Although this was my last regional meet of high school, I ultimately made the decision to scratch any individual events because they fell on the same night as prom (Friday). ¬†This means that I am not qualified for states in an individual event, but I’m okay with that ūüôā

The 4×800 was on Thursday night, which did not bring ideal weather. ¬†It was in the 80s and extremely humid, with lurking thunderstorms, which was not a surprise but still gross.¬†We got to the meet around 6:50 pm and warmed up at 7:30 because there was a 15-minute storm delay. ¬†I felt okay on the warm-up; I tend to get a stitch either before or during races, and I got a stitch during this warm-up, which was kind of a relief because I’d gotten it over with. ¬†Weird, I know. ¬†We were soaked in perspiration by the end of the warm-up.

We kept the same order that we ran at conferences, so I was running the first leg. ¬†I really wanted to have a good race and just get back under that stupid 2:25 barrier that I hadn’t been able to break all season (even though my PR from last year was a 2:21). ¬†If I was ever going to do it, this was the race.

As I lined up at the starting line, I was mentally shouting “I love racing” or something along those lines at myself in order to override any negative thoughts that were trying to creep in.

After three separate “on your marks” because someone kept stepping on the finish line, the gun finally went off.


IMG_5441The first 200 went out pretty hard, but I felt good.  There was no finish line clock, so I had no idea what my 400 split was during the race.  I figured it was fast, but I still felt strong! (It turned out to be 66 high)


Unfortunately, I got spiked and boxed in on the back stretch during the second lap. ¬†I lost my balance and slowed down but still managed to hang in there. ¬†Races are never perfect ūüôā

I hardly remember anything from 500 to 700 meters, but as I came around to the final straightaway and tried to find my teammate, I realized she was lined up really far to the outside. ¬†Trying to get to her wrecked my concentration a little bit, so my final kick wasn’t amazing and I slowed down drastically as I handed off to her in fourth¬†place, but we managed not to drop the baton,¬†and I turned around as fast as I could to check out my time on the scoreboard clock behind me.

When I turned around, the clock read 2:19.



IMG_5449IMG_5450I love these pictures.  I was shocked!

As you can see, even though depth perception is hard in head-on pictures, I handed off about five meters before the line, so¬†my leg was a little¬†less than 800 meters. ¬†But I’d like to think all the dodging and weaving I did made up for it ūüėČ ¬†If I had run all the way through the line, it would’ve either been 2:20 low or 2:19 high, so I’m calling it as a 2:19. ¬†(I hope no one minds.) No matter what, it was a PR, which honestly I was not expecting at all after running 2:25-2:26 all season!

My teammates ran amazingly as well, and we actually set a season best, faster than we’d run when we had our original four! ¬†Our soph anchor split a 2:16-2:17, her fastest time ever as well!



On to states!  I have one more race left in my high school career!





April Fool’s and the ultimate comfort food

Happy Day After April Fool’s Day! ¬†Did you prank anyone?

Our girls’ team pranked one of the boys by writing “PROM?” across our stomachs and “APRIL FOOLS” across our backs. ¬†I don’t have a picture of the entire¬†spectacle, but it was pretty great. ¬†Especially when our old, ridiculous sprinter coach had a fit of convulsive laughter.

photo 1-2

My role in the debacle… I had an “I” and an “L” on my back

Rockin’ the¬†shorts-under-sweats look. ¬†Nothing like post-run fashion…

Yesterday was just a run, but¬†I was starving (as usual) from the time I got home until dinner. ¬†I spend much of the hour between 6 and 7 o’clock trying to distract myself¬†from the fact that dinner is not ready yet. ¬†Even my post-workout snack of two pieces of toast with peanut butter and banana seemed to make me hungrier! ¬†But last night, dinner was worth the wait.

photo 3-5

My wonderful mother made a gigantic lasagna!! ¬†Layers upon layers of noodles, cheese, sausage (I don’t even like sausage), ground beef, more cheese, sauce, tomatoes… ’twas delicious. ¬†I ate three huge pieces,¬†and I am not sorry in the slightest.

photo 4-2

b4d39b2962f7e7ac23159684cd651356After dinner, my dessert consisted of a cup of Chobani blueberry…but I’m the weird person who scoops out half the¬†sugar syrup¬†fruit¬†at the bottom because it’s way too sweet. ¬†I added a heaping spoonful of plain Greek yogurt and some bananas. ¬†Yum. ¬†Healthy!

photo 5-2

feat. tiger tail

Today was our only home meet/Senior Night. ¬†Unfortunately, I was doing some driver’s ed stuff¬†that fell smack in the middle of the meet. ¬†So I did a solo track workout right after school…and didn’t realize until after I started that I had remnants of the M, I, and L from our prank still written on my stomach and back. ¬†Whoops! ¬†On the other hand, I had a very good workout considering I was alone; I did a descending ladder, nothing long or fancy, 1600, 1200, 800, 400. ¬†5:57, 4:20, 2:48, 1:15. ¬†Everything except the 12 was faster than the paces my coach had given me. ¬†Is that good…or bad?

Our next meet is on Saturday, and I’m running the 4×8 and the open 800. ¬†What has happened to my “I don’t run 800s” mindset? ¬†The state autos came out yesterday and they are so slow (relatively speaking) that my times from indoor almost qualify me! My coach wants me to aim for maybe the state auto in the 800 this Saturday, so I’ll see what I can do. ¬†My calf is feeling quite a bit better ūüôā