441The first 200 went out pretty hard, but I felt good.  There was no finish line clock, so I had no idea what my 400 split was during the race.  I figured it was fast, but I still felt strong! (It turned out to be 66 high)


Unfortunately, I got spiked and boxed in on the back stretch during the second lap. ¬†I lost my balance and slowed down but still managed to hang in there. ¬†Races are never perfect ūüôā

I hardly remember anything from 500 to 700 meters, but as I came around to the final straightaway and tried to find my teammate, I realized she was lined up really far to the outside. ¬†Trying to get to her wrecked my concentration a little bit, so my final kick wasn’t amazing and I slowed down drastically as I handed off to her in fourth¬†place, but we managed not to drop the baton,¬†and I turned around as fast as I could to check out my time on the scoreboard clock behind me.

When I turned around, the clock read 2:19.



IMG_5449IMG_5450I love these pictures.  I was shocked!

As you can see, even though depth perception is hard in head-on pictures, I handed off about five meters before the line, so¬†my leg was a little¬†less than 800 meters. ¬†But I’d like to think all the dodging and weaving I did made up for it ūüėČ ¬†If I had run all the way through the line, it would’ve either been 2:20 low or 2:19 high, so I’m calling it as a 2:19. ¬†(I hope no one minds.) No matter what, it was a PR, which honestly I was not expecting at all after running 2:25-2:26 all season!

My teammates ran amazingly as well, and we actually set a season best, faster than we’d run when we had our original four! ¬†Our soph anchor split a 2:16-2:17, her fastest time ever as well!



On to states!  I have one more race left in my high school career!




Reluctant conference recap

I’m pretty behind on blog posts, so this is a quick recap of what I’ve been meaning to write over the past three weeks!

I wrote a post about the heat affecting my workouts about three weeks ago, but I never finished it because that was during the peak of IB exams and I pretty much had no time.  I completed a total of eight IB and AP exams (twelve days of testing!) before school ended and senior experience began.

Anyway, for a quick summary of that post, I’m terrible at running in the heat, so my workouts suffered when the temperatures shot up to 85+ with no warning. ¬†Also, the humidity is really terrible where I live, so each step felt like I was running through a sauna. ¬†Not fun.

Conferences was last Tuesday and Wednesday. ¬†I ran the 4×800 on Tuesday, and I pretty much knew from the warm-up that it would not be a good race. ¬†My heart rate was frighteningly high after the warm-up, and for the first time ever, I actually thought¬†on the starting line, “What if I just don’t start this race?” ¬†With 200 to go, my breathing was off, and I was just not feeling good. ¬†I ran 2:26 and was really mad.

The mile and two mile were the next day, and I went through 3 laps of the mile in 3:56, which was on pace for another (small) PR. ¬†I was feeling pretty good, but all of a sudden with 250 to go, I hit the biggest wall I’ve ever hit in a 1600 in my life and barely finished in 5:24, nine seconds slower than what I’d been on pace for through 1300m. ¬†This means my last 200 was probably around 49 seconds, which is 6:40 mile pace. ¬†I was practically crawling. I barely crossed the line before collapsing off to the side. ¬†It took awhile to recover.

I scratched the two mile and went home pissed off and sad.  Why had that happened??

Anyway, conferences did not go well. ¬†To make matters worse, that 1600 was the last individual race of my high school career because I’m forfeiting my chance to individually state qualify by going to prom instead of individually racing at regionals. ¬†Not a great way to end.

But then the relay at regionals happened, which I’ll write about next!