Last two training weeks (57 miles, 53 miles + 60 min swim)

Happy first day of October!  It finally feels like fall here, although I wouldn’t know because I’ve been in the library most of the day.  Our first finance midterm tomorrow is supposed to be a killer.  However, the past hour has been spent on FloTrack and tfrrs rather than Blackboard, so I think my productivity is shot.  Guess I should write a blog post 😉  Sorry I skipped last week’s training recap!


Throwback to last week’s race

Week of 9/18-9/24:

  • Monday: AM: 5 miles.  PM: form drills, speed ladder, hurdles, 5 miles, felt tired, 4 x strides, planks/push-ups, rope stretch.  Leg still hurts.  Very hot!  Total: 10 miles.
  • Tuesday: AM: 18 min warm-up, drills, strides, 4 x 2k on the track with 1:30-2:00 recovery (7:30, 7:25, 7:22, 7:18). 21 min cool down.  Lift in weight room. Ice bath.  PM: NormaTec.  Total: 10 miles.
    Wednesday: 6 miles
  • Thursday: AM: 30 min run, drills, 800 @ 2:57, 2×400-200-200 with 200 jog recovery (79, 39, 37, 78, 38, 36), 15 min cool down.  Upper body lift in weight room.  Cold ice bath!  PM: 2 miles + NormaTec.  Total: 10 miles.
  • Friday: 5 mile pre-meet @ Panorama Farms, drills, strides, rope stretch.  Very hot.
  • Saturday: early AM: 10 min shakeout, rope stretch.  Later: rope stretch, 18 min warm-up, drills, strides, hilly 5k race (18:18), 40 min cool down.  Total: 12 miles.
  • Sunday: 4 miles + 10 min core.  First part was rough.

Total: 57 miles.


Week of 9/25-10/1:

  • Monday: AM: 6 miles, in the zone!  Bunion pain. PM: form drills, hurdle drills, speed ladder, 4 miles trails, 4 x 150m strides, planks/push-ups, rope stretch.  Total: 10 miles.
  • Tuesday: AM: 2 mile warm-up, drills, 10 min tempo, 4 x 4:00h, 2:00e, 2 x 2:00h, 1:00e, 2 x “X” strides, 2 mile cool down.  Light lift in weight room.  Ice bath. Light core.  PM: 2 miles + NormaTec.  Bunion pain.
  • Wednesday: 60 min swim.  PM: Massage (calves and hamstrings)
  • Thursday: 2 mile warm-up, drills, 3 x 1.5 mile hill circuit, 1 x 400 hill, 2 x short grass hill, 2 mile cool down.  Light lift in weight room + NormaTec.  Ok at beginning, dead/nauseous at end.  Ugh.  Total: 9 miles.  PM: off.
  • Friday: AM: 6 miles.  Felt pretty good.  PM: form drills, 4 miles, 6 x strides, core/push-ups, yoga.  Felt crappy, progressively worse throughout night.
  • Saturday: 12 miles.  Felt awful before, ok during, and awful after.
  • Sunday: off

Total: 53 miles + 60 min swim

The week before last was a solid week of training; this week, not so much!  Monday and Tuesday went well.  We packed up well during Tuesday’s workout, even with some tension and trouble with one-stepping…

On Wednesday, my coach recommended (aka ordered) that I get my butt in the pool because of recent bunion pain.  So I did.  60 minutes of swimming for the first time in months!  Unfortunately, I started to feel sick on Wednesday night after massage, which has persisted throughout the rest of this week.  I felt nauseous and weak during the latter half of Thursday’s hill workout, Friday’s afternoon practice, and Saturday’s long run.  This did not prevent me from consuming a pint of ice cream and jabbering with some of my freshman teammates on Thursday night.



Also, I’m hella stubborn and ran 12 miles yesterday because coach said “give yourself a range of 8-12 miles since you don’t feel well.”  She was a little annoyed at me for running 12…

After the long run, my roommate and I went to the farmers’ market and saw the cutest dogs.


I then went to Trader Joe’s to do some grocery shopping for the week.  The beginning of the month always makes me feel falsely richer than I am (I am a very broke college student) because my parents help me out with rent.  So yesterday I was a little less thrifty than I usually am.  Which means I splurged on $3 butternut squash soup and bought pre-cooked chicken instead of raw.


Later that evening, we threw a birthday party for one of my teammates!  Another friend made the most amazing ice cream cake: a cookie layer, vanilla ice cream, a brownie layer, fudge and peanut butter ice cream, and peanut butter swirled on top.  After hours of laughter and dancing, I died out at 10 pm but hit a second wind once everyone else left and spent the next hour and a half dancing with my closest friends.  It was a blast.


Anyway, today is a mandatory off day for me 😅  I managed to stay in bed until 8 am (that never happens!) and then made breakfast, meal prepped, and jetted off to the library, where I’ve been studying for finance since 11 am.  Jk.  I’ve been in the library since 11 am, but I took numerous breaks.  Took an hour-long break at 3 to go get gas and Siggi’s yogurt at Harris Teeter (yes, I’m laughing at myself, too).  But thanks to a sale and coupon, I got TEN SIGGI’S FOR $7.50.  UNHEARD OF.

This past week of training wasn’t ideal, but I’m hoping that things will turn around in the coming week.  In addition to feeling physically ill, I’ve had some crazy thoughts and emotions throughout the past week, which has been annoying.  My team is experiencing the classic mid-season “everyone is falling apart” syndrome right now, so we’ve just got to keep ourselves together (literally and figuratively).

My goals for the coming week:

  • Be a supportive teammate.  Practice active listening (which we’re talking about in my business perspectives class, and it’s SO USEFUL).
  • Take the crappy days in stride (if they occur).  Pick something positive out of every workout/lift/day, even if you don’t feel incredible.
  • Live in the present.  I get really anal about classes and timing and the past and the future forget to enjoy the moment.  The present is a great place to be!
  • Do not mindlessly check Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook when you’re bored or uncomfortable.
  • Remember how much form drills, strides, and strength help running!  
  • Listen to your body and don’t overload training on Tuesday because it never ends well (you would think I would have learned that by now…)

Talk to you all later!


First workout back: 4-mile tempo run (in which I remember how hard tempo runs are)

(If you don’t want to read the whole thing: 6:27, 6:15, 6:18, 6:14)

Happy 4th of July!  I can’t say I’m always proud to be an American, but I’m grateful to live in a country with freedom and opportunity.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and gets to spend time with family and friends.


Speaking of family and friends, here’s a photo of all the cousins (and my gramma) from the wedding!

Today started off with an early morning workout.  I was up and ready to go at 6 am, so I ate some Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and banana before heading out to complete the first workout of summer/cross country season!

The workout was 2.5 mile warm-up, 4 mile tempo, 2.5 mile cool down for a total of 9 miles.  It was 75 degrees and about 85% humidity when I headed out the door, which wasn’t unbearable.  My legs were still pretty tired from Sunday’s long run, so I told myself that 6:20 pace sounded reasonable.

Warmed up for 20ish minutes and did drills on the asphalt bike path.  Didn’t feel stellar.  Contemplated studying the plants lining the side of the bike path instead of doing the tempo.  Just kidding.

Started the tempo…It felt a wee bit harder than it should have, and I hit the first mile in 6:27.  Reassured myself that it was fine and that I wasn’t a slow hobby-jogger 😉 Entering the second mile where two bike paths converged, some guy came tearing along of the adjacent bike path at the same time and pace that I was tearing along the other one.  So I latched onto him without asking, mostly because I couldn’t spare the breath to speak.  Hehe.  He pulled me through the second mile in 6:15, at which point I turned around.  Thanks, runner dude- hope you didn’t mind a random girl tailgating you for a mile!

I hit the third mile in 6:18 and contemplated quitting.  But not actually.  Well, kind of.  You know those moments where you dream of stopping but know it’ll never happen because a) you would kick yourself and b) pain is a mental construct and it isn’t real!! ?  Yeah.  It had been months since my last tempo, and I forgot how hard they are!  That last mile is always a grind.  I just tried to relax and told myself that I had done harder things and to stop being a baby.  Clearly I’m very nice to myself.  Fourth mile was a 6:14.  Total time for the tempo was 25:14.

The cool down was more of a shuffle because my legs kept deciding without my permission that they didn’t want to run anymore.  I finally got home after 87 years (20 minutes).  But after stretching, rolling, an ice bath, and a short walk with one of the dogs I’m dog-sitting, they’re feeling a bit better.  I’m drinking coffee for the second day in a row- crazy!  The rest of the day will include lunch (wedding leftovers for YEARS), a nap, spending time with family, another run for a total of 11 miles today, potentially a light leg lift, and 4th of July fireworks and dinner tonight.  I’m lucky enough to have today off from work, so I may binge-watch The Great British Baking Show 😉

Anyway, Cliff’s Notes version because I managed to write an essay about 25 minutes of my life: the first workout back was hard, now I remember what a grind tempos are, excited to get faster this summer, and I would love to find workout buddies.  The end!!

Winter training and life

(Written earlier this week)

Good morning!  I hope everyone’s weeks got off to a stellar start.  Mumford & Sons, coffee, and a beautiful sunrise on the way to work have made being stuck in a cubicle seem slightly more bearable 🙂  Less than a week until spring semester!!

I realized I haven’t really done a training/life update in awhile, so this will be rather long!  Over the past couple weeks, I’ve built back the mileage back up and started workouts, and except for some recent treadmill-induced piriformis and bunion pain, it’s been 80% smooth sailing.  I ran a 12 mile workout on the treadmill on Sunday!!

Week of 12/5-12/11: 39 miles, 60ish min XT

Week of 12/12-12/18: 44 miles + 40 min bike

Week of 12/19-12/25: 49 miles, 30 min bike

Week of 12/26-1/1: 53 miles

Week of 1/2-1/8: 54 miles + 25 min bike

Week of 12/26-1/1:

M: 3 miles recovery + core and yoga.  Sore hamstrings.

T: AM: 7 early morning miles, drills, strides.  PM: lift day 1 (lower body)

W: 3 mile warm-up, drills, 30 minute tempo (averaged 6:22ish), 3 min recovery, 4 x [:60, :60], 2 mile cool-down.  Total: 11 miles.

Th: 5 miles + core after work.  Mentally not great.

F: AM: drills, 6 early morning miles, strides.  PM: lift day 2, felt sick.

Sat: 3 mile warm-up, drills, 4 x 800 with 200m jog recovery (2:53, 2:53, 2:53, 2:52), lap, 6 x 400 with 60-75 seconds recovery (78, 78, 80, 78, 78, 77), 3 mile cool down. Total: 11 miles.

Sun: 11 miles on bike path.  My feet/bunions were killing me the whole time!  Limping by the end :/

Total: 53 miles

Both workouts that week went pretty well; I was on the canal for the first one and the track for the second one.  I was a little mental going into the track workout because I was alone and kept thinking I wouldn’t be able to hit the paces, but it ended up being fine!  Total: 10 miles. Most of the runs were decent as well, although I think randomly switching shoes made my feet really hurt towards the end of the week.  

Week of 1/2-1/8:

M: off; core + yoga

T: AM: 7 miles treadmill.  PM: drills, 2 miles to gym, strides, lift day 1.  22 total chin-ups!

W: 3 mile warm-up, drills, strides, 2 x 200 (37, 36), 3 x [4×400] w/ 1 min rest and 1 lap between sets (82, 82, 82, 82, 84, 80, 81, 81, 83, 81, 81, 81), 2k w/ 200 @ 5k pace and 200 around 48-50 seconds. (Total was 7:39).  Total = 11 miles.  Felt ok, not great, not bad.

TH: 5 miles early morning run, a little stiff but progressively better + core

F:  AM: 7 miles treadmill. Had to convince myself to actually stay on the treadmill. Piriformis pain.  PM: 25 min bike + lift day 2.  Felt a little weak today.

Sat: Snowy track workout! 3 mile warm-up, drills, 4 x mile with 2 min rec (6:09, 6:02, 6:00, 5:57), 3 mile cool down.  Total = 10 miles.

Sun: Treadmill long run workout.  3 mile warm-up, 4 x [7 min on at about 6:50 pace, 8 min off at about 7:50 pace], finished to mileage.  Total = 12 miles.

Total: 54 miles + 25 min bike

This week was solid!  The first half was uneventful.  Friday sucked, honestly– I had to talk myself through the treadmill run and was miserable and had a bunch of piriformis pain so I biked in the afternoon instead of running again.  I actually fell asleep at 7:30 pm for two hours and felt weirdly exhausted/disoriented for the next like 16 hours.  On Saturday, my teammate and I worked out together, and it went surprisingly really well considering the weather.  Sunday’s long run/workout went surprisingly well, too.  Changing the pace every mile actually made it a lot more bearable.  I didn’t push it too much, either.

Lifts have been going well; my pull-up ability isn’t progressing as quickly as I want it to 😉 but I’m getting there!  I’m better at chin-ups than parallel grip pull-ups, but I’ve been working hard on parallel pull-ups with the ultimate goal of being able to do all 3 sets of 10 unassisted.  At this point, I’m about halfway there!

Sleep is okay- I wish I could get nine hours every night, but I’ve probably been getting 7-8 as usual.  It’s better than nothing, I guess!  I’m working on getting off my phone before bed and writing a few things in a gratitude/reflection journal.

Work is work.

Surprisingly, I’ve been doing yoga at least once a week, which has been good.  I’ve never been into yoga- my mind doesn’t turn off and I rush through the exercises and I’m inflexible as heck- but I have to admit I always feel better after doing it, even if it’s just stretching.  Honestly, one of the more challenging parts is the “corpse pose” at the end– put on a peaceful song, turn off the lights, and lie motionless/relaxed for the duration of the song.  It’s a great way to clear your mind and forget about everything else that happens during the day.  Although it usually takes me most of the song to wind down my brain and truly relax!

Go-to corpse pose songs:

  • “I See Fire”- Ed Sheeran
  • “Only Time” – Enya
  • “Corazon Sin Cara”- Prince Royce (this was the jam in eighth grade)
  • “Atlas Hands”- Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Tangentially, I watched the documentary “Minimalism” a few nights ago, and it was enlightening.  My dad is a hoarder, so I developed minimalist tendencies as a coping mechanism around the age of 14, but those have all but disappeared.  However, I’ve made it a goal to somewhat de-clutter (my dorm room, my life, etc).  We’ll see how that goes 🙂  I really appreciated their analysis of how minimizing your lifestyle can help with relaxation of the mind and enable you to step away from the chaotic, constant stimulation of modern society.  It’s good for the brain.

I finished this blog post and my coffee at exactly the same time.  How convenient.

Summer training week 11: SIXTY MILES + team trip

Happy Sunday!  I hope the past week has been fabulous.  The past three days have been spent with the team during our annual women’s team trip.  I officially hit 60 miles for the first time, got to see almost my entire team,  didn’t have to work too much, and the Olympics began.  It was a pretty good week 🙂


Summer 2016 week 11 (8/1-8/7):

Monday: AM: 3 miles, sleep deprived but felt good, upper body strength.  PM: 7 miles, drills, strides.  Total = 10
Tuesday: 20 min w/u, fartlek (1:00-1-2-4-8-4-2-1-1 with half-time recovery) around the Mall/Tidal Basin, 15 min c/d.  Felt pretty tired but got through it and the views were AMAZING.  Total = 10
Wednesday:  5 miles easy
Thursday: AM: 7 miles, drills, strides, upper body strength.  New shoes.  PM: 3 miles.  Total = 10
Friday:  20 min w/u, drills, 24 min pace run/tempo on canal with team, 20 min c/d, core.  Felt really strong and controlled, no idea about pace but mentally one of my best tempos.  LOVE being with the team!!  Total = 9
Saturday:  12 miles canal, felt good, pretty relaxed.  Hike later.
Sunday:  AM: yoga class with team.  PM: 4 miles neighborhoods at home.  Legs felt surprisingly good!

Total:  60 miles + hike


For the most part, this week was awesome!!  The only run that was “eh” was Tuesday’s workout, but the national Mall was beautiful at 6:45 am, so that made up for it.  Switched to new shoes on Thursday.
Friday’s tempo was great- I started out feeling strong and finished feeling strong, staying mentally in it the whole time.  The team looked great and I’m so excited 🙂 Saturday’s long run felt surprisingly good the day after a workout.  Sunday’s yoga class was very rejuvenating and helpful, and my recovery run was good.  And I have officially hit 60 miles for the first time!!
It was so much fun being with these ladies after not being together all summer!  We worked out together Friday morning, long ran Saturday, each class was in charge of a brunch/dinner/dessert each day (sophomores totally rocked Saturday brunch!), we went hiking, found cute ice cream shops and farmer’s markets, ate insane quantities of peanut butter (just me?), watched the Olympics and 27 Dresses, and had a campfire with lots of s’mores.

There were a few bumps in the road- what else do you expect when you throw together twenty 18-to-22-year-olds that haven’t seen each other all summer- but for the most part, the trip was incredible.  Also needless to say, the house we were staying in did not smell great towards the end.  I don’t think I’ve ever sweat more in my life.  Less than two weeks until we’re back for good!


Update: Blasting through the negativity

I feel as though an update on running/life is sorely needed, so here goes!  It might be fairly intense.  Oops.

After I DNFed nine days ago, my coach decided to keep me in the conference lineup for the 5k anyway.  Woo!  I gave myself a couple days to eat my feelings and deal with the medicine wreaking havoc on my body.  I felt like an elephant.  Running had been horrible for a couple weeks.

Last week, my coach forced me to take an off day on Monday- “Would you rather run today, or would you rather run at conferences?”- and I did a 9-mile MR+ on Tuesday.  That was a bad run; it was a million degrees and I felt heavy/dead right from the start.  On a positive note, we had our annual athletic awards ceremony that night, so we got to dress up for once!


I cross trained for 40 minutes on Wednesday, which felt fine, and then I did a workout on Thursday.  3 x [1000m, 600m] w/ 2-3 min rest, 5 x 200m with 90s rest.  This was probably the most normal I’d felt in weeks!  I still didn’t feel like I had any pep in my step or that little extra *something* in my legs, but I hit 3:28, 1:59, 3:30, 2:00, 3:31, 1:58 and did not time the 200s (but apparently my last one was a 33).  I ran 3 miles on Friday, 10 on Saturday, and 6 on Sunday.  Total mileage for the week was around 37- a little low, but whatever.

The thing is, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve been struggling a lot mentally.  There’s been some issues outside of running in my life recently, and it’s made it hard to focus completely, especially on top of being sick and not feeling 100%.  The negative thoughts have been creeping in way too often.

Even though last Thursday’s workout was okay, I kept thinking, “These thousands feel so hard.  How am I going to run a 5k around this pace?  I can’t do it.  I can’t do it.  I wish I were a 1500 runner.  I can’t run the 5k.  This is too hard.”  These thoughts have been popping into my head on almost every single run.

Our last day of classes was April 29th, and today marked the beginning of finals period.  I had my stats final in the morning.


Today’s workout was supposed to be 10 x 400 a tiny bit faster than race pace (so we were supposed to do 82s).  Not a bad workout at all, right?  Well, it turned out to be another negative day for me.  It was 83 degrees and the sun was blazing and I felt like throwing up.  Maybe it was due to eating lunch at 11:30-12 and working out at 2, maybe it was due to the heat, maybe a lot of things.

But struggling to do 400s at 5k goal pace and having to quit after 8 x 400 (2 miles worth of work, aka only 2/3 of the distance I have to race on Friday, with breaks) just sucked.  I had to go take a quick cold shower before doing a 15 minute cool down.  I was supposed to get 9 miles in today; I got 7.  This has been happening constantly for the past three weeks.  It’s annoying not to hit mileage every damn day.

And here’s the thing: unless I magically pull a 17:16 out of my butt at conferences, my season ends Friday, so today was my last real workout of freshman year, and I fucked it up yet again.


How ironic that as I type this, I’m listening to the playlist “100 Most Uplifting Songs Ever” on Spotify.

Anyway, I recognize my negativity and distraction, and here are some things I need to keep in mind:

  1. I don’t have a stressful finals schedule.  I only have two exams and a presentation, and I’ve gotten one exam out of the way with the presentation coming tomorrow.  I can relax if I want to!
  2. Boy drama, roommate drama, friend drama, any drama- I need to put it aside and realize that it’s not important right now.  Or realize that it needs to be blasted through.  One of those things.  I’m just spitballing right now, honestly.
  3. I love to run.  I love my team.  A 5k is long, yes, and mentally difficult.  But a few bad workouts are not a reflection of my ability to run 12.5 laps around the track as fast as I can.  I’ve put in the work for months and months, and even a couple weeks won’t destroy that.
  4. Stop thinking that I can’t run 3.1 miles!  (Sounds ridiculous, but yes, this thought has been popping into my head quite regularly.  Runners are weird.)  I ran 10 on Saturday.  Just because today was only two miles of work on the track does not mean anything.  Just because I was very glad when the 20-minute warm-up was over does not mean I cannot run 3.1 miles.
  5. Run for the team.  Yeah, I haven’t been feeling so hot, but everything we do is for the betterment of the team.  There are 5 other women suffering experiencing the 5k along with me.  GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME.  FOR THE TEAM.
  6. Stop being negative about nutrition.  This is a whole ‘nother can of worms, but to sum it up quickly, I don’t think my attitude right now is very good.
  7. STOP THINKING THINGS SUCH AS “X more days and I can be done!”  Cherish the next few days.  Memories will be made, the team will work toward a common goal (winning conferences!), and I need to keep this in mind!  I do this for a reason!

Ok, I should probably stop now.  I’m going to watch “Forrest Gump” and not study for finals 😉  It’s very weird to think that I’ll be done with freshman year and moving out in one week!!

Happy New Year! (3 days late…)

Looks like my procrastinatory publishings aren’t going to change much in 2016…

Happy New Year!  Wow.  It’s 2016.  My last full year before my twenties…oh man.

Quick review of 2015:

2015 was full of ups and downs, running and otherwise.  I was accepted into my first choice college and got to join an amazing team that I absolutely love.  I got injured, made stupid decisions, fought with my family, turned eighteen, turned in my IB Extended Essay, went skydiving, graduated high school, received my IB bilingual diploma, went back to California over the summer, lost some friends, gained a lot more, ran more mileage than I ever have in my life, raced my first 6k while redshirting the cross country season, and raced in uniform for the first time.  I finished my first semester of college! (Haven’t worked up the nerve to check my grades yet…)


2015 has left me half an inch taller, faster, happier (when I’m at school), and more knowledgeable.  I have some vague ideas about resolutions for 2016 but nothing definitive yet.  I’ll let you know as they develop further.

Training recap 12/28–1/3:

Monday 12/28: 6 miles with friend, drills, strides, upper body + abs
Tuesday: 20 min warm-up, drills, strides, 6 x 800m with 80-90s recovery, 20 min cool down.  Total: 8 miles
Wednesday: 60 min XT in pool with friend, 10 min drill, balance circuit
Thursday: 5 miles with friend, drills, strides, upper and lower body strength
Friday: 20 min warm-up, drills, strides, 3 mile pace run (6:35, 6:30, 6:08), 20 min cool down, abs
Saturday: off
Sunday: 10 miles @ 7:22 avg


Not sure what happened with that 0.02

Today’s Church of the Sunday Long Run wasn’t stellar, but it wasn’t horrible.  My legs felt tired for the first, like, 8 miles… Also, my left Achilles was bothering me, especially during the second half of the run.  You know that feeling where you’re tired on a run so you push it because you think you’re going slow, but it turns out you’re running a completely normal pace so you just end up exhausted from pushing it and going too fast?  Yeah, that about sums up my long run today.

Total for this week: 37 miles running, 60 min XT

In-season training weeks 5-8 (36, 35, 41, and 41 miles)

Wow, I’m a terrible person because I’m four weeks behind on my training recaps!  So sorry.  College is hard.

I have 20 spare minutes to catch up!

Week 5:

Monday 9/21: 5 miles, strength circuit
Tuesday: 5 miles @ 7:40 pace, abs
Wednesday: 60 min cross training
Thursday: 6 miles, drills, strides, strength circuit, 30 min stationary bike
Friday: 2.75 miles warm-up, 4 mile pace run (6:32, 6:34, 6:16, 6:12), 2.35 mile cool down (Total: 9 miles)
Saturday: off
Sunday: 11 miles

Total: 36 miles running (low b/c hamstring), 90 min cross training

Week 6:

Monday 9/28: 6 miles, drills, strides, strength circuit
Tuesday: First track workout of college! 20 minutes warm-up, 2×800 (3:03, 2:52), 2xmile (6:08, 6:08), 2×800 (2:51, 2:50), 3×400 (82, 80, 80), 12 minutes cool-down.  Total: 9-10 miles.
Wednesday: 60 minutes cross training
Thursday: 6 miles (3o min run, 8 x :60 hard, :30 easy, 6 minute run), strength circuit, 30 minutes cross training
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: Road race 5k with teammates.  20 minutes warm-up, 5k in 19:21, 10 minute run, 7 x :60 hard, :30 easy, 10 minutes cool down.  Total: 10 miles.
Sunday: 30 minutes biking

Total: 35 miles running (low b/c hamstring), 120 minutes cross training


Week 7:

Monday 10/5: 10.2 miles beautiful solo long run @ 7:30 pace (digestive issues though)
Tuesday: 5 miles, strength circuit
Wednesday: 60 minutes cross training
Thursday: AM: 2.6 miles warm-up, fartlek workout (4.5-5 miles), 3 miles cool-down.  PM: 2 miles.  Total: 12 miles.
Friday: 6 miles, drills, strides
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: off

Total: 41 miles running, 60 minutes cross training

Week 8:

Monday 10/12: 2.6 miles warm-up, 2.6 miles “brisk”, 2 or 3 x 3:00 hard, 2:00 easy (did not finish the rest of the workout), 12ish minutes cool down (Total 8ish miles)
Tuesday: 6 miles, drills, strides, strength circuit
Wednesday: 60 minutes stationary bike (probably 80 minutes total bike though)
Thursday: 6 miles, drills, strides, yoga, 30 minutes biking
Friday: Pre-meet (4 miles), 4 short strides
Saturday: 2.5 miles warm-up, first 6k race in 22:52, 2.5 miles cool down
Sunday: AM: 5 miles.  PM: 3 miles.

Total: 41 miles running, 110 minutes cross training, 20 minutes yoga

Comments: My hamstring has been bothering me on and off for several weeks, but I’ve pretty much been able to train through it (knock on wood!).  First real (and first 6k) race was on Saturday 10/17!  I’ll recap it next post!

In-season training week 2 (45 miles)

Yo.  I’ve decided to start titling my training recaps “in-season training.”  So Training Week 10 was actually In-Season Week 1, and this past week was In-Season Week 2.

I hope that makes sense!

long run map 9:6

When your long run route is a maze

Anyway, I just wrapped up my second week of in-season training with 10 miles on the same campground trails that I did my pace run at nine days ago.  This long run felt a lot better than last Sunday; I didn’t feel 100%, but my legs weren’t logs, either!

Week 2:

Monday 8/31: 6 miles, drills, strides, strength circuit
Tuesday: AM: 2 miles shakeout run.  PM: 2 miles warm-up, 5k total “race”, 5 x [1:00 hard, :30 easy], 1.5 miles cool down.  Total: 10 miles
Wednesday: 40 minutes biking
Thursday: 6 miles, drills, strides, strength circuit, 30ish minutes cross training
Friday: 2.8 miles warm-up, drills and strides, 4 miles pace run @ 6:30ish average, 2.8 cool down.  Total: 10 miles
Saturday: 3 miles @ 8:02 pace, 45 minutes yoga
Sunday: 10 miles @ 7:49 average pace

Total: 45 miles running, 70ish minutes cross training, 45 minutes yoga

Comments:  Phew!  I am exhausted.  This was the highest mileage week I’ve ever done in my life, along with about two hours of cross training and/or yoga.  It seemed like half of my runs felt like crap, but listing it out now makes me realize that- duh- it wasn’t as bad as it seemed in the moment.

Monday felt normal, Tuesday was hot and exhausting, Wednesday was recovery, Thursday felt bad at the beginning but continuously improved, Friday was hot and exhausting, Saturday felt surprisingly good, and Sunday (today) was pretty good.  So over half my week was positive!  Silly me.

Today’s long run started out a tiny bit slower because we were in the woods, and it was dangerous to go fast what with all the roots and tight turns and uneven footing.  Once we transitioned onto the wider dirt/gravel bike path in the woods, our pace increased, and our last two miles averaged around 7:20.  The last 20 or so minutes of the run were tough, not gonna lie, but my workout group is amazing (I know, I keep saying this, but it’s true!) and we all worked together and toughed it out.

long run 9:6

Yoga yesterday was the weirdest experience ever.  Instead of one of the upperclassmen leading yoga like usual, we went to a school-organized ashtanga yoga session, but there were only like three non-xc people there and the instructor was clearly annoyed by our presence.  “I’m not used to groups this big,” he complained.  Also, since it was ashtanga yoga, he clarified that they “do the same poses every single time so that we’re not slaves to our imagination.”  What?  That life is not for me.  He also used the word “anus” way too many times for a 30-minute yoga session!

We had a team ice cream social yesterday, and I ate more ice cream than I’ve ever eaten in my life.  I also spontaneously had a black bean burger because free food is the best, amirite?  Not feeling too great about my nutrition right now, but I’m excited to hop back on that train with loads of complex carbs, fruits and veggies, and protein!  It’s hard to get great food at my college, but I’m trying.


I made my first non-breakfast meal of college yesterday!  Stopped at the grocery store a couple days ago and stocked up on cooking essentials, like rosemary, olive oil, cooking spray, a baking pan, minced garlic because #lazy, etc.  I made garlic rosemary chicken and threw some spinach and apples into the pan as well!  I also made sweet potatoes and topped them with cinnamon.  Sooo good.  I miss real homemade food.

Some other random tidbits:


When you take up the whole drying rack…


Post-pace run ice bath


My post- long run oatmeal was too big for the bowl…


Sneak peak of my room! It was actually tidy yesterday.

I had a huge post-long run breakfast at 11 am, so I’m not too hungry right now.  I picked up a butternut squash at the farmer’s market yesterday morning after yoga, so I think I’ll roast that later and just kind of snack all afternoon.  Roasted squash, apples and peanut butter, and scrambled eggs sounds like a balanced late lunch to me. 😉

If I have time, I’ll nap, but I have a lot of work to do this afternoon!  It’s quite dreary outside (fall, please come soon, I love you), so we’ll probably just hang out indoors for the rest of the day.

Training week 7 (40 miles)

Welcome to the end of Week 7!  I officially hit 40 miles for the first time!!

Week 7 recap:

Monday 8/3: 5 miles @ 8:26 average pace
Tuesday: 7 mile workout (1.5 warm-up, 6 x 3:00 tempo, :90 easy/off, 2.12 cool down), 7 miles hiking from Mt. Whitney campground to Lone Pine Lake and back
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:22 average pace, 40 minutes swimming
Friday: 9 mile workout (3 miles warm-up @ 8:30 pace, 3 miles tempo @ 6:48 pace, 3 miles cool down @ 9:18 pace)
Saturday: 3 miles @ 8:29 average pace
Sunday: 10 miles @ 7:48 average pace

Total: 40 miles running, 40 minutes swimming, 7 miles hiking

Comments:  This week was pretty tiring; I only had one complete rest day (Wednesday) because I had to run 3 recovery miles on Saturday to hit my mileage for the week. I didn’t do much cross training because we were at Whitney.  Tuesday was my first college workout!

workout tuesday

Tuesday’s interval workout. Light blue = pace. Dark blue = elevation.


On Thursday, my brother was supposed to bike next to me, but he didn’t actually end up really doing that.  Don’t tell my mother.  Long story short, he’s kind of an idiot.

Yeah, I did my strides here.  No big deal ;) source:

Yeah, I did striders here. No big deal 😉

On Friday, I had my first tempo run.  In high school, my tempo runs were 10 minutes warm-up, 20 minutes tempo, 10 minutes cool down for a total of about five miles.  This was my first time having six extra miles to run outside of the tempo (for a total of nine miles), and the last three miles were absolutely killer!  My legs would just not move- I was crawling along the sidewalk.  #lacticacidprobs.  Oh well, it was supposed to be a cool down anyway…

tempo run fridayThis week was my first time not having two non-running days because I ran three miles on Saturday.  I just ran recovery pace along the sidewalk, so it was not difficult at all, but it was one of those days where I just wanted the run to be over.

This morning was my ten-miler.  I wore a water belt for the first time ever because SoCal is dry and lacks water fountains (although I ran a new route that actually had a lot of water fountains…), and I felt like a marathon mom with my snazzy blue bottles.  The extra pound and a half or however much it weighed made me feel like I was going super slow and couldn’t lift my legs, so I was pretty surprised to see my average pace at the end! (I don’t look at my watch while I run, except to check for the turnaround point.)  My pace was like 25 seconds faster than last week!  I even had a random 7:24 mile thrown in the middle of this run.

fast ten miler

Exactly the last half mile of my long run was straight up a steep hill, and I almost chickened out and ran longer along the flat sidewalk on the main road so that I could be done before the hill.  However, I reached the bottom of the hill and thought, “no, I’m better than that.  I can conquer this.”  So I selected “Till I Collapse” by Eminem on my running playlist and pounded up the hill with the music blasting in my ears.  THE HILL WAS REALLY DIFFICULT.  I climbed 190 feet after already having run 9.5 miles.

My go-to hill song

My go-to hill music

I ate a lot of food this week, including some stuff I probably shouldn’t’ve eaten but did anyway.  Last night, I fueled up for my long run with spaghetti and meatballs, a ginger ale float, and strawberry shortcake.  That ginger ale was the first or second soda I’ve had in the past year!  I had Starbucks (mocha with extra whipped cream) and Panera (lentil quinoa broth bowl with chicken) and even a tiny bit of Chinese food (orange chicken and sweet shrimp) after my long run today, but it’s cool.  Moderation 😉

I also ate a lot of salad, fruit, and the rainbow trout that I caught.  My brother and I used to eat the fish eyeballs when we were little.  It’s hard to get much fresher than that!


transformation tuesday…


Sorry, all you ethical vegetarian/vegan types

Next week is more of a “recovery” week, so my mileage is decreasing to 35 miles.

TWELVE DAYS UNTIL I GO TO COLLEGE!  I’m ridiculously excited.


Tuesday runs and “favorites”

I kind of dread Tuesday runs.

Since starting college training a month ago, my long run day has switched from Saturday to Sunday.  Therefore, I have a long run on Sunday and another run plus cross training on Monday, so by the time Tuesday rolls around, my legs are not happy campers.  I’m used to having a day off after my long run, not before.  So while my long run feels great because of fresh legs, Tuesday is not such a good time!

I took yesterday’s 5-miler pretty slowly (8:32 average pace), so I thought my legs might feel a bit better today.


It was already 82 degrees and 77% humidity at 7:15 in the morning, and I was drenched by the time I reached mile 1.  My legs were logs, I couldn’t get my arm swing into rhythm, and my stomach didn’t feel good.  The hilly asphalt bike trail made my legs ache even more.  It was just one of those days.

But I got through it, and that’s the important thing.  Last week, I had to curtail the run and finish later, which I did not have to do today, so I say that’s an improvement!

7milerI actually felt almost normal during mile 6, but that was the only one. 😉

Tomorrow is a cross-training day, thank goodness.  I’m hoping that my body will eventually get used to the new long run schedule and stop complaining so much on Tuesdays!

This summer, I’ve been trying some new things in order to better my running and reduce risk of injury.  As I mentioned before, I don’t get nearly enough sodium and eat too much sugar and not enough protein post-run.

#1: Lately, I’ve been using Nuun tablets to get more sodium and vitamins.  I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, artificial flavors, and non-natural ways of getting your vitamins and nutrients in, but then again I’m lacking an essential micronutrient and sodium is especially important in the summer because I sweat so much.  And Gatorade is much too sugary!

My favorite is probably the lemon-lime tablet.   I’ve also tried the tri-berry one (disgusting) and the strawberry lemonade (okay).   I use 24 ounces of water instead of 16 since personally the flavor is too strong with 16.  I think I’ll also try the citrus fruit tablet.

#2:  I’ve also making scrambled egg whites with a lot of salt and pepper for protein and sodium.  My go-to breakfast is oatmeal with almond butter and fruit, which does not contain a lot of protein, so egg whites are a great solution to getting your 13 grams in after a run. 🙂

#3: Hip strengthening.  Okay, I lied.  I’ve only done it like once.  But I will be doing it more.  I promise.  Here’s a pretty good routine:

That’s it for now!  I went to a pond and kayaked with some friends yesterday, so that was pretty fun.  Also, my friend gave me the best graduation gift ever:  Peruvian alpaca slippers!  I went to Peru in eighth grade and bought a pair of these slippers in a remote mountain village, and they were legitimately like walking on clouds.  Unfortunately, I wore them so much that they completely ripped by junior year, and I resigned myself to the fact that I would never have another pair unless I went back to Peru.  You can get a similar pair on Amazon, but they’re not quite the same.  But my friend’s little brother went on the same eighth grade trip this year, and she told him to get a pair of the slippers for my grad gift! 🙂